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At 9:00 on January 8, National Science and Technology Awards Conference is being held in the Great Hall of news came in 2015, the country's highest technology award becomes vacant again, the same scene for the first time 11 years ago occurred in 2004.

A few days ago with the four countries, the highest technology award winner get together asteroid named China's first Nobel laureate scientific Tu Yo Yo, missed the highest honor of Chinese science and technology.

State Supreme Science and Technology Award was established in 2000. No more than two winners each year. To date, 25 eminent scientists honored, their average age of over 80 years.

The National Natural Science Award appear much controversy last year, awards the work we wait and see, the results are good, from China HKUST "multi-photon entanglement and interferometry" research won this award, deserved.

This is a start in 1997, to catch up from the following wonderful story. As early as December 2012, "Nature" magazine reported that Pan Jianwei team when he wrote, "in quantum communication field, China in less than 10 years from an obscure country now developed into a world powerhouse, will ahead of Europe and North America. "

"Pan Team"

Chinese Academy of Sciences Pan Jianwei

Wen | Lin Mei Chen Xiaoxue

"I always knew that he (Pan Jianwei) will have a wonderful career, but his incredible success, I think this is anyone not foreseen. I'm proud of him." Three years ago, in Vienna, Austria University physicist Anton Zeilinger said in the "Nature" magazine interview.

"Professor Jianwei and his collaborators began in 1997, the first teleportation of quantum states, which is actually opened the quantum communication (research) of a prelude. After his return he led the team, not just from the quantum communication, and soon expanded into quantum computing, etc., so the national computing ten years in quantum communication, quantum, from followers soon became a leader in this area Jianwei and his team made a great contribution . "in April 2015, in the course of the Forum for the future, a physics professor at Peking University Xie Xincheng commented Pan Jianwei.

The power of nature into. January 8, 2016, "multi-photon entanglement and interferometry" Chinese Academy of Sciences academician Pan Jianwei and his team, the highest award in the field of Science and Technology of China - National Natural Science Award.

Multi-photon entanglement interferometry is based on quantum mechanics for the great progress of human basic questions (such as quantum entanglement, nonlocality) in-depth research and experimental quantum control technology developed new disciplines.

According to quantum physics theory, it can be achieved by photons, atoms and other microscopic particles of precise manipulation in a revolutionary way to encode information, modulation and transmission, in ensuring the security of communications and enhance computing speed and other aspects of information technology to break through the classic bottlenecks. So, for these microscopic particles entangled coherent manipulation is to develop practical quantum information and quantum communication necessary technical preparations.

Based on this idea, Pan Jianwei and his team chose to study and manipulate objects as photons, with a dozen years, greatly developed the multi-photon entanglement and interferometry technology, and through manipulation of photons, the first to achieve a quantum information processing key programs (such as quantum teleportation) and almost all the important quantum algorithms, and then systematically applied in many research quantum communication, quantum computing and quantum precision measurement, not only laid a wide area of ​​quantum optics and quantum information processing communication science basis, will also be quantum cryptography technology into real-world applications.

It can be said to Pan Jianwei, represented by a group of "leader", through the development of multi-photon entangled interferometry, lead and promote the boom of quantum information and quantum communication research, but also laid a very unique country in the field international advantage.

Quantum communication and quantum information, both in international and domestic, are regarded as a young frontier. For Pan Jianwei, a doctoral student as his mentor, Professor Anton Zeilinger of the experimental group for the first time photon quantum teleportation date, it is only nine passed eighteen years.

Today, Pan Jianwei has led his team completed the first comprising five, six, eight photon entanglement, the use of multi-photon quantum information processing to manipulate the first to achieve the key program, the comprehensive development of quantum optical transmission method for practical quantum communication and a series of secret pioneering system work.

He led the research team mainly concentrated in three directions quantum communication, quantum computing and simulation, quantum precision measurement. Wherein quantum communications have quantum cryptography communications backbone project "the Beijing-Shanghai Route", "quantum science experimental satellite" in the research; fundamental research in quantum computing, repeatedly refresh the preparation of multi-photon entangled world record; in quantum navigation, life science, etc., to promote the use of high-precision measurements of quantum research.


first dreams

"I still vividly remember the first time I saw Professor Zeilinger, he asked what my dream was, I replied: 'In China like you to build a world leader in quantum optics lab' 'in an memories of the readme, Pan Jianwei wrote.

In 1996, Pan Jianwei came to the University of Innsbruck, Austria (University of Innsbruck), followed by Austrian physicist Anton Zeilinger studying for a doctorate in experimental physics.

Prior to this, Pan Jianwei complete physical undergraduate education at the University of Science and Technology of China and a master degree in theoretical physics. There, Pan Jianwei first exposure to quantum mechanics, learned in the microscopic world there are many strange phenomena. However, with further research, Pan Jianwei increasingly recognized that quantum theory in a variety of suspense require sophisticated experimental techniques can be verified at a time when the country in this regard with the international advanced level is still relatively backward.

Overseas, Chinese physics majors natural choice is to the United States. In fact, many students joked that the first letter of the Chinese University of Science and Technology of the abbreviation "USTC" actually stands for "United States Training Center (US training center)."

