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Friday 17th June, 2016

1. Shreyas Jalnapurkar
Mapping quantum state dynamics in spontaneous emission
M. Naghiloo, N. Foroozani, D. Tan, A. Jadbabaie & K. W. Murch

Friday 10th June, 2016

1. Paul Anderson
Optical π Phase Shift Created with a Single-Photon Pulse
Daniel Tiarks, Steffen Schmidt, Gerhard Rempe, Stephan Dürr

Friday 3rd June, 2016

1. Alex Lvovsky
Interference and dynamics of light from a distancecontrolled atom pair in an optical cavity
A. Neuzner, M. Körber, O. Morin, S. Ritter* and G. Rempe
DOI: 10.1038/NPHOTON.2016.19

Friday 27th May, 2016

1. Eugene Moiseev
Large Bragg Reflection from One-Dimensional Chains of Trapped Atoms Near a Nanoscale Waveguide
Neil V. Corzo, Baptiste Gouraud, Aveek Chandra, Akihisa Goban, Alexandra S. Sheremet, Dimitriy V. Kupriyanov, and Julien Laurat

Friday 29th April, 2016

1. Fan Yang
Experimental Demonstration of the Effectiveness of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency for Enhancing Cross-Phase Modulation in the Short-Pulse Regime
Greg Dmochowski, Amir Feizpour, Matin Hallaji, Chao Zhuang, Alex Hayat, and Aephraim M. Steinberg
Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 173002

Friday 22nd April, 2016

1. Arina Tashchilina
Generation and detection of atomic spin entanglement in optical lattices
Han-Ning Dai, Bing Yang, Andreas Reingruber, Xiao-Fan Xu, Xiao Jiang, Yu-Ao Chen, Zhen-Sheng Yuan, and Jian-Wei Pan
DOI: 10.1038/NPHYS3705

Friday 15th April, 2016

1. Shreyas Jalnapurkar
Cavity-Enhanced Room-Temperature Broadband Raman Memory
D. J. Saunders, J. H. D. Munns, T. F. M. Champion, C. Qiu, K. T. Kaczmarek, E. Poem, P. M. Ledingham, I. A. Walmsley, and J. Nunn
PRL 116, 090501 (2016)

Friday 8th April, 2016

1. Paul Anderson
Certifying the Presence of a Photonic Qubit by Splitting It in Two
Evan Meyer-Scott, Daniel McCloskey, Klaudia Gołos, Jeff Z. Salvail, Kent A. G. Fisher, Deny R. Hamel, Adán Cabello, Kevin J. Resch, and Thomas Jennewein
Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 070501

Friday 18th March, 2016

1. Logan Cooke
Automated Search for new Quantum Experiments
Mario Krenn, Mehul Malik, Robert Fickler, Radek Lapkiewicz, and Anton Zeilinger
Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 090405
Measuring the Orbital Angular Momentum of a Single Photon
Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 257901

Friday 11th March, 2016

1. Fan Yang
Single Photon Subradiance: Quantum Control of Spontaneous Emission and Ultrafast Readout
Marlan O. Scully
Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 243602

Friday 4th March, 2016

1. Eugene Moiseev
Partially Nondestructive Continuous Detection of Individual Traveling Optical Photons
Mahdi Hosseini, Kristin M. Beck, Yiheng Duan, Wenlan Chen, and Vladan Vuletić
Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 033602

Friday 26th February, 2016

1. Arina Tashchilina
An efficient quantum light-matter interface with sub-second lifetime
Sheng-Jun Yang, Xu-Jie Wang, Xiao-Hui Bao, and Jian-Wei Pan

Friday 12th February, 2016

1. Shreyas Jalnapurkar
Light-Drag Enhancement by a Highly Dispersive Rubidium Vapor
Akbar Safari, Israel De Leon, Mohammad Mirhosseini, Omar S. Magaña-Loaiza, and Robert W. Boyd
Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 013601

Friday 5th February, 2016

1. Paul Anderson
Nanophotonic Optical Isolator Controlled by the Internal State of Cold Atoms
Clément Sayrin, Christian Junge, Rudolf Mitsch, Bernhard Albrecht, Danny O’Shea, Philipp Schneeweiss, Jürgen Volz, and Arno Rauschenbeutel
Phys. Rev. X 5, 041036

Friday 29th January, 2016

1. Logan Cooke
Entangling the Whole by Beam Splitting a Part
Callum Croal, Christian Peuntinger, Vanessa Chille, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs, Natalia Korolkova, and Ladislav Mišta, Jr.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 190501

Friday 22nd January, 2016

1. Alex Lvovsky
Quantum theory of superresolution for two incoherent optical point sources
Mankei Tsang, Ranjith Nair, Xiaoming Lu


Thursday 17th December, 2015

1. Fan Yang
Shaping the Biphoton Temporal Waveform with Spatial Light Modulation
Luwei Zhao, Xianxin Guo, Yuan Sun, Yumian Su, M. M. T. Loy, and Shengwang Du
Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 193601
Measurement and Shaping of Biphoton Spectral Wave Functions
N. Tischler, A. Büse, L. G. Helt, M. L. Juan, N. Piro, J. Ghosh, M. J. Steel, and G. Molina-Terriza
Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 193602

Friday 11th December, 2015

1. Arina Tashchilina
Entangling atomic spins with a Rydberg-dressed spin-flip blockade
Y.-Y. Jau, A. M. Hankin, T. Keating, I. H. Deutsch & G. W. Biedermann
Nature Physics (2015) doi:10.1038/nphys3487

Friday 4th December, 2015

1. Di Chang
Cavity-mediated coupling of mechanical oscillators limited by quantum back-action
Nicolas Spethmann, Jonathan Kohler, Sydney Schreppler, Lukas Buchmann & Dan M. Stamper-Kurn

Friday 27th November, 2015

1. Alex Lvovsky
Deterministic generation of multiparticle entanglement by quantum Zeno dynamics
Barontini G, Hohmann L, Haas F, Estève J, Reichel J
doi: 10.1126/science.aaa0754.

Friday 20th November, 2015

1. Eugene Moiseev
Extraction of a single photon from an optical pulse
Serge Rosenblum, Orel Bechler, Itay Shomroni, Yulia Lovsky, Gabriel Guendelman & Barak Dayan

Friday 23rd October, 2015

1. Paul Anderson
Ladder-type electromagnetically induced transparency using nanofiber-guided light in a warm atomic vapor
D. E. Jones, J. D. Franson, and T. B. Pittman
Phys. Rev. A 92, 043806 – Published 5 October 2015 More

Friday 9th October, 2015

1. Di Chang
Photon-correlation measurements of atomic-cloud temperature using an optical nanofiber
J. A. Grover, P. Solano, L. A. Orozco, and S. L. Rolston
Phys. Rev. A 92, 013850 – Published 28 July 2015

Friday 2nd October, 2015

1. Alex Lvovsky
Interferometric Laser Cooling of Atomic Rubidium
Alexander Dunning, Rachel Gregory, James Bateman, Matthew Himsworth, and Tim Freegarde
Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 073004 – Published 14 August 2015

Friday 25th September, 2015

1. Eugene Moiseev
Strong Coupling between a Trapped Single Atom and an All-Fiber Cavity
Shinya Kato and Takao Aoki
Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 093603 – Published 26 August 2015

Friday 18th September, 2015

1. Shreyas Jalnapurkar
Optical Synthesis of Large-Amplitude Squeezed Coherent-State Superpositions with Minimal Resources
K. Huang, H. Le Jeannic, J. Ruaudel, V. B. Verma, M. D. Shaw, F. Marsili, S. W. Nam, E Wu, H. Zeng, Y.-C. Jeong, R. Filip, O. Morin, and J. Laurat
Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 023602 – Published 9 July 2015

Friday 11th September, 2015

1. Paul Anderson
Storage and retrieval of vector beams of light in a multiple-degree-of-freedom quantum memory
Valentina Parigi, Vincenzo D’Ambrosio, Christophe Arnold, Lorenzo Marrucci, Fabio Sciarrino & Julien Laurat

Friday 4th September, 2015

1. Fan Yang
Atom-Light Hybrid Interferometer
Bing Chen, Cheng Qiu, Shuying Chen, Jinxian Guo, L. Q. Chen, Z. Y. Ou, and Weiping Zhang
Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 043602 – Published 24 July 2015

Friday 28th August, 2015

1. Arina Tashchilina
Observation of the nonlinear phase shift due to single post-selected photons
Amir Feizpour, Matin Hallaji, Greg Dmochowski & Aephraim M. Steinberg

Friday 7th August, 2015

1. Di Chang
Environment-Assisted Speed-up of the Field Evolution in Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics
A. D. Cimmarusti, Z. Yan, B. D. Patterson, L. P. Corcos, L. A. Orozco, and S. Deffner
Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 233602 – Published 11 June 2015

Friday 31st July, 2015

1. Alex Lvovsky
Tuning friction atom-by-atom in an ion-crystal simulator
Alexei Bylinskii, Dorian Gangloff, Vladan Vuletić
Science 5 June 2015: Vol. 348 no. 6239 pp. 1115-1118

Friday 24th July, 2015

1. Eugene Moiseev
Heralded Storage of a Photonic Quantum Bit in a Single Atom
Norbert Kalb, Andreas Reiserer, Stephan Ritter, and Gerhard Rempe
Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 220501

Friday 19th June, 2015

1. Fan Yang
Atom Interferometry in an Optical Cavity
Paul Hamilton, Matt Jaffe, Justin M. Brown, Lothar Maisenbacher, Brian Estey, and Holger Müller
Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 100405

Friday 12th June, 2015

1. Arina Tashchilina
Coherent Excitation Transfer in a “Spin Chain” of Three Rydberg Atoms
Daniel Barredo, Henning Labuhn, Sylvain Ravets, Thierry Lahaye, and Antoine Browaeys
PRL 114, 113002 (2015)

Friday 8th May, 2015

1. Di Chang
Observation of Motion-Dependent Nonlinear Dispersion with Narrow-Linewidth Atoms in an Optical Cavity
Philip G. Westergaard, Bjarke T. R. Christensen, David Tieri, Rastin Matin, John Cooper, Murray Holland, Jun Ye, and Jan W. Thomsen
Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 093002 – Published 4 March 2015

