On-chip cavity QED: atoms, defects, and nanostructures (Department of Physics and Astronomy Research Seminar) - Paul Barclay

Color centers, formed by defects or impurities in crystalline materials such as silicon and diamond, are promising solid state "atom-like" emitters. Recently, the diamond nitrogen vacancy (NV) center has been shown to possess long lived, optically addressable, electron and nuclear spins which may be useful as qubits for quantum information processing. An outstanding challenge in using NVs in quantum information processing applications is efficient and scalable optical coupling. I will discuss recent studies of optical coupling between NVs and a variety of nanophotonic structures, including dielectric and bulk diamond microcavities. These devices allow the modification of the spontaneous emission properties NVs, and will enable efficient generation of single photon pulses entangled with NV spins.