At that time, Anton Zeilinger at the University of Innsbruck quantum set up their own laboratories, already an expert in the field of quantum physics. He needs someone to validate some of their own ideas. At this time, 26-year-old Pan Jianwei came.

"When he first came, knew nothing of the laboratory work, but he soon mastered the rules of the experiment, and began to design their own experiments." In an interview with "Nature" magazine's, Zeilinger said.

In 1997, just one year into the laboratory Pan Jianwei Zeilinger and colleagues completed the most important experiment, their first teleportation of a photon polarization state in the international arena.

The concept of quantum teleportation (quantum teleportation) CH Bennett by American scientists in 1993 proposed a quantum state to carry communication information, the use of the principle of quantum entanglement of photons and other elementary particles, quantum state is transferred to an unknown another particle up.

Quantum mechanics "no-cloning theorem" stated an unknown quantum state first no-cloning, the copied original quantum state will be destroyed, we are not able to produce a perfect replica of quantum states, but only the original quantum state a particle is completely transferred to another particle from the first particle will then no longer be in the original quantum state.

Zeilinger group in 1997 in the experimental realization of a single degree of freedom transmission of elementary particles, but quantum teleportation, the real transfer to a state of microscopic particles, all the required properties of microscopic particles have a pass in the past. This is a lie in front of the world quantum information scientists a problem. We know that later, Pan Jianwei and his team at the beginning of 2015, the first time a multi-degree of freedom of the single-photon quantum teleportation, quantum teleportation broke up 18 years of experiments impasse.

In 1999, Pan Jianwei Ph.D. in Physics Experiment University of Vienna, followed by postdoctoral research fellow at Zeilinger group, and served as a senior fellow at the Joint PI.

Around 2000, the international quantum computing and quantum cryptography and other cutting-edge research, has attracted attention to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Natural Science Fund Committee. In 2001, just over thirties Pan Jianwei return began to build their quantum physics and quantum information lab.

The ensuing ten years, Pan Jianwei in a step by step to achieve their dreams Zeilinger initially charged when laboratory.


Chinese dream team quantum information

If Pan Jianwei team compared to a team, Pan Jianwei's role is to coach and general manager. He is not only responsible for the player's training, strategy and tactics of the game, but also four sharp eyes, ears, and responsible for the introduction of foreign cooperation players.

Scientists in the early formation of their own research teams, often nothing at all, and the team run-time required may be longer. Fortunately, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Pan Jianwei won a total of $ 6.5 million in research funding for the laboratory to start the foundation.

Pan Jianwei starting with personally train their students. University of Science and Technology of China Youth Class of 1998 Chen Yu Ao is returning after Pan Jianwei first graduate recruit, he was in the 29th International Physics Olympiad of Students eligible for the first test, the first score. In 2003, under the guidance of Pan Jianwei, Chen Yu Ao build the world's first five-photon entanglement experiment platform. The following year, Pan Jianwei team first in the world to achieve five photon entanglement and open-destination teleportation, "Nature" magazine published the results. In the same year, this result was selected significant progress Annual International Physics European Physical Society and the American Physical Society selected, this is the first time for Chinese scientists.

"Pan Team"

Chen Yu Ao

However, the game play well requires a different position players, the laboratory building also requires multi-disciplinary talent, optics, cold atomic physics, electronics, vacuum and other indispensable. Pan Jianwei know, learning top foreign advanced technology laboratory, it is the best way to quickly improve the strength of the laboratory.

"Pan teacher according to each person's expertise in research, as much as possible we will be assigned to each of the top research centers in the world of quantum, the latest research results, so the team that everyone carry out their duties, their own merits." Science in China Professor, University of technology, Cambridge, Dr. Lu Chaoyang physics Britain said in an interview. Born in 1982 陆朝阳 young backbone Pan Jianwei team, after graduating in 2004 from the University of Science and Technology of China undergraduate, he studied under Pan Jianwei Lu Chaoyang began research photon entanglement and quantum computing, won the Academy Award for Young Scientists international partners ( 2014), seeking outstanding young scholar Award (2014).

"Pan Team"

Lu Chaoyang

In the Pan Jianwei's recommendation, the group of students traveled the UK, USA, Switzerland, Austria and other high-level international team exposure to different disciplines, such as Chen Yu Ao went to Heidelberg University to study the regulation of cold Atoms in 2004, then in 陆朝阳2008 to study at Cambridge University Cavendish laboratory solid-state quantum system control technology based on semiconductor quantum dots. In addition, study or work abroad Zhang Qiang, Chen Kai, Zhao Bo and Tang, who is also due to the Friends of gold in each single photon detector, optical aspects of quantum communication, atomic ensemble, statistical physics theory demonstrated the ability to be Pan Jianwei "phase" expand cooperation, until later returning to join.

In 2008, the University of Heidelberg experimental device is moved back to the Pan Jianwei overall HKUST same time, with "Hundred Talents Program", "Young people plan", these young people of different disciplines, also went home, when they return home are basically 30 years old, is at the peak of innovation capability.

