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Barry Sanders Research Group

Research Projects

The focus is to advance knowledge and implementations of phenomena, processes, and protocols that exploit quantum effects and includes quantum algorithms for quantum simulation, machine learning for quantum control, multi-photon multi-channel interferometry, scalable quantum computing and long-distance quantum communication.

Team Members

Professor Barry Sanders

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Namrata Shukla (Eyes High Postdoctoral Fellow)

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Yunlong Xiao (co-supervisor)

PhD Students

Eduardo Paez
Mohsen Bagheri Mehrab
Archismita Dalal
Yadong Wu
Shakib Vedaie
Abdullah Khalid
Pantita Palittapongarnpim
Shu Xu (at University of Science and Technology of China)
Jizhou Wu (at University of Science and Technology of China)
Naeem Akhtar (at University of Science and Technology of China)
Akhtar Munir (at University of Science and Technology of China)
Xiangxiang Sun (at University of Science and Technology of China)
Simanraj Sadana (at Raman Research Institute supervised by Urbasi Sinha)
Nehad AttaElmanan AbdElrahim Mabrouk
Eugene Moiseev
James Moncreiff
Salini Karuvade
Arina Tashchilina

MSc Students

Masoud Habibi Davijani
Hamza Qureshi
Abdul Wahab (at University of Science and Technology of China)
Marouane Hanhasse (at University of Science and Technology of China)

Joan Ngure (10 Aug 2018 - 4 Jan 2019)
Ming-ming Wang (21 Sept 2018 - 30 Sept 2019)

Former Team Members

Former Senior Research Fellows

Peter Marzlin
Weiping Zhang

Former Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Hoan Bui Dang (co-supervised; supervised by Dr. Gilad Gour)
Mehdi Ahmadi (co-supervised; supervised by Dr. Gilad Gour )
Ehsan Zahedinejad Joydip Ghosh
Vlad Gheorghiu
Collin Trail
Stephen Bartlett
Dominic Berry
Ben Fortescue
Shohini Ghose
Ali Rezakhani
Aidan Roy
René Stock
Peter Turner
Jonathan Walgate
Andrew Weily
Nigum Arshed (University of Science and Technology of China)

Former Postdoctoral Research Associates

Weiwei Zhang (at University of Science and Technology of China)
Somshubhro Bandyopadhyay
Hilary Carteret
Levente Horvath
Jeong San Kim
Jaewoo Joo
Neil Lovett
Yunjiang Wang

Dien Rice
Artur Scherer
Andrew Scott
Xiaoguang Wang
Bruce Wielinga
Marie Wintrebert-Fouquet
Peng Xue
Patrick Ming-yin Leung

Former Research Assistants

Nathan Wiebe
Neil Sinclair
Gina Howard
Rolf Horn
Thomas Harmon

Former Students

PhD Students

Nafiseh Sang-Nourpour (co-tutelle with University of Tabriz)
Dongsheng Wang
Ehsan Zahedinejad
Hessa Alotaibi
Ish Dhand
Nathan Babcock
Zahra Shaterzadeh Yazdi
Ben Lavoie
Peter Brooke
Alexander Hentschel
Levente Horvath
Iyad Mahmoud
Jun-jie Shi
Zeng-Bin Wang
Nathan Wiebe
Mark Adcock
Borzumehr Toloui Semnani
Michael Skotiniotis

BSc Students
Peter Gagliardi
Leigh Stephenson
Troy Mackay
Monika Deviat
Kevin Hynes
Adrian Keet
Marc Leroux
Jared Stang
Boris Braverman
MSc Students
Jonathan Johannes
Gina Howard
Khulud Almutairi
Michael Durocher
John Ingall
Saleh Rahimi Keshari
Zahra Shaterzadeh Yazdi
Michael Skotiniotis
Ran Hee Choi

Past Visiting Students

Archismita Dalal
Weiwei Zhang
Anindita Banerjee
Anirban Das
Chang Wang
Yunjiang Wang
Jiying Zhang
Salini Karuvade

Former Visitors

Laleh Memarzadeh (8 Jun 2018 - 13 Jul 2018)
Assistant Professor, Sharif University of Technology

Wanjun Su (1 Mar 2017 - 28 Feb 2018)
Associate Professor, Fuzhou University

Liang Qiu (29 Feb 2016 - 28 Feb 2017)
Assistant Professor, China University of Mining and Technology

Dongxiao Quan (14 Mar 2016 - 13 Mar 2017)
Associate Professsor, Xidian University

Mercedes Gimeno Segovia (18 Jan 2016 - 17 Jan 2017)
Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Bristol

Former Administration

Catherine Barrett
Lucia Wang

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