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This page contains circuits, techical manuals, sortware, and other little pieces of wisdom we developed and found useful in our experimental work.

Borland Delphi interfaces for Agilent VISA and Acqiris digitizers (A. Lvovsky)

Maximum-likelihood quantum-state reconstruction (programs in Delphi) (A. Lvovsky)

Balanced detector for pulsed homodyne tomography (1 μs resolution) (H. Hansen)

Pulse delay generator for 1μs to 10μs pulses (A. MacRae)

1.3 to 1.7GHz PLL frequency synthesizer (A. MacRae)

200 MHz phase detector for optical phase measurements (A. MacRae)

7 GHz Laser PLL for use with external Cavity Diode Lasers (J. Appel)

If you find one of these useful, or, on the contrary, egregious, we would appreciate your comments.

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