This is a world-class level with quantum physics experiment team. Ao Chen Yu and Chen Shuai good cold Atoms simulation package Xiaohui Yuan Zhen students and the main quantum memory, and Deng Youjin 陈增兵 Fun quantum theory, and its top 陆朝阳 the multi-photon entanglement quantum optics and solid state technology to maintain in the field of international leading 彭承志 is by virtue of its achievements in the practical decoy state QKD research and long-distance free-space quantum communication research as an assistant chief scientist and scientific applications leader, involved in the leadership and organization will be launched in 2016 quantum science experimental satellite launch project.

"Pan Team"

Chenzeng Bing (left), Yuan Zhen Sheng (right)

After complete return, Pan Jianwei's research team surrounded by flowering, scoring again and again, almost every significant progress per year. For example, in 2009, Pan Jianwei team quantum optical fiber communication safety distance to 200 kilometers, the formation of the world's first all-pass multi-node optical quantum telephone network, so that quantum communication within the city limits of practical possible. November 2014, Pan Jianwei Zhang Qiang and his colleagues, 陈腾云 and Shanghai Microsystem Academy of Sciences, researchers at Tsinghua University cooperation through the development of an independent high-speed laser interferometer technology, combined with the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem self-developed high-efficiency, ultra-low noise lead nanowire single photon detectors, will be able to resist a safe distance hackers remote quantum key distribution system extended to 200 kilometers, and will become the rate increased by 3 orders of magnitude, setting a new world record.

Early 2015, Pan Jianwei, Lu Chaoyang team to achieve success in the international arena for the first time a single photon simultaneously transmit two degrees of freedom - spin (polarization) and orbital angular momentum (OAM), the study published in the February 6 "Nature "magazine cover. International optics expert Professor Wolfgang Tittel in the same period, "Nature", said: "Achieving this experiment is to show understanding of quantum physics and one of the most profound and most puzzling prophecy has taken an important step, and as a future quantum network a strong basic unit. " The end, the outcome of the ten selected major breakthrough in European Physical Society "physical world" 2015 Annual International areas of physics, and topped the list.

"Pan Team"

Pan Jianwei (right) and Lu Chaoyang (left)


If you are in full bloom, the breeze unsolicited

December 2012, "Nature" magazine reported that Pan Jianwei team quantum communication research news feature articles "quantum space race" that, "in the field of quantum communication, China in less than 10 years from an obscure now developed into a national powerhouse in the world, in Europe and North America will lead. "

As he said. Pan Jianwei team's outstanding work has attracted many foreign scholars of quantum physics elite admiring, a professor of theoretical physics at the University of Calgary in Canada Barry Sanders, professor of theoretical physics at the University of Heidelberg, Germany Matthias Weidemüller in 2013 through the "thousands of people plan" employed the USTC quantum information and quantum Technology frontier collaborative innovation Center professor.

Meanwhile, Pan Jianwei team also several laboratories abroad and establish cooperation with the University of Heidelberg, Germany Matthias Weidemüller group internationally, Trento University, Italy Sandro Stringari group, Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics Group of the Immanuel Bloch, University of Cambridge Mete Atature groups, etc., Zhai Hui group of domestic Tsinghua University, Peking University Liu Xiongjun other groups.

"Over the years as the country's economic strength, increasing R & D investment and talent introduction efforts, China has started in physics and life sciences continue to produce some meaningful scientific results for this phenomenon are very happy heart . "Pan Jianwei on the" intellectual "said.

2016, on the Pan Jianwei team will no doubt be even more special year. One of the important sub-items as China's first space science satellite program "Space science strategic pilot science and technology projects", and "quantum science experimental satellite (QUESS)" will be launched this year.

From the application point of view, QUESS will be the star at high speed quantum key distribution experiment, aimed at promoting a wide area and even global scale quantum communication ultimately; but from the perspective of basic research that can examine the so-called macro distance non-locality of quantum mechanics, namely in the new scale range, the laws of quantum entanglement will not change. "If it is found to deviate from the existing physical, gave rise to new physics. Quantum entanglement is concerned, it is macroscopic distances there will not be any change, it will not be disturbed gravity, (through QUESS) we some basic questions of physics can do some testing, if done better, it is possible to find some new physics. "Pan Jianwei explained.

The famous 20th century physicist John Wheeler once said, "In the past one hundred years of quantum mechanics has brought so many important discoveries and application to humans, there is reason to believe that it will in the next one hundred years brought us more exciting surprise. "

Pan Jianwei recently in a forum cited physicists expect the world of quantum mechanics, may also be considered as looking forward to his own work.

Attached "Pan Team" member

"Pan Team"

From left to right: Lu Chaoyang, Peng Chengzhi, Pan Jianwei, Chen Yu Ao

Pan Jianwei Fellow

Professor Chen Zengbing

Peng Chengzhi researcher

Professor Lu Chaoyang

Professor Chen Yuao

Professor Deng Youjin

Professor Zhang

Professor Chen Shuai

Professor Chen Kai

Professor Liu Naile

Professor Zhao Bo

Researcher Zhang Jun

Professor Xiaohui package

Jiang Xiao Associate Professor

Professor Yuan Zhen Health

"Pan Team"

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