Friday 1st May, 2015

1. Eugene Moiseev
Storage and retrieval of microwave fields at the single-photon level in a spin ensemble
C. Grezes, B. Julsgaard, Y. Kubo, W. L. Ma, M. Stern, A. Bienfait, K. Nakamura, J. Isoya, S. Onoda, T. Ohshima, V. Jacques, D. Vion, D. Esteve, R. B. Liu, K. Mølmer, P. Bertet

Friday 27th March, 2015

1. Daniel Hog
Quantum teleportation of multiple degrees of freedom of a single photon
Xi-Lin Wang, Xin-Dong Cai, Zu-En Su, Ming-Cheng Chen,Dian Wu, Li Li, Nai-Le Liu, Chao-Yang Lu & Jian-Wei Pan

Friday 20th March, 2015

1. Brian Andrade
Observation of optical polarization Möbius strips
Thomas Bauer, Peter Banzer, Ebrahim Karimi Sergej Orlov Andrea Rubano, Lorenzo Marrucci, Enrico Santamato, Robert W. Boyd Gerd Leuchs
DOI: 10.1126/science.1260635

Friday 13th March, 2015

1. Fan Yang
Operating Spin Echo in the Quantum Regime for an Atomic-Ensemble Quantum Memory
Jun Rui, Yan Jiang, Sheng-Jun Yang, Bo Zhao, Xiao-Hui Bao, and Jian-Wei Pan
arxiv: 1501.06278

Friday 6th March, 2015

1. Arina Tashchilina
Controlled rephasing of single collective spin excitations in a cold atomic quantum memory
Boris Albrecht, Pau Farrera, Georg Heinze, Matteo Cristiani, and Hugues de Riedmatten

Friday 27th February, 2015

1. Eugene Moiseev
Optically addressable nuclear spins in a solid with a six-hour coherence time
Manjin Zhong, Morgan P. Hedges, Rose L. Ahlefeldt, John G. Bartholomew, Sarah E. Beavan, Sven M. Wittig, Jevon J. Longdeell & Matthew J. Sellars

Friday 13th February, 2015

1. Alex Lvovsky
Mesoscopic Rydberg-blockaded ensembles in the superatom regime and beyond
T. M. Weber, M. Höning, T. Niederprüm, T. Manthey, O. Thomas, V. Guarrera, M. F

Friday 6th February, 2015

1. Daniel Hog
Full Multipartite Entanglement of Frequency-Comb Gaussian States
S. Gerke, J. Sperling, W. Vogel, Y. Cai, J. Roslund, N. Treps, and C. Fabre
Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 050501

Thursday 22nd January, 2015

1. Di Chang
Generation and Detection of a Sub-Poissonian Atom Number Distribution in a One-Dimensional Optical Lattice
J.-B. Béguin, E. M. Bookjans, S. L. Christensen, H. L. Sørensen, J. H. Müller, E. S. Polzik, and J. Appel
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 263603 – Published 30 December 2014

Thursday 15th January, 2015

1. Fan Yang
Experimental protocol for high-fidelity heralded photon-to-atom quantum state transfer
Christoph Kurz, Michael Schug, Pascal Eich, Jan Huwer, Philipp Müller & Jürgen Eschner


Tuesday 16th December, 2014

1. Arina Tashchilina
Noiseless Conditional Teleportation of a Single Photon
Maria Fuwa, Shunsuke Toba, Shuntaro Takeda, Petr Marek, Ladislav Mišta, Jr., Radim Filip, Peter van Loock, Jun-ichi Yoshikawa, and Akira Furusawa
PRL 113, 223602 (2014)

Tuesday 9th December, 2014

1. Eugene Moiseev
High-Fidelity Preparation, Gates, Memory, and Readout of a Trapped-Ion Quantum Bit
T. P. Harty, D. T. C. Allcock, C. J. Ballance, L. Guidoni, H. A. Janacek, N. M. Linke, D. N. Stacey, and D. M. Lucas
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 220501 – Published 24 November 2014

Tuesday 2nd December, 2014

1. Alex Lvovsky
Chiral nanophotonic waveguide interface based on spin-orbit interaction of light
Jan Petersen, Jürgen Volz, Arno Rauschenbeutel

Thursday 27th November, 2014

1. Di Chang
Ultrafast Time-Division Demultiplexing of Polarization-Entangled Photons
John M. Donohue, Jonathan Lavoie, and Kevin J. Resch
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 163602 – Published 16 October 2014

Tuesday 4th November, 2014

1. Fan Yang
Near-space flight of a correlated photon system
Zhongkan Tang, Rakhitha Chandrasekara, Yau Yong Sean, Cliff Cheng, Christoph Wildfeuer & Alexander Ling

Tuesday 28th October, 2014

1. Arina Tashchilina
Efficiently Loading a Single Photon into a Single-Sided Fabry-Perot Cavity
Chang Liu, Yuan Sun, Luwei Zhao, Shanchao Zhang, M. M. T. Loy, and Shengwang Du
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 133601 – Published 23 September 2014

Tuesday 14th October, 2014

1. Eugene Moiseev
Cross Modulation of Two Laser Beams at the Individual-Photon Level
Kristin M. Beck, Wenlan Chen, Qian Lin, Michael Gullans, Mikhail D. Lukin, and Vladan Vuletić

Tuesday 7th October, 2014

1. Alex Lvovsky
Single-Photon Transistor Using a Förster Resonance
Daniel Tiarks, Simon Baur, Katharina Schneider, Stephan Dürr, and Gerhard Rempe
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 053602 – Published 28 July 2014
Single-Photon Transistor Mediated by Interstate Rydberg Interactions
H. Gorniaczyk, C. Tresp, J. Schmidt, H. Fedder, and S. Hofferberth
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 053601 – Published 28 July 2014

Tuesday 30th September, 2014

1. Di Chang
Interferometric measurement of the biphoton wave function
Beduini, Zielinska, Lucivero, Astiz and Mitchell

Tuesday 23rd September, 2014

1. Fan Yang
Quantum imaging with undetected photons
Gabriela Barreto Lemos, Victoria Borish, Garrett D. Cole, Sven Ramelow, Radek Lapkiewicz & Anton Zeilinger

Tuesday 16th September, 2014

1. Arina Tashchilina
Quantum Cheshire Cats
Yakir Aharonov, S. Popescu, D. Rohrlich and P. Skrzypczyk
New Journal of physics 15 (2013) 113015
Observation of a quantum Cheshire Cat in a matter-wave interferometer experiment
T. Denkmayr, H. Geppert, S. Sponar, H. Lemmel, A. Matzkin, J. Tollaksen and Y. Hasegawa
DOI: 10.1038/ncomms5492

Tuesday 9th September, 2014

1. Eugene Moiseev
Protecting a spin ensemble against decoherence in the strong coupling regime of cavity QED
S. Putz, D. O. Krimer, R. Amsüss, A. Valookaran, T. Nöbauer,J. Schmiedmayer, S. Rotter & J. Majer

Tuesday 5th August, 2014

1. Di Chang
All - Optical Routing of Single Photons by a One - Atom Switch Controlled by a Single Photon
tay Shomroni, Serge Rosenblum, Yulia Lovsky, Orel Bechler, Gabriel Guendelman, Barak Dayan

Tuesday 5th August, 2014

1. Alex Lvovsky
Experimental simulation of closed timelike curves
M. Ringbaur, M. A. Broome, C. R. Myers, A. G. White, T. C. Ralph

Tuesday 22nd July, 2014

1. Daniel Hogg
Generation of hybrid entanglement of light
Hyunseok Jeong, Alessandro Zavatta, Minsu Kang, Seung-Woo Lee, Luca S. Costanzo, Samuele Grandi, Timothy C. Ralph and Marco Bellini
DOI: 10.1038/NPHOTON.2014.136

Tuesday 15th July, 2014

1. Arina Tashchilina
Linear optical computing in a single spatial mode
Peter C. Humphreys, Benjamin J. Metcalf, Justin B. Spring, Merritt Moore, Xian-Min Jin, Marco Barbieri, W. Steven Kolthammer and Ian A. Walmsley

2. Eugene Moiseev
Quantum computation on a topologically encoded qubit
D. Nigg , M. Müller , E. A. Martinez , P. Schindler of M. Hennrich , T. Monz , M. A. Martin-Delgado , R. Blatt

Monday 17th February, 2014

1. Travis Brannon
Demon-like algorithmic quantum cooling and its realization with quantum optics
Jin-Shi Xu1†, Man-Hong Yung 2,3†, Xiao-Ye Xu1, Sergio Boixo 1, Zheng-Wei Zhou 1, Chuan-Feng Li1 * , Ala ́n Aspuru-Guzik 3* and Guang-Can Guo1
DOI: 10.1038/NPHOTON.2013.354

Monday 17th February, 2014

1. Arina Tashchilina
Photonic Aharonov–Bohm effect in photon–phonon interactions
Enbang Li1,2,3, Benjamin J. Eggleton3, Kejie Fang4,5 & Shanhui Fan6
DOI: 10.1038/ncomms4225

Tuesday 4th February, 2014

1. Shankar Prasad
Phase Mismatch−Free Nonlinear Propagation in Optical Zero-Index Materials
Haim Suchowski et al.
Science 342, 1223 (2013); DOI: 10.1126/science.1244303

Tuesday 4th February, 2014

1. Alex Lvovsky
Distributing Entanglement with Separable States
Christian Peuntinger, Vanessa Chille, Ladislav Mista, Jr., Natalia Korolkova, Michael Fortsch Jan Korger, Christoph Marquardt and Gerd Leuchs
PRL 111, 230506 (2013)
Experimental Entanglement Distribution by Separable States
PRL 111, 230505 (2013); PRL 111, 230504 (2013)

Tuesday 28th January, 2014

1. Di Chang
Homodyne tomography of a single photon retrieved on demand from a cavity-enhanced cold atom memory
Erwan Bimbard, Rajiv Boddeda, Nicolas Vitrant, Andrey Grankin, Valentina Parigi, Jovica Stanojevic, Alexei Ourjoumtsev, and Philippe Grangier


Thursday 26th September, 2013

1. Travis Brannan
Phase Estimation with Weak Measurement Using a White Light Source
Xiao-Ye Xu, Yaron Kedem, Kai Sun, Lev Vaidman, Chuan-Feng Li, and Guang-Can Guo
Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 033604 (2013)

