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Welcome to the

Institute for Quantum Science and Technology

at the University of Calgary

The Institute for Quantum Science and Technology is a multidisciplinary group of researchers from the areas of Computer Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. The goals of Calgary's Institute for Quantum Science and Technology are to conduct leading research in key theoretical and experimental topics of quantum science and technology, to provide excellent education and training in quantum science and technology and cognate areas, and to foster linkage between the Institute and other quantum science and technology institutes and with industrial partners.


To be a world leader in research and education in pure and applied quantum science and technology.

Mission Statement:

To advance quantum science and technology through interdisciplinary research, teaching, and outreach.

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Congratulations to Paul Barclay and his wife Signe Bray! They had a baby boy born on 31 August 2016.

Barry Sanders interview by Khwarizmi Science Society.

Ph.D students David Lake and Matthew Mitchell have won NSERC CGS (Canada Graduate Scholarship). Congratulations!

Barry Sanders is awarded as a 2016 Killam Annual Professor in recognition of his research and teaching excellence. Congratulations to Barry! .

$6,134,000 has been granted for ALPHA-g project in antimatter physics, led by Robert Thompson. Read more about the project

In the Media:

  • UToday, 25 May 2017
    'Cats' bred by international scientific team help advance understanding of quantum mechanics: Alex Lvovsky
    ( Original )

  • CIFAR (Canadian Institute For Advanced Research), 17 May 2017
    How to breed Schrödinger’s cats: Alex Lvovsky
    ( Original )

  • UToday, 29 March 2017
    Project expands research collaborations in Pan-Africa, Pakistan and Peru : Barry. C. Sanders
    ( Original )

  • ScienceNews, 27 March 2017
    Millions of atoms entangled in record-breaking quantum tests: Christoph Simon, Wolfgang Tittel
    ( Original )

  • UToday, 15 February 2017
    UCalgary researchers awarded NSERC Strategic Partnership Grants for high-priority impacts: Paul Barclay
    ( Original )

  • Upcoming

    IQST Seminar - Borzumehr Toloui Semnani [Southern Illinois University at Carbondale], Wednesday 31st May, 2017 at 3:00-4:00pm in SB 144
    "A classical counterpart for entanglement combing"

    IQST Seminar - David Sauerwein [Unniversity of Innsbruck], Friday 9th June, 2017 at 3:00-4:00pm in SB 144
    "Entanglement manipulation of multipartite pure states with finite rounds of classical communication"

    IQST Seminar - Shmuel Friedland [University of Illinois at Chicago], Wednesday 28th June, 2017 at 3:00-4:00pm in TBA

    Current Visitors

    Home Institution
    Simon Apers 1 Mar - 31 May 2017SB 306 Ghent University
    Abhi Saxena 12 May - 18 Jul 2017SB 117 India Institute of Technology Delhi
    Mathurin Lagree 4 May - 29 Jul 2017SB 318 Grenoble INP - Phelma
    Yu Guo 22 Aug 2016 - 21 Aug 2017SB 117 Shanxi Datong University
    Haimin Zheng 1 Sep 2016 - 31 Aug 2017  China University of Petroleum
    Wanjun Su 1 Mar 2017 - 28 Feb 2018SB 306 Fuzhou University
    Haider Zia 24 Mar 2017 - 28 Feb 2019SB 318 University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

    Expected Visitors

    Home Institution
    Shmuel Friedland 25 - 29 Jun 2017  University of Illinois at Chicago

    All Visitors

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    University of Calgary
    2500 University Drive NW
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 1N4

    Phone: (403) 220-4403
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