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Welcome to the

Institute for Quantum Science and Technology

at the University of Calgary
Career Oppurtunity: Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) - Quantum Interfaces

The Institute for Quantum Science and Technology is a multidisciplinary group of researchers from the areas of Computer Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. The goals of Calgary's Institute for Quantum Science and Technology are to conduct leading research in key theoretical and experimental topics of quantum science and technology, to provide excellent education and training in quantum science and technology and cognate areas, and to foster linkage between the Institute and other quantum science and technology institutes and with industrial partners.


To be a world leader in research and education in pure and applied quantum science and technology.

Mission Statement:

To advance quantum science and technology through interdisciplinary research, teaching, and outreach.

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Congragulations to Dorcas Add on being awarded Emerging Leaders in the Americas Scholarship (ELAP) through the Alberta and National External Awards competition.

Congratulations to Dr. Shabir Barzanjeh's article "Optomechanics for quantum technologies" on Nature Physics.

Congratulations to Prasoon K. Shandilya's article "Optomechanical interface between telecom photons and spin quantum memory" on Nature Physics.

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  • UToday, 08 April 2022
    International team of scientists finds new and simpler way to generate 'quantum light': Christoph Simon
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  • Abu Dhabi TV, 01 April 2022
    10th annual hackathon for social good at NYU Abu Dhabi: Dorcas Addo & Pragati Gupta
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  • Innovation.ca, 22 February 2022
    University of Calgary partnerships exploring how quantum research can help to address 'hard problems': Barry C. Sanders
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    The quantum edge: Barry C. Sanders
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  • Upcoming

    IQST Seminar - Jeong San Kim [Kyung Hee University], Tuesday 31st May, 2022 at 3:00-4:00pm in EEEL 445
    "Locking and unlocking nonlocality without entanglement by post-measurement information"

    IQST Seminar - Min Namkung [Kyung Hee University], Wednesday 1st June, 2022 at 2:00-3:00pm in EEEL 445
    " Quantum communication protocol beyond standard quantum limit"

    Current Visitors

    Home Institution
    Dorcas Addo 15 Feb 2021 - 30 Jun 2022  Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
    Atharva Shukla 9 May - 29 Jul 2022  Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
    Mosayeb Naseri 15 Jul 2021 - 31 Dec 2022  Isamic Azad University, Kermanshah Branch

    Expected Visitors

    Home Institution
    Jeong San Kim 27 May - 4 Jun 2022  Kyung Hee University
    Min Namkung 27 May - 4 Jun 2022  Kyung Hee University
    Phil Kaye 1 - 3 Jun 2022  National Research Council Canada
    Peter Zoller 9 - 13 Oct 2022  University of Innsbruck

    All Visitors

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    Institute for Quantum Science and Technology
    University of Calgary
    2500 University Drive NW
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 1N4

    Phone: (403) 220-4403
    Fax: (403) 210-8876
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