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Canadian Students Quantum Information Conference 2005 - Description

The Canadian Students Quantum Information Conference (CS-QIC) is a conference for quantum information science (QIS) graduate students run by QIS graduate students. CS-QIC is a five day event centered around presentations by students on their research.

To keep the conference as graduate focused as possible professors are not allowed to attend conference activities. Exceptions can be made for Post Doctoral Fellows.

The idea of CS-QIC came from Raymond LaFlamme, Michele Mosca, and Alain Tapp. The first CS-QIC was organized by Andre Methot, a student of Gilles Brassard and Alain Tapp, and held at the University of Montreal in July 2004. It was supported by Alain Tapp.

CS-QIC 2005 was organized by Heath Gerhardt with financial support from his supervisor John Watrous. It was held at the University of Calgary from August 8 to 12 2005.

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