Quantum theory at MathCamp 2009

Quantum Theory at Burning Man, Black Rock City, NV
A three part lecture series introducing various topics in quantum theory

Tuesday: Quantization
- Ultraviolet Catastrophe
- Planck & Einstein
- Young's Double Slit Experiment
- Timmy falls down an infinitely deep well...
- Eigenfunctions of the infinite square well!

Wednesday: Penetration of Classically Forbidden Regions
- Poorly explained operators & stuff (explained poorly).
- Timmy falls down a less-than-infinitely deep well...
- How can something be where it's not?
- Energy conservation and measurement in the Forbidden Region.

Thursday: Tunneling and Teleportation
- Single Barrier Potential
- Tunneling (Timmy plays a trick!)
- Double Barrier Potential
- Two wrongs can make a right!
- Resonant Tunneling & Superexchange
- Quantum Consciousness?
- For real real (not for play play) quantum effects in biology.
- Quantum Tunneling in Cellular Respiration