Diamond nanophotonics a platform for quantum optics and sensing

The diamond nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center is an optically active impurity whose ‘atom-like’ properties make it a promising solid state qubit, in which well-defined optical transitions are used to control the quantum state of single NV electron and nuclear spins. These properties have led to impressive demonstrations of quantum information storage in single NV nuclear spins, entanglement between NV electron spins and single photons, and high resolution optical magnetometery using single NVs. A missing ingredient for implementing information processing devices with NVs is the ability to demonstrate coherent optical coupling between them. Nanophotonic circuits, in which waveguides function as coherent connections between NVs embedded in optical microcavities, offer a chip-based solution to this hurdle. In my talk I will review recent advances in realizing nanophotonic devices in diamond based materials, and present results demonstrating Purcell enhanced resonant coupling between optical nanocavities and NVs in single crystal diamond. I will also discuss future opportunities in diamond based electro- and optomechanics.