Friday 6th September, 2013

1. Adarsh Prasad
On-chip quantum interference between two silicon waveguide sources
Joshua Silverstone, Damien Bonneau, Kazuya Ohira, Nob Suzuki, Haruhiko Yoshida, Norio Iizuka, Mizunori Ezaki, Robert Hadfield, Graham D. Marshall, Val Zwiller, John Rarity, Jeremy OBrien, Mark Thompson
arXiv:1304.1490 [quant-ph]

2. Aveek Chandra
Single-photon-level optical storage in a solid-state spin-wave memory
N. Timoney, I. Usmani, P. Jobez, M. Afzelius*, and N. Gisin
Phys. Rev. A 88, 022324 (2013)

Friday 30th August, 2013

1. Travis Brannan
Beyond spectral homodyne detection: complete quantum measurement of spectral modes of light
Felippe A. S. Barbosa, Antonio S. Coelho, Katiuscia N. Cassemiro, Paulo Nussenzveig, Claude Fabre, Marcelo Martinelli, Alessandro S. Villar
arXiv:1308.5650 [quant-ph]

2. Alex Lvovsky
Reference frame independent quantum key distribution server with telecom tether for on-chip client
P. Zhang, K. Aungskunsiri, E. Martín-López, J. Wabnig, M. Lobino, R. W. Nock, J. Munns, D. Bonneau, P. Jiang, H. W. Li, A. Laing, J. G. Rarity, A. O. Niskanen, M. G. Thompson, J. L. O'Brien
arXiv:1308.3436 [quant-ph]

Friday 23rd August, 2013

1. ZhongZhong Qin
Wavelength-Multiplexed Quantum Networks with Ultrafast Frequency Combs
Jonathan Roslund , Renné Medeiros De Araujo , Shifeng Jiang , Claude Fabre , Nicolas Treps
arXiv:1307.1216 [quant-ph]

2. Di Chang
Demonstration of Weak Measurement Based on Atomic Spontaneous Emission
Itay Shomroni, Orel Bechler, Serge Rosenblum, and Barak Dayan
Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 023604 (2013)

Friday 16th August, 2013

1. Aveek Chandra
Deterministic Super Resolution with Coherent States at the Shot Noise Limit
Emanuele Distante, Miroslav Jezek, Ulrik L. Andersen
arXiv:1211.5045 [quant-ph]

2. Tayebe Naseri
Stopped Light and Image Storage by Electromagnetically Induced Transparency up to the Regime of One Minute
Georg Heinze, Christian Hubrich, and Thomas Halfmann
Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 033601 (2013)

3. Adam Humeniuk
Optomechanics in an ultrahigh-Q slotted 2D photonic crystal cavity
A. H. Safavi-Naeini, T. P. Mayer Alegre, M. WInger, O. Painter
Appl. Phys. Lett. 97, 181106 (2010)

Friday 9th August, 2013

1. Travis Brannan
APS » Journals » Phys. Rev. Lett. » Volume 111 » Issue 3 < Previous Article | Next Article > Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 033608 (2013) [5 pages] Cancellation of Internal Quantum Noise of an Amplifier by Quantum Correlation
Jia Kong, F. Hudelist, Z. Y. Ou, and Weiping Zhang
Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 033608 (2013)

2. Alex Lvovsky
Coupling a Single Trapped Atom to a Nanoscale Optical Cavity
J. D. Thompson, T. G. Tiecke, N. P. de Leon, J. Feist, A. V. Akimov, M. Gullans, A. S. Zibrov, V. Vuletic, M. D. Lukin
Science 7 June 2013: vol. 340 no. 6137 pp. 1202-1205

Friday 2nd August, 2013

1. Daniel Hogg
Experimental Quantum Computing to Solve Systems of Linear Equations
Jian-Wei Pan et. al.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 230501 (2013)

2. Zhongzhong Qin
Coupling of a Single Nitrogen-Vacancy Center in Diamond to a Fiber-Based Microcavity
Roland Albrecht, Alexander Bommer, Christian Deutsch, Jakob Reichel, and Christoph Becher
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 243602 (2013)

Friday 26th July, 2013

1. Jietai Jing
All-Optical Switch and Transistor Gated by One Stored Photon
Vuletic V. et. al.
Science DOI: 10.1126/science.1238169

2. Tayebe Naseri
Quantum-dense metrology
Steinlechner S. et. al.

Friday 19th July, 2013

1. Harishankar Jayakumar
Deterministic Photon Pairs and Coherent Optical Control of a Single Quantum Dot
H. Jayakumar, A. Predojevic, T. Huber, T. Kauten, G. S. Solomon & G. Weihs
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.110.135505

2. Adarsh Prasad
Single-Photon Switch based on Rydberg Blockade
Simon Baur, Daniel Tiarks, Gerhard Rempe, Stephan Dürr

2. Di Chang
Storage and control of optical photons using Rydberg polaritons
Maxwell D. et.al.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 103001 (2013)

Friday 12th July, 2013

1. Travis Brannan
Entanglement between light and an optical atomic excitation
L. Li, Y. O. Dudin & A. Kuzmich

Friday 12th July, 2013

1. Vinay Iyer
Joining the quantum state of two photons into one
C. Vitelli et. al.
Nature Photonics 7, 521–526 (2013)

Friday 12th July, 2013

1. Marcelo Wu
A theoretical study of a nano-opto-mechanical sensor using a photonic crystal cantilever cavity
D. Mao, P. Liu, K-M Ho & L. Dong

Friday 12th July, 2013

1. Nicolas Raoult
Single S-tapered fiber Mach–Zehnder interferometers
R. Yang, Y-S. Yu, Y. Xue, C. Chen, Q-D. Chen & H-B. Sun
DOI: 10.1364/OL.36.004482

Friday 5th July, 2013

1. Matthew Mitchell
Facile Fabrication of Single-Crystal-Diamond Nanostructures with Ultrahigh Aspect Ratio
Y. Tao & C. Degen
DOI: 10.1002/adma.201301343

Friday 5th July, 2013

1. Daniel Hogg
Experimental Boson Sampling
M. Tillmann et. al.
DOI: 10.1038/nphoton.2013.102

Friday 5th July, 2013

1. Aveek Chandra
Coherence properties of nanofiber-trapped cesium atoms
D. Reitz, C. Sayrin, R. Mitsch, P. Schneeweiss, A. Rauschenbeutel

Friday 28th June, 2013

1. Thomas Lutz
A high-resolution microchip optomechanical accelerometer
A. G. Krause, M. Winger, T. D. Blasius, Q. Lin & O. Painter
DOI: 10.1038/NPHOTON.2012.245

Friday 14th June, 2013

1. Hamidreza Kaviani
Generating Far-Field Orbital Angular Momenta from Near-Field Optical Chirality
Y. Gorodetski, A. Drezet, C. Genet, T. Ebbesen
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.110.203906

Friday 14th June, 2013

1. ZhongZhong Qin
Ultranarrow-Band Photon-Pair Source Compatible with Solid State Quantum Memories and Telecommunication Networks
Julia Fekete, Daniel Rieländer, Matteo Cristiani, and Hugues de Riedmatten
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 220502 (2013)

2. Di Chang
Strong coupling between single atoms and non-transversal photons
Christian Junge, Danny O'Shea, Jürgen Volz, Arno Rauschenbeutel
arXiv:1301.1659v2 [quant-ph]

Friday 7th June, 2013

1. Arturo Lezama
Ground-State Cooling of a Single Atom at the Center of an Optical Cavity
Andreas Reiserer, Christian Nölleke, Stephan Ritter, Gerhard Rempe
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 223003 (2013)

Friday 7th June, 2013

1. Chris Healey
Heralded entanglement between solid-state qubits separated by three metres
H. Bernien, B. Hensen, W. Pfaff, G. Koolstra, M. S. Blok, L. Robledo, T. H. Taminiau, M. Markham, D. J. Twitchen, L. Childress & R. Hanson

Friday 31st May, 2013

1. Adarsh Prasad
Experimental Distillation of Quantum Nonlocality
C Zu, D.-L. Deng, P.-Y. Hou, X.-Y. Chang, F. Wang, L.-M. Duan
arXiv:1305.4212v1 [quant-ph]

Friday 31st May, 2013

1. Tayeba Naseri
Observation and measurement of "giant" dispersive optical non-linearities in an ensemble of cold Rydberg atoms
Valentina Parigi, Erwan Bimbard, Jovica Stanojevic, Andrew J. Hilliard, Florence Nogrette, Rosa Tualle-Brouri, Alexei Ourjoumtsev, Philippe Grangier
arXiv:1209.1948v2 [physics.atom-ph]

Friday 24th May, 2013

1. Travis Brannan
Quantum Light in Coupled Interferometers for Quantum Gravity Tests
I. Ruo Berchera, I. P. Degiovanni, S. Olivares, and M. Genovese
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.110.213601

2. Aveek Chandra
Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in a Diamond Spin Ensemble Enables All-Optical Electromagnetic Field Sensing
V. M. Acosta, K. Jensen, C. Santori, D. Budker, and R. G. Beausoleil
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.110.213605

Friday 17th May, 2013

1. Daniel Hogg
Requirements for two-source entanglement concentration
Mihai Vidrighin, Tim J. Bartley, Gaia Donati, Xian-Min Jin, Marco Barbieri, W. Steven Kolthammer, Animesh Datta, Ian A. Walmsley
arXiv:1302.3186 [quant-ph]

2. Zhongzhong Qin
Direct and full-scale experimental verifications towards ground–satellite quantum key distribution
Jian-Wei Pan et al.

Friday 10th May, 2013

1. Adarsh Prasad
A versatile source of single photons for quantum information processing
Michael Förtsch, Josef U. Fürst, Christoffer Wittmann, Dmitry Strekalov, Andrea Aiello, Maria V. Chekhova, Christine Silberhorn, Gerd Leuchs & Christoph Marquardt

2. Alexander Lvovsky
Experimental Realization of Quantum Illumination
E. D. Lopaeva, I. Ruo Berchera, I. P. Degiovanni, S. Olivares, G. Brida, and M. Genovese
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.110.153603

Friday 3rd May, 2013

1. Connor Kupchak
Unconditional Quantum-Noise Suppression via Measurement-Based Quantum Feedback
Ryotaro Inoue, Shin-Ichi-Ro Tanaka, Ryo Namiki, Takahiro Sagawa, and Yoshiro Takahashi

2. Arturo Lezama
Direct observation of sub-binomial light
Tim J. Bartley, Gaia Donati, Xian-Min Jin, Animesh Datta, Marco Barbieri, Ian A. Walmsley
arXiv:1302.0229 [quant-ph]

Friday 26th April, 2013

1. Tayebeh Naseri
Efficient Quantum Memory Using a Weakly Absorbing Sample
Mahmood Sabooni, Qian Li, Stefan Kroll, and Lars Rippe
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.110.133604

2. Di Chang
2D Magneto-Optical Trapping of Diatomic Molecules
Matthew T. Hummon, Mark Yeo, Benjamin K. Stuhl, Alejandra L. Collopy, Yong Xia, and Jun Ye
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.110.143001

Friday 19th April, 2013

1. Zhongzhong Qin
Efficient Teleportation Between Remote Single-Atom Quantum Memories
Christian Nölleke, Andreas Neuzner, Andreas Reiserer, Carolin Hahn, Gerhard Rempe, and Stephan Ritter

Friday 19th April, 2013

1. Aveek Chandra
Spectral compression of single photons
J. Lavoie, J. M. Donohue, L. G. Wright, A. Fedrizzi & K. J. Resch

Monday 15th April, 2013

1. Behzad Khanaliloo
Diamond Integrated Optomechanical Circuits
P. Rath, S. Khasminskaya, C. Nebel, C. Wild, W. H.P. Pernice

Friday 12th April, 2013

1. Arturo Lezama
Witnessing Trustworthy Single-Photon Entanglement with Local Homodyne Measurements
Olivier Morin, Jean-Daniel Bancal, Melvyn Ho, Pavel Sekatski, Virginia D’Auria, Nicolas Gisin, Julien Laurat and Nicolas Sangouard
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 130401 (2013)

2. Travis Brannan
Optical Readout of the Quantum Collective Motion of an Array of Atomic Ensembles
Thierry Botter, Daniel W. C. Brooks, Sydney Schreppler, Nathan Brahms, and Dan M. Stamper-Kurn
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 153001 (2013)

2. Adarsh Prasad
Room-temperature entanglement between single defect spins in diamond
F. Dolde, I. Jakobi , B. Naydenov, N. Zhao, S. Pezzagna , C. Trautmann, J. Meijer , P. Neumann , F. Jelezko and J. Wrachtrup

Friday 22nd March, 2013

1. Di Chang
Quantum Entanglement of High Angular Momenta
Robert Fickler et al.
Science 338, 640 (2012)

2. Tayebeh Naseri
Full characterization of polarization states of light via direct measurement
Jeff Z. Salvail, Megan Agnew , Allan S. Johnson, Eliot Bolduc , Jonathan Leach and Robert W. Boyd

Friday 15th March, 2013

1. Connor Kupchak
Spatially Addressable Readout and Erasure of an Image in a Gradient Echo Memory
Jeremy B. Clark, Quentin Glorieux, Paul D. Lett
arXiv:1302.4730 [quant-ph]

2. Zhongzhong Qin
Quantum teleportation using a light-emitting diode
A. J. Bennett, C. L. Salter, I. Farrer, D. A. Ritchie & A. J. Shields
Nature Photonics (2013) | doi:10.1038/nphoton.2013.10

Friday 8th March, 2013

1. Travis Brannan
Atom-Atom Entanglement by Single-Photon Detection
L. Slodička, G. Hétet, N. Röck, P. Schindler, M. Hennrich, and R. Blatt
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 083603 (2013)

2. Aveek Chandra
Observation and measurement of “giant” dispersive optical non-linearities in an ensemble of cold Rydberg atoms
Valentina Parigi, Erwan Bimbard, Jovica Stanojevic, Andrew J. Hilliard, ∗ Florence Nogrette, Rosa Tualle-Brouri, Alexei Ourjoumtsev, and Philippe Grangier
arXiv:1209.1948v2 [physics.atom-ph]

Friday 1st March, 2013

1. Tayebeh Naseri
Single Ion coupled to an optical fiber cavity
Matthias Steiner, Hendrik M. Meyer, Christian Deutsch, Jakob Reichel, Michael Köhl

2. Alexander Lvovsky
Quantum Back-Action of an Individual Variable-Strength Measurement
Hatridge, M., S. Shankar, M. Mirrahimi, F. Schackert, K. Geerlings, T. Brecht, K. M. Sliwa et al.
Science, 339(6116), 178-181.

Friday 22nd February, 2013

1. Adarsh Prasad
Quantum Process Nonlocality
Saleh Rahimi-Keshari, Thomas Kiesel, Werner Vogel, Samuele Grandi, Alessandro Zavatta, Marco Bellini
arXiv:1302.0934 [quant-ph]

2. Di Chang
Object Identification using correlated OAM states
Nestor Uribe-Patarroyo, Andrew Fraine, David S. Simon, Olga Minaeva, Alexander V. Sergienko
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 043601 (2013)

Friday 15th February, 2013

1. Connor Kupchak
Single-photon-level optical storage in a solid-state spin-wave memory
N. Timoney, I. Usmani, P. Jobez, M. Afzelius, N. Gisin
arXiv:1301.6924 [quant-ph]

Friday 15th February, 2013

1. Zhongzhong Qin
On-demand semiconductor single-photon source with near-unity indistinguishability
He, Y. M., et al

Friday 8th February, 2013

1. Travis Brannan
Maximal Refraction and Superluminal Propagation in a Gaseous Nanolayer
J. Keaveney, I. G. Hughes, A. Sargsyan, D. Sarkisyan, and C. S. Adams
PRL 109, 233001 (2012)

Friday 8th February, 2013

1. Yuri Kurochkin
Quantum teleportation and entanglement distribution over 100-kilometre free-space channels
Jian-Wei Pan et. al

Friday 1st February, 2013

1. Aveek Chandra
A quantum delayed choice experiment.
Peruzzo, Alberto, Peter J. Shadbolt, Nicolas Brunner, Sandu Popescu, and Jeremy L. O'Brien.
Science, 338(6107):634-637, 2012

2. Alexander Lvovsky
Entanglement-enhanced probing of a delicate material system.
Florian Wolfgramm, Chiara Vitelli, Federica A. Beduini, Nicolas Godbout & Morgan W. Mitchell
Nature Photonics 7, 28–32 (2013)

Wednesday 30th January, 2013

1. Matthew Mitchell
Collective Dynamics in Optomechanical Arrays
G. Heinrich, M. Ludwig, J. Qian, B. Kubala, F. Marquardt

Friday 25th January, 2013

1. Adarsh Prasad
Noiseless loss suppression in quantum optical communication.
Michal Micuda, Ivo Straka, Martina Mikova, Miloslav Dusek, Nicolas J. Cerf, Jaromir Fiurasek, Miroslav Jezek
Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 180503 (2012)

2. Tayebeh Naseri
Three-photon energy-time entanglement
Lynden K. Shalm, Deny R. Hamel, Zhizhong Yan, Christoph Simon, Kevin J. Resch, Thomas Jennewein
arXiv:1203.6315v1 [quant-ph]

Friday 11th January, 2013

1. Marcelo Wu
Holographic detection of the orbital angular momentum of light with plasmonic photodiodes
P. Genevet, J. Lin, M. A. Kats & F. Capasso


Thursday 20th December, 2012

1. Yuri Kurochkin
Complete experimental toolbox for alignment-free quantum communication
Vincenzo D’Ambrosio , Eleonora Nagali, Stephen P. Walborn, Leandro Aolita, sergei slussarenko, Lorenzo marrucci & Fabio sciarrino
NATURE COMMUNICATION | 3:961 | DoI: 10.1038/ncomms1951

Thursday 13th December, 2012

1. Travis Brannan
Proposal for Implementing Device-Independent QKD based on a Heralded Qubit Amplification
Nicolas Gisin, Stefano Pironio and Nicolas Sangouard
Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 070501 (2010)

Thursday 6th December, 2012

1. Connor Kupchak
Microwave electrometry with Rydberg atoms in a vapour cell using bright atomic resonances
Jonathon A. Sedlacek, Arne Schwettmann, Harald Kübler, Robert Löw, Tilman Pfau & James P. Shaffer
Nature Physics 8, 819–824 (2012)

Friday 30th November, 2012

1. Paul Barclay
Free-Standing Mechanical and Photonic Nanostructures in Single-Crystal Diamond
M. J. Burek, N. P. de Leon, B. J. Shields, B. J. M. Hausmann, Y. Chu, Q. Quan, A. S. Zibrov, H. Park, M. D. Lukin, & M. Loncar
doi: 10.1021/nl302541e

Thursday 29th November, 2012

1. Alex Lvovsky
Heralded noiseless amplification of a photon polarization qubit
S. Kocsis, G. Y. Xiang, T. C. Ralph & G. J. Pryde

Friday 20th July, 2012

1. Alex Lvovsky
Mapping coherence in measurement via full quantum tomography of a hybrid optical detector
L. Zhang, H. Coldenstrodt-Ronge, A. Datta, G. Puentes, J. Lundeen, X.-M. Jin, B. Smith, M. Plenio, and I. Walmsley

2. Aveek Chandra
Experimental loss-tolerant quantum coin flipping
G. Berlín, G. Brassard, F. Bussières, N. Godbout, J. Slater, and W. Tittel

Friday 6th July, 2012

1. Andrew MacRae
Probing an ultracold-atom crystal with matter waves
B. Gadway, D. Pertot, J. Reeves, and D. Schneble

Monday 30th April, 2012

1. Pan Palittapongarnpim
Photonic Realization of the Quantum Rabi Model
A. Crespi, S. Longhi, and R. Osellame

2. Ranjeet Kumar
A Versatile Source of Single Photons for Quantum Information Processing
M. Förtsch, J. Fürst, C. Wittmann, D. Strekalov, A. Aiello, M. Chekhova, C. Silberhorn, G. Leuchs, C. Marquardt

Friday 20th April, 2012

1. Travis Brannan
A super-oscillatory lens optical microscope for subwavelength imaging
E. Rogers, J. Lindberg, T. Roy,S. Savo, J. Chad, M. Dennis, N. Zheludev

2. Andal Narayanan
Cooling by Heating: Refrigeration Powered by Photons
B. Cleuren, B. Rutten, and C. Van den Broeck

Friday 13th April, 2012

1. Andrew MacRae
An elementary quantum network of single atoms in optical cavities
S. Ritter, C. Nölleke, C. Hahn, A. Reiserer, A. Neuzner, M. Uphoff, M. Mücke, E. Figueroa, J. Bochmann, and G. Rempe

Friday 30th March, 2012

1. Ryan Thomas
Probing Planck-scale physics with quantum optics
I. Pikovski, M. Vanner, M. Aspelmeyer, M. Kim & Č. Brukner

Friday 30th March, 2012

1. Ryan Thomas
Probing Planck-scale physics with quantum optics
I. Pikovski, M. Vanner, M. Aspelmeyer, M. Kim & Č. Brukner

2. Alex Lvovsky
Demonstration of a state-insensitive, compensated nanofiber trap
A. Goban, K. S. Choi, D. J. Alton, D. Ding, C. Lacroûte, M. Pototschnig, T. Thiele, N. P. Stern, H. J. Kimble
arXiv:1203.5108v1 [physics.atom-ph]
A state-insensitive, compensated nanofiber trap
C. Lacroute, K. Choi, A. Goban, D. Alton1, D. Ding, N Stern, and H.J. Kimble

Friday 23rd March, 2012

1. Ranjeet Kumar

Wednesday 21st March, 2012

1. Ranjeet Kumar
Heralded photon amplification for quantum communication
C. I. Osorio, N. Bruno, N. Sangouard, H. Zbinden, N. Gisin, R. T. Thew
arXiv:1203.3396v2 [quant-ph]

2. Connor Kupchak
Light-cone-like spreading of correlations in a quantum many-body system
M. Cheneau, P. Barmettler, D. Poletti, M. Endres, P. Schauß, T. Fukuhara, C. Gross, I. Bloch, C. Kollath, and S. Kuhr

Friday 16th March, 2012

1. Pantita Palittapongarnpim

2. Andal Narayanan

Wednesday 7th March, 2012

1. Andrew MacRae
Optically detecting the quantization of collective atomic motion
N. Brahms, T. Botter, S. Schreppler, D. Brooks, D. Stamper-Kurn
arXiv:1109.5233v2 [quant-ph]

Friday 2nd March, 2012

1. Travis Brannan
Antibunched Emission of Photon Pairs via Quantum Zeno Blockade
Y.-P. Huang and R. Kumar

2. Alex Lvovsky
Demonstration of Blind Quantum Computing
S. Barz, E. Kashefi, A. Broadbent, J. Fitzsimons A. Zeilinger, P. Walther

Friday 24th February, 2012

1. Ranjeet Kumar
On-chip optical isolation in monolithically integrated non-reciprocal optical resonators
L. Bi, J. Hu, P. Jiang, Dong Kim, G. Dionne, L. Kimerling, and C. Ross

2. Ryan Thomas
Realization of three-qubit quantum error correction with superconducting circuits
M. Reed, L. DiCarlo, S. Nigg. L. Sun, L. Frunzio, S. Girvin, and R. Schoelkopf

Wednesday 15th February, 2012

1. Connor Kupchak
Trapping Rydberg Atoms in an Optical Lattice
S. E. Anderson, K. C. Younge, and G. Raithel

2. Andal Narayanan
Molecular Gas Sensing Below Parts Per Trillion: Radiocarbon-Dioxide Optical Detection
I. Galli, S. Bartalini, S. Borri, P. Cancio*, D. Mazzotti, P. De Natale, and G. Giusfredi

Friday 10th February, 2012

1. Erick Barrios
Integrated photonic quantum gates for polarization qubits
A. Crespi, R. Ramponi, R. Osellame, L. Sansoni, I. Bongioanni, F. Sciarrino, G. Vallone, and P. Mataloni

2. Pan Palittapongarnpim
Single Gradientless Light Beam Drags Particles as Tractor Beams
A. Novitsky, C.-W. Qiu, and H. Wang
Negative Nonconservative Forces: Optical “Tractor Beams” for Arbitrary Objects
S. Sukhov and A. Dogariu

Friday 27th January, 2012

1. Ranjeet Kumar
Generating, manipulating and measuring entanglement and mixture with a reconfigurable photonic circuit
P. Shadbolt, M. Verde, A. Peruzzo, A. Politi, A. Laing, Mario Luigi Lobino, J. Matthews, M. Thompson and J. O'Brien

2. Ryan Thomas
Doppler Cooling to the Quantum Limit
M. Chalony, A. Kastberg, B. Klappauf, and D. Wilkowski

Friday 20th January, 2012

1. Connor Kupchak
Orbital excitation blockade and algorithmic cooling in quantum gases
W. Bakr, P. Preiss, M. Tai, R. Ma, J. Simon and M. Greiner

2. Andal Narayanan
GHz Rabi Flopping to Rydberg States in Hot Atomic Vapor Cells
B. Huber, T. Baluktsian, M. Schlagmüller, A. Kölle, H. Kübler, R. Löw, and T. Pfau

Friday 13th January, 2012

1. Pan Palittapongarnpim
Photon Propagation in a Discrete Fiber Network: An Interplay of Coherence and Losses
A. Regensburger, C. Bersch, B. Hinrichs, G. Onishchukov, A. Schreiber, C. Silberhorn, and U. Peschel

2. Travis Brannan
Optical parametric oscillation with distributed feedback in cold atoms
A. Schilke, C. Zimmermann, P. Courteille, and W. Guerin


Friday 23rd December, 2011

1. Pan Palittapongarnpim

2. Erick Barrios

Friday 16th December, 2011

1. Andrew MacRae
Atomic homodyne detection of continuous-variable entangled twin-atom states
C. Gross, H. Strobel, E. Nicklas, T. Zibold, N. Bar-Gill, G. Kurizki and M. Oberthaler

2. Alex Lvovsky
Macroscopic non-classical states and terahertz quantum processing in room-temperature diamond
K. Lee, B. Sussman, M. Sprague, P. Michelberger, K. Reim, J. Nunn, N. Langford, P. Bustard, D. Jaksch and I. Walmsley
Entangling Macroscopic Diamonds at Room Temperature
K. Lee, B. Sussman, M. Sprague, P. Michelberger, K. Reim, J. Nunn, N. Langford, P. Bustard, D. Jaksch and I. Walmsley

Friday 2nd December, 2011

1. Ranjeet Kumar
Measuring protein concentration with entangled photons
A. Crespi, M. Lobino, J. Matthews, A. Politi, C. Neal, R. Ramponi, R. Osellame, J. O'Brien
arXiv:1109.3128v1 [quant-ph]

2. Ryan Thomas
Laser cooling of a nanomechanical oscillator into its quantum ground state
J. Chan, T. Alegre, A. Safavi-Naeini, Jonah Hill, A. Krause, S. Gröblacher, M. Aspelmeyer, and O. Painter

Friday 25th November, 2011

1. Connor Kupchak
Plasmonically tailored micropotentials for ultracold atoms
C. Stehle, H. Bender, C. Zimmermann, D. Kern, M. Fleischer & S. Slama

2. Andal Narayanan
Trapping Rydberg atoms in an optical lattice
S. E. Anderson, K. C. Younge, and G. Raithel
PRL (accepted)

Friday 18th November, 2011

1. Pan Palittapongarnpim
Dispersive Optical Interface Based on Nanofiber-Trapped Atoms
S. T. Dawkins, R. Mitsch, D. Reitz, E. Vetsch, A. Rauschenbeutel
arXiv:1108.2469v2 [quant-ph]

2. Travis Brannan
Heralding Two-Photon and Four-Photon Path Entanglement on a Chip
J. Matthews, A. Politi, D. Bonneau, and J. O’Brien

Friday 28th October, 2011

1. Ryan Thomas
Continuous variable quantum key distribution with two-mode squeezed states.
L. Madsen, V. Usenko, M. Lassen, R. Filip, U. Andersen
arXiv:1110.5522v1 [quant-ph]

2. Andrew MacRae
Cavity electromagnetically induced transparency and all-optical switching using ion Coulomb crystals
M. Albert, A. Dantan and M. Drewsen

Friday 21st October, 2011

1. Andal Narayanan
Rydberg Excitations in Bose-Einstein Condensates in Quasi-One-Dimensional Potentials and Optical Lattices
M. Viteau1, M. G. Bason1, J. Radogostowicz2,3, N. Malossi3, D. Ciampini1,2,3, O. Morsch, and E. Arimondo

Friday 21st October, 2011

1. Andal Narayanan
Rydberg Excitations in Bose-Einstein Condensates in Quasi-One-Dimensional Potentials and Optical Lattices
M. Viteau, M. Bason, J. Radogostowicz, N. Malossi, D. Ciampini, O. Morsch, and E. Arimondo

2. Ranjeet Kumar
"Real-World" Quantum Sensors: Evaluating Resources for Precision Measurement
N. Thomas-Peter, B. Smith, A. Datta, L. Zhang, U. Dorner, and I. Walmsley

2. Ranjeet Kumar
Real-World Quantum Sensors: Evaluating Resources for Precision Measurement
N. Thomas-Peter, B. Smith, A. Datta, L. Zhang, U. Dorner, and I. Walmsley

Friday 14th October, 2011

1. Ranjeet Kumar

2. Connor Kupchak
Storing Optical Information as a Mechanical Excitation in a Silica Optomechanical Resonator
V. Fiore, Y. Yang, M.C. Kuzyk, Jeryl, R. Barbour, L. Tian, and Hailin Wang
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.107.133601

Friday 7th October, 2011

1. Connor Kupchak

2. Pan Palittapongarnpim
Amplifying Single-Photon Nonlinearity Using Weak Measurements
A. Feizpour, X. Xing, and A. Steinberg

Friday 30th September, 2011

1. Ryan Thomas
Optomechanical Cavity Cooling of an Atomic Ensemble
M. Schleier-Smith, I. Leroux, H. Zhang, M. Van Camp, and V. Vuletić

2. Travis Brannan
Controlling the Phase of a Light Beam with a Single Molecule
M. Pototschnig, Y. Chassagneux, J. Hwang, G. Zumofen, A. Renn and V. Sandoghdar

Friday 23rd September, 2011

1. Andrew MacRae
A gravitational wave observatory operating beyond the quantum shot-noise limit: Squeezed light in application
LIGO Collaboration

2. Alex Lvovsky
Direct measurement of the quantum wavefunction
J. Lundeen, B. Sutherland, A. Patel, C. Stewart and C. Bamber

Friday 16th September, 2011

1. Erick Barrios
Quantum Spatial Superresolution by Optical Centroid Measurements
H. Shin, K Chan, H. Chang, and R. Boyd

2. Andal Narayanan
Optical Interface Created by Laser-Cooled Atoms Trapped in the Evanescent Field Surrounding an Optical Nanofiber
E. Vetsch, D. Reitz, G. Sagué, R. Schmidt, S. Dawkins, and A. Rauschenbeutel

Friday 9th September, 2011

1. Connor Kupchack
Real-time quantum feedback prepares and stabilizes photon number states
C. Sayrin, I. Dotsenko, X. Zhou, B. Peaudecerf, T. Rybarczyk, S. Gleyzes, P. Rouchon, M. Mirrahimi, H. Amini, M. Brune, J.-M. Raimond, and S. Haroche

2. Ranjeet Kumar
Quantum Metrology with Entangled Coherent States
J. Joo, W. Munro, and T. Spiller

Friday 2nd September, 2011

1. Pan Palittapongarnpim
Measurement of the internal state of a single atom without energy exchange
J. Volz, R. Gehr, G. Dubois, J. Estève, and J. Reichel

2. Ryan Thomas
Quantum superposition of a single microwave photon in two different ’colour’ states
E. Zakka-Bajjani, F. Nguyen, M. Lee, L. Vale, R. Simmonds, and Aumentado

Friday 26th August, 2011

1. Rex Leniczek
Simultaneous Wavelength Translation and Amplitude Modulation of Single Photons from a Quantum Dot
M. Rakher, L. Ma, M. Davanço, O. Slattery, X. Tang, and K. Srinivasan

2. Alex Lvovsky
Realization of a Knill-Laflamme-Milburn controlled-NOT photonic quantum circuit combining effective optical nonlinearities
R. Okamoto, J. O’Brien, H. Hofmann, and S. Takeuchi

Friday 19th August, 2011

1. Andal Narayanan
Observing the Average Trajectories of Single Photons in a Two-Slit Interferometer
S. Kocsis, B. Braverman, S Ravets, M. Stevens, R. Mirin, L. Shalm, and A. Steinberg

2. Andrew MacRae
Vacuum-Induced Transparency
H. Tanji-Suzuki, W. Chen, R. Landig, J. Simon, V. Vuletić
Science DOI: 10.1126/science.1208066

Friday 12th August, 2011

1. Erick Barrios
Quantum Decoherence of Single-Photon Counters
V. D’Auria, N. Lee, T. Amri, C. Fabre, and J. Laurat

Friday 22nd July, 2011

1. Roshan Achal
Rotary Photon Drag Enhanced by a Slow-Light Medium
S. Franke-Arnold, G. Gibson,R. Boyd, M. Padgett

Friday 8th July, 2011

1. Ryan Thomas
Single-ion quantum lock-in amplifier
S. Kotler, N. Akerman, Y. Glickman, A. Keselman and R. Ozeri

2. Andrew MacRae
Highly Efficient Source for Indistinguishable Photons of Controlled Shape
P. Nisbet, J. Dilley and A. Kuhn
arXiv:1106.6292v1 [quant-ph]

Friday 10th June, 2011

1. Erick Barrios
Experimental amplification of an entangled photon: what if the detection loophole is ignored?
E. Pomarico, B. Sanguinetti, P. Sekatski, H. Zbinden, N. Gisin
arXiv:1104.2212v1 [quant-ph]

2. Roshan Achal
Observation of the Dynamical Casimir Effect in a Superconducting Circuit
C.M. Wilson, G. Johansson, A. Pourkabirian, J.R. Johansson, T. Duty, F. Nori, P. Delsing
arXiv:1105.4714v1 [quant-ph]

Friday 20th May, 2011

1. Aamir Anis
A single-atom quantum memory
H. Specht, C. Nölleke, A. Reiserer, M. Uphoff, E. Figueroa, S. Ritter, and G. Rempe

2. Ranjeet Kumar
Multimode quantum interference of photons in multiport integrated devices
A. Peruzzo, A. Laing, A. Politi, T. Rudolph, and J. O'Brien

Friday 13th May, 2011

1. Connor Kupchak
Projective Measurement of a Single Nuclear Spin Qubit by Using Two-Mode Cavity QED
Y. Eto, A. Noguchi, P. Zhang, M. Ueda, and M. Kozuma

2. Pantita Palittapongarnpim
Single spontaneous photon as a coherent beamsplitter for an atomic matter-wave
J. Tomkovič, M. Schreiber, J. Welte, M. Kiffner, J. Schmiedmayer and M. Oberthaler

Friday 6th May, 2011

1. Rex Leniczek
Synthesis and Measurement of Ultrafast Waveforms from Five Discrete Optical Harmonics
H.-S. Chan, Z.-M. Hsieh, W.-H. Liang, A. Kung, C.-K. Lee, C.-J. Lai, R.-P. Pan, L.-H. Peng

2. Andrew MacRae
Teleportation of Nonclassical Wave Packets of Light
N. Lee, H. Benichi, Y. Takeno, S. Takeda, J. Webb, E. Huntington, A. Furusawa

Friday 29th April, 2011

1. Ryan Thomas
Circuit cavity electromechanics in the strong-coupling regime
J. Teufel, D. Li, M. Allman, K. Cicak, A. Sirois, J. Whittaker, and R. Simmonds

2. Alex Lvovsky
Interaction-based quantum metrology showing scaling beyond the Heisenberg limit
M. Napolitano, M. Koschorreck, B. Dubost, N. Behbood, R. Sewell, and M. Mitchell

Friday 15th April, 2011

1. Erick Barrios
Hyperentangled Mixed Phased Dicke States: Optical Design and Detection
A. Chiuri, G. Vallone, N. Bruno, C. Macchiavello, D. Bruß, and P. Mataloni

2. Aimee Heinrichs
Observation of the inverse Doppler effect in negative-index materials at optical frequencies
J. Chen, Y. Wang, B. Jia, T. Geng,X. Li, L. Feng, W. Qian, B. Liang, X. Zhang, M. Gu, and S. Zhuang

Friday 8th April, 2011

1. Ranjeet Kumar
Entanglement-Enhanced Classical Communication Over a Noisy Classical Channel
R. Prevedel, Y. Lu, W. Matthews, R. Kaltenbaek, and K. J. Resc
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.106.110505

2. Connor Kupchak
Conditional Spin Squeezing of a Large Ensemble via the Vacuum Rabi Splitting
Z. Chen, J. Bohnet, S. Sankar, J. Dai, and J. Thompson
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.106.133601

Friday 1st April, 2011

1. Rex Leniczek
Macroscopic Invisibility Cloak for Visible Light
B. Zhang, Y. Luo, X. Liu, and G. Barbastathis

2. Pan Palittapongarnpim
Hybrid semiconductor-atomic interface: slowing down single photons from a quantum dot
N. Akopian, L. Wang, A. Rastelli, O. G. Schmidt & V. Zwiller

Friday 25th March, 2011

1. Andrew MacRae
Single-spin addressing in an atomic Mott insulator
C. Weitenberg, M. Endres, J. Sherson, M. Cheneau, P. Schauß, T. Fukuhara, I. Bloch and S. Kuhr

2. Ryan Thomas
Photon shell game in three-resonator circuit quantum electrodynamics
M. Mariantoni, H. Wang, R. Bialczak, M. Lenander, E. Lucero, M. Neeley, A. O’Connell, D. Sank, M. Weides, J. Wenner, T. Yamamoto, Y. Yin, J. Zhao, J. Martinis and A. Cleland

Friday 18th March, 2011

1. Alex Lvovsky
An open-system quantum simulator with trapped ions
J. Barreiro, M. Müller, P. Schindler, D. Nigg, T. Monz, M. Chwalla, M. Hennrich, C. Roos, P. Zoller and R. Blatt
Coupled quantized mechanical oscillators
K. Brown, C. Ospelkaus, Y. Colombe, A. Wilson, D. Leibfried and D. J. Wineland

Friday 11th March, 2011

1. Erick Barrios
Entangling Different Degrees of Freedom by Quadrature Squeezing Cylindrically Polarized Modes
C. Gabriel, A. Aiello, W. Zhong, T. Euser, N. Joly, P. Banzer, M. Förtsch, D. Elser, U. Andersen, C. Marquardt, P. Russell, and G. Leuchs

Friday 4th March, 2011

1. Ranjeet Kumar
Deterministic Entanglement of Photons in Two Superconducting Microwave Resonators
H. Wang, M. Mariantoni, R. Bialczak, M. Lenander, E. Lucero, M. Neeley, A. O’Connell, D. Sank, M. Weides, J. Wenner, T. Yamamoto, Y. Yin, J. Zhao, J. Martinis, and A. Cleland

2. Connor Kupchak
Entanglement of spin waves among four quantum memories
K. Choi, A. Goban, S. Papp, S. van Enk, and H. Kimble

Friday 25th February, 2011

1. Pan Palittapongarnpim
An array of integrated atom–photon junctions
M. Kohnen, M. Succo, P. G. Petrov, R. A. Nyman, M. Trupke, & E. A. Hinds

2. Aimee Heinrichs
Highly Efficient State-Selective Submicrosecond Photoionization Detection of Single Atoms
F. Henkel, M. Krug, J. Hofmann, W. Rosenfeld, M. Weber, and H. Weinfurter
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.105.253001

Friday 18th February, 2011

1. Igor Tikhonov

2. Jose Gracia

Friday 11th February, 2011

1. Ryan Thomas
Entanglement of Light-Shift Compensated Atomic Spin Waves with Telecom Light
Y. O. Dudin, A. G. Radnaev, R. Zhao, J. Z. Blumoff, T. A. B. Kennedy, and A. Kuzmich

2. Andrew MacRae
Bright Source of Spectrally Uncorrelated Polarization-Entangled Photons with Nearly Single-Mode Emission
P. G. Evans, R. S. Bennink, W. P. Grice, J. Schaake, and T. S. Humble

Friday 4th February, 2011

1. Erick Barrios
Iterative Entanglement Distillation: Approaching the Elimination of Decoherence
B. Hage, A. Samblowski, J. DiGuglielmo, J. Fiurášek, and R. Schnabel

2. Alex Lvovsky
Broadband waveguide quantum memory for entangled photons
E. Saglamyurek, N. Sinclair, J. Jin, J. A. Slater, D. Oblak, F. Bussières, M. George, R. Ricken, W. Sohler and W. Tittel
Quantum storage of photonic entanglement in a crystal
C. Clausen, I. Usmani, F. Bussières, N. Sangouard, M. Afzelius, H. de Riedmatten, and N. Gisin

Friday 28th January, 2011

1. Ranjeet Kumar
Probing the Negative Wigner Function of a Pulsed Single Photon Point by Point
K. Laiho, K. Cassemiro, D. Gross, and C. Silberhorn
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.105.253603

2. Connor Kupchak
Coherence Freeze in an Optical Lattice Investigated Via Pump-Probe Spectroscopy
S. Maneshi, C. Zhuang, C. Paul, L. Cruz, and A. Steinberg

Friday 21st January, 2011

1. Jose Garcia-Gracia
Permutationally Invariant Quantum Tomography
G. Tóth, W. Wieczorek, D. Gross, R. Krischek, C. Schwemmer, and H. Weinfurter

2. Paul Barclay
Optomechanically Induced Transparency
S. Weis, R. Rivière, S. Deléglise, E. Gavartin, O. Arcizet, A. Schliesser, and T. Kippenberg


Tuesday 14th December, 2010

1. Igor Tikhonov
Experimental EPR-steering using Bell-local states
D. Saunders, S. Jones, H. Wiseman, and G. Pryde

2. Ryan Thomas
Bose–Einstein condensation of photons in an optical microcavity
J. Klaers, J. Schmitt, F. Vewinger, M. Weitz

Tuesday 7th December, 2010

1. Andrew MacRae
Heralded single-photon absorption by a single atom
N. Piro, F. Rohde, C. Schuck, M. Almendros, J. Huwer, J. Ghosh, A. Haase, M. Hennrich, F. Dubin, and J. Eschner

2. Erick Barrios
Interesting Paper

Tuesday 30th November, 2010

1. Jose Gracia-Garcia
Feedback Cooling of a Single Neutral Atom
M. Koch1, C. Sames, Alexander Kubanek, M. Apel, M. Balbach, A. Ourjoumtsev, Pepijn W. Pinkse, and G. Rempe

2. Connor Kupchak
Squeezed-Light Optical Magnetometry
F. Wolfgramm, A. Cerè, F. Beduini, A. Predojević, M. Koschorreck, and M. Mitchell

Tuesday 23rd November, 2010

1. Ranjeet Kumar
Sub-Rayleigh Imaging via N-Photon Detection
F. Guerrieri, L. Maccone, F. Wong, J. Shapiro, S. Tisa, and F. Zappa
Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 163602

2. Alex Lvovsky
Hybrid Long-Distance Entanglement Distribution Protocol
J. Brask, I. Rigas, E. Polzik, U. Andersen, and A. Sørensen
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.105.160501

Tuesday 16th November, 2010

1. Ryan Thomas
Optical trapping of an ion
Ch. Schneider, M. Enderlein, T. Huber & T. Schaetz

2. Igor Tikhonov
Experimental Realization of Programmable Quantum Gate Array for Directly Probing Commutation Relations of Pauli Operators
X.-C. Yao, J. Fiurášek, H. Lu, W.-B. Gao, Y.-A. Chen, Z.-B. Chen, and J.-W. Pan

Tuesday 9th November, 2010

1. Connor Kupchak
Observation of Ground-State Quantum Beats in Atomic Spontaneous Emission
Chuck Norris, L. Orozco, P. Barberis-Blostein, and H. Carmichael
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.105.123602

2. Pantita Palittapongarnpim
Assessing the Polarization of a Quantum Field from Stokes Fluctuations
A. Klimov, G. Björk, J. Söderholm, L. Madsen, M. Lassen, U. Andersen, J. Heersink, R. Dong, Ch. Marquardt, G. Leuchs, and L. Sánchez-Soto

Tuesday 2nd November, 2010

1. Erick Barrios
Quantum Walks of Correlated Photons
A. Peruzzo, M. Lobino, J. Matthews, N. Matsuda, A. Politi, K. Poulios, X.-Q. Zhou, Y. Lahini, N. Ismail, K. Wörhoff, Y. Bromberg, Y. Silberberg, M. Thompson, J. OBrien
DOI: 10.1126/science.1193515

2. Aimee Heinrichs
Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Cesium Vapor with Probe Pulses on the Single-Photon Level
D. Höckel and O. Benson

Tuesday 26th October, 2010

1. Jose Garcia-Gracia
Efficient Sorting of Orbital Angular Momentum States of Light
G. Berkhout, M. Lavery, J Courtial, M. Beijersbergen, and M. Padgett

2. Andrew MacRae
Tunable Cavity Optomechanics with Ultracold Atoms
T. Purdy, D. Brooks, T. Botter, N. Brahms, Z.-Y. Ma, and D. Stamper-Kurn
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.105.133602

Tuesday 19th October, 2010

1. Ranjeet Kumar
Experimental Bound Entanglement in a Four-Photon State
J. Lavoie, R. Kaltenbaek, M. Piani, and K. Resch
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.105.130501

2. Alex Lvovsky
Observation of the Rabi Oscillation of Light Driven by an Atomic Spin Wave
L. Q. Chen, G.-W. Zhang, C.l. Bian, C.-H. Yuan, Z. Ou, and W. Zhang
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.105.133603

Tuesday 12th October, 2010

1. Ryan Thomas
A quantum memory with telecom-wavelength conversion
A. Radnaev, Y.O Dude, R. Zhao, H. Jen, S. Jenkins, A. Kuzmich, and T. Kennedy

2. Erick Barrios
Experimental verification of the commutation relation for Pauli spin operators using single-photon quantum interference
Yong-Su Kim, Hyang-Tag Lim, Young-Sik Ra, Yoo-Hoo Kim

Tuesday 5th October, 2010

1. Pantita Palittapongarnpim

2. Connor Kupcake
Experimental Optimal Cloning of Four-Dimensional Quantum States of Photons
E. Nagali, D. Giovannini, L. Marrucci, S. Slussarenko, E. Santamato, and F. Sciarrino

Tuesday 28th September, 2010

1. Pan Palittapongarnpim

2. Andrew MacRae
Time-resolved detection of relative intensity squeezed nanosecond pulses in a 87Rb vapor
Imad H. Agha, Christina Giarmatzi, Gaetan Messin, Philippe Grangier
arXiv:1009.3756v1 [quant-ph]

Tuesday 21st September, 2010

1. Jose Garcia
Quantum Correlations in Optical Angle–Orbital Angular Momentum Variables
J. Leach, B. Jack, J. Romero, A. Jha, A. Yao, S. Franke-Arnold, D. Ireland, R. Boyd, S. Barnett, M. Padgett
DOI: 10.1126/science.1190523

2. Alex Lvovsky
Correlated Multiphoton Holes: Absence of Multiphoton Coincidence Events
I. Afek, O. Ambar, Y. Silberberg
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.105.093603

Tuesday 14th September, 2010

1. Erick Barrios
Experimental demonstration of a hyper-entangled ten-qubit Schrödinger cat state
W.-B. Gao, C.-Y. Lu, X.-C. Yao, P. Xu, O. Gühne, A. Goebel, Y.-A. Chen, C.-Z. Peng, Z.-B. Chen, and J.-W. Pan

2. Ranjeet Kumar
Hacking commercial quantum cryptography systems by tailored bright illumination
L. Lydersen, C. Wiechers, C. Wittmann, D. Elser, J. Skaar, and V. Makarov

Tuesday 7th September, 2010

1. Pan Palittapongarnpim
Deterministic photon-photon √SWAPgate using a Λ system
K. Koshino, S. Ishizaka, and Y. Nakamura
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.82.010301

2. Andrew MacRae
Quantum Frequency Translation of Single-Photon States in a Photonic Crystal Fiber
H. McGuinness, M. Raymer, C. McKinstrie, and S. Radic

Tuesday 31st August, 2010

1. Connor Kupchak
High efficiency coherent optical memory with warm rubidium vapour
M. Hosseini, B.M. Sparkes, P.K. Lam, B.C. Buchler

2. Jose Garcia
Hiding Single Photons with Spread Spectrum Technology
C. Belthangady, C.-S. Chuu, I. Yu, G. Yin, J. Kahn, and S. Harris

Tuesday 17th August, 2010

1. Matthew Mitchell
Measurement of the Instantaneous Velocity of a Brownian Particle
T. Li, S. Kheifets, D. Medellin, M. Raizen
DOI: 10.1126/science.1189403

2. Alex Lvovsky

Friday 13th August, 2010

1. Erick Barrios
Remote Preparation of Single-Photon “Hybrid” Entangled and Vector-Polarization States
J. Barreiro, T.-C. Wei, and P. Kwiat

2. Simon Verret
no record

Tuesday 10th August, 2010

1. Ranjeet Kumar
Generation and Compression of Chirped Biphotons
S. Sensarn, G. Y. Yin, and S. E. Harris
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.104.253602

2. Pantita Palittapongarnpim
Arbitrarily Large Continuous-Variable Cluster States from a Single Quantum Nondemolition Gate
N. Menicucci, X. Ma, and T. Ralph

Tuesday 3rd August, 2010

1. Jose Gracia
Strongly Correlated Gases of Rydberg-Dressed Atoms: Quantum and Classical Dynamics
G. Pupillo, A. Micheli, M. Boninsegni, I. Lesanovsky, and P. Zoller

2. Matthew Mitchell
Generation of Large-Amplitude Coherent-State Superposition via Ancilla-Assisted Photon Subtraction
A. Daley, M. Boyd, J. Ye, and P. Zoller

Friday 2nd July, 2010

1. Neda Aminshariati
Ultrafast optical spin echo in a single quantum dot
D. Press, K. De Greve, P. McMahon, T. Ladd, B. Friess, C. Schneider, M. Kamp, S. Höfling, A. Forchel & Y. Yamamoto

2. Connor Kupchak
Efficient quantum memory for light
M. Hedges, J.J. Longdell, Y, Li, M. Sellars

Monday 28th June, 2010

1. Pierre Jobez
Closed time-like curves in measurement-based quantum computation
R. da Silva, E. Galvao, E. Kashefi
arXiv:1003.4971v1 [quant-ph]

Friday 25th June, 2010

1. Pantita Palittapongarnpim
Quantum Ghost Image Identification with Correlated Photon Pairs
M. Malik, H. Shin, M. O’Sullivan, P. Zerom, and R. Boyd

2. Michael Förtsch
Optical Interface Created by Laser-Cooled Atoms Trapped in the Evanescent Field Surrounding an Optical Nanofiber
E. Vetsch, D. Reitz, G. Sagué, R. Schmidt, S. Dawkins, and A. Rauschenbeutel

Tuesday 22nd June, 2010

1. Andrew MacRae
An entangled-light-emitting diode
C. L. Salter, R. M. Stevenson, I. Farrer, C. Nicoll, D. Ritchie, and A. Shields

2. Jose Gracia
Title: Electromagnetically induced transparency on a single artificial atom
A. A. Abdumalikov, Jr., O. Astafiev, A. M. Zagoskin, Yu. A. Pashkin, Y. Nakamura, J.-S. Tsai
arXiv:1004.2306v1 [quant-ph]

Friday 18th June, 2010

1. Matthew Mitchell
The quantum vacuum at the foundations of classical electrodynamics
G. Leuchs, A. S. Villar, L. L. Sanchez-Soto
arXiv:1005.0131v2 [quant-ph]

2. Ranjeet Kumar
Engineering quantum operations on traveling light beams by multiple photon addition and subtraction
Jaromír Fiurášek
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.80.053822

Tuesday 15th June, 2010

1. Simon Verret
Experimental free-space quantum teleportation
X.-M. Jin, J.-G. Ren, B. Yang, Z.-H. Yi, F. Zhou, X.-F. Xu, S.-K. Wang, D. Yang, Y.-F. Hu, S. Jiang, T. Yang, H. Yin, K. Chen, C.-Z. Peng, and J-W. Pan

Tuesday 8th June, 2010

1. Connor Kupchak
Electromagnetically induced transparency with single atoms in a cavity
M. Mücke, E. Figueroa, J. Bochmann,C. Hahn, K. Murr, S. Ritter, C. Villas-Boas, and G. Rempe

2. Alex Lvovsky
Polzik's Research on Collective Spins ... Part 1
E. Polzik

Friday 4th June, 2010

1. Erick Barrios
High-NOON States by Mixing Quantum and Classical Light
I. Afek, O. Ambar, Y. Silberberg

2. Pierre Jobez
Quantum interface between frequency-uncorrelated down-converted entanglement and atomic-ensemble quantum memory
X.-M. Jin, J. Yang, H. Zhang, H.-N. Dai, S.-J. Yang, T.-M. Zhao, J. Rui, Yu He, X. Jiang, Fan Yang, G.-S. Pan, Z.-S. Yuan, Y. Deng, Z.-B. Chen, X.-H. Bao, B. Zhao, S. Chen, J.-W. Pan
arXiv:1004.4691v1 [quant-ph]

Tuesday 18th May, 2010

1. Neda Aminshariati
Demonstration of Coherent-State Discrimination Using a Displacement-Controlled Photon-Number-Resolving Detector
C. Wittmann, U. Andersen, M. Takeoka, D. Sych, and G. Leuchs

2. Michael Förtsch
Optical entanglement of co-propagating modes
J. Janousek, K. Wagner, J.-F. Morizur, N. Treps, P.-K. Lam, C. Harb, and H-A. Bachor

Tuesday 27th April, 2010

1. Ranjeet Kumar

2. Andrew MacRae
Quantum Noise Limited and Entanglement-Assisted Magnetometry
W. Wasilewski, K. Jensen, H. Krauter, J. J. Renema, M. V. Balabas, and E. S. Polzik

Tuesday 20th April, 2010

1. Connor Kupchak
Generation of optical Schrödinger cat states by number-resolved photon subtraction from squeezed vacuum
T. Gerrits, S. Glancy, T. Clement, B. Calkins, A. Lita, A. Miller, A. Migdall, S. Nam, R. Mirin, E. Knill
arXiv:1004.2727v1 [quant-ph]

2. Jose Gracia
Classical Bound for Mach-Zehnder Superresolution
I. Afek, O. Ambar, and Y. Silberberg

Tuesday 13th April, 2010

1. Eric Barrios
Experimental realization of sub-shot-noise quantum imaging
G. Brida, M. Genovese, and I. R. Berchera

2. Alex Lvovsky
Experimental quantum-enhanced estimation of a lossy phase shift
M. Kacprowicz, R. Demkowicz-Dobrzański, W. Wasilewski, K. Banaszek, and I. Walmsley

Tuesday 6th April, 2010

1. Pierre Jobez
Entanglement of Two Individual Neutral Atoms Using Rydberg Blockade
T. Wilk, A. Gaëtan, C. Evellin, J. Wolters, Y. Miroshnychenko, P. Grangier, and A. Browaeys
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.104.010502

2. Michael Fürtsch

Tuesday 30th March, 2010

1. Pantita Palittapongarnpim
Ultraviolet enhancement cavity for ultrafast nonlinear optics and high-rate multiphoton entanglement experiments
R. Krischek, W. Wieczorek, A. Ozawa, N. Kiesel, P. Michelberger, T. Udem, and H. Weinfurter

2. Andrew MacRae
Demonstration of a Neutral Atom Controlled-NOT Quantum Gate
L. Isenhower, E. Urban, X. L. Zhang, A. Gill, T. Henage, T. Johnson, T. Walker, and M. Saffman
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.104.010503

Tuesday 23rd March, 2010

1. Alex Lvovsky
A highly efficient single-photon source based on a quantum dot in a photonic nanowire
J. Claudon, J. Bleuse, N. Malik, M. Bazin, P. Jaffrennou, N. Gregersen, C. Sauvan, P. Lalanne & J.-M. Gérard

2. Geoff Campbell
Experimental Feedback Control of Quantum Systems Using Weak Measurements
G. G. Gillett, R. B. Dalton, B. P. Lanyon, M. P. Almeida, M. Barbieri, G. Pryde, J. O’Brien, K. Resch, S. Bartlett, and A. G. White

Tuesday 16th March, 2010

1. Ranjeet Kumar
Phonon Laser Action in a Tunable Two-Level System
I. Grudinin, H. Lee, O. Painter, and . Vahala

2. Connor Kupchak
Towards high-speed optical quantum memories
K. Reim, J. Nunn, V. Lorenz, B. Sussman, K. Lee, N. Langford, D. Jaksch, and I. Walmsley

Saturday 6th March, 2010

1. Pierre Jobez
Entanglement of Two Individual Neutral Atoms Using Rydberg Blockade
T. Wilk, A. Gaëtan, C. Evellin, J. Wolters, Y. Miroshnychenko, P. Grangier, and A. Browaeys
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.104.010502

2. Michael Fürtsch
Entanglement of Two Individual Neutral Atoms Using Rydberg Blockade
T. Wilk, A. Gaëtan, C. Evellin, J. Wolters, Y. Miroshnychenko, P. Grangier, and A. Browaeys
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.104.010502

Tuesday 23rd February, 2010

1. Geoff Campbell
Classical Signature of Ponderomotive Squeezing in a Suspended Mirror Resonator
F. Marino, F. Cataliotti, A. Farsi, Mario, Luigi, M. Cumis, and F. Marin

2. Andrew MacRae
A precision measurement of the gravitational redshift by the interference of matter waves
H. Müller, A. Peters and S. Chu

Tuesday 16th February, 2010

1. Connor Kupchak

2. Alex Lvovsky

Tuesday 9th February, 2010

1. Pantita Palittapongarnpim
Manipulation of Nonclassical Atomic Spin States
T. Takano, S-I-R. Tanaka, R. Namiki, and Y. Takahashi

2. Ranjeet Kumar
Direct Measurement of the Spatial-Spectral Structure of Waveguided Parametric Down-Conversion
P. Mosley, A. Christ, A. Eckstein, and C. Silberhorn

Tuesday 2nd February, 2010

1. Eric Barrios
Discrete Tunable Color Entanglement
S. Ramelow, L. Ratschbacher, A. Fedrizzi, N. Langford, and A. Zeilinger

2. Neda Aminshariati
Photon-by-photon feedback control of a single-atom trajectory
A. Kubanek, M. Koch, C. Sames, A. Ourjoumtsev, P. Pinkse, K. Murr, and G. Rempe

Tuesday 26th January, 2010

1. Andrew MacRae
Coherent excitation of Rydberg atoms in micrometre-sized atomic vapour cells
H. Kübler, J. Shaffer, T. Baluktsian, R. Löw, and T. Pfau

2. Geoff Campbell
Precision spectral manipulation of optical pulses using a coherent photon echo memory
B. C. Buchler, M. Hosseini, G. Hétet, B. M. Sparkes, P. K. Lam
arXiv:1001.3889v1 [quant-ph]

Tuesday 19th January, 2010

1. Connor Kupchak
Creation of Long-Term Coherent Optical Memory via Controlled Nonlinear Interactions in Bose-Einstein Condensates
Rui Zhang, Sean R. Garner, and Lene Vestergaard Hau

2. Alex Lvovsky
Microwave Control of Atomic Motion in Optical Lattices
L. Förster, M. Karski, J.-M. Choi, A. Steffen, W. Alt, D. Meschede, A. Widera, E. Montano, J. Lee, W. Rakreungdet, and P. Jessen


Wednesday 9th December, 2009

1. Ranjeet Kumar
Frequency Bin Entangled Photons
L. Olislager, J. Cussey, A.T. Nguyen, Ph. Emplit, S. Massar, J.-M. Merolla, K. Phan Huy
arXiv:0910.1325v1 [quant-ph]

2. Alex Lvovsky
Optical interface created by laser-cooled atoms trapped in the evanescent field surrounding an optical nanofiber
E. Vetsch, D. Reitz, G. Sagué, R. Schmidt, S. T. Dawkins, A. Rauschenbeutel
arXiv:0912.1179v1 [quant-ph]

Wednesday 2nd December, 2009

1. Connor Kupchak
Implementation of Cavity Squeezing of a Collective Atomic Spin
Ian