Measurement-based Quantum Computation - Simon Perdrix

Are the Minimal Resources Reached ? Projective measurements are universal for quantum computation, i.e. any unitary transformation can be simulated by means of projective measurements only. The original proof by Nielsen [1] is based on generalized teleportation. This model has been successively improved [2,3], reducing the resources (i.e. the size of the measurements and the number of ancillary qubits) used to simulate any unitary transformation. I will present the last improvement, based on state transfer [3], and analyze which resources are required to simulate any unitary transformation, trying to answer the question: Are the minimal resources reached? [1] M. A. Nielsen. Universal quantum computation using only projective measurement, quantum memory, and preparation of the 0 state, Phys. Lett. A. 308 (2-3): 96-100 (2003). [2] D. W. Leung. Quantum computation by measurements, International Journal of Quantum Information, Vol. 2, No. 1 (2004) 33-43. [3] S. Perdrix. State Transfer instead of Teleportation in Measurement-based Quantum Computation, International Journal of Quantum Information, Vol. 3, No. 1 (2005) 219-223.