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Individual research groups within IQST are always looking to recruit talented researchers - please contact group leaders directly to learn more about opportunities that may be suitable for you.

Open positions in Christoph Simon's group

Two postdoc positions in the area of quantum network implementations are available in Christoph Simon’s theoretical quantum optics group at the University of Calgary. Topics of particular relevance for the two positions include quantum memories for light, quantum repeaters, and microwave-to-optical quantum transduction. Hardware platforms of interest include atomic or atom-like systems in solids (rare-earth ions, defects in diamond, quantum dots), quantum opto-mechanics, and superconducting qubits. We are also interested in room-temperature approaches to quantum information processing in condensed-matter systems, and in the potential for quantum effects in the brain, especially involving photons and spins. Postdocs will be expected to conduct research and to support the research performed by graduate (and occasionally undergraduate) students in the group.

Our group is part of the vibrant quantum eco-system in Calgary (see www.iqst.ca), Alberta (see quantumalberta.ca), and Canada. We also have many collaborations with leading groups in the US and Europe. Calgary is a major Canadian city with excellent quality of life (see e.g. www.numbeo.com), an hour’s drive from the Rocky Mountains.

Please contact Christoph.simon@gmail.com with your CV and research interests. Promising candidates will be asked to provide at least two recommendation letters. Shortlisted candidates will have opportunities to interact with various members of our group in person or by skype. Applications from women and other groups that are currently underrepresented in the quantum research community are particularly encouraged.

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Last updated Mar 29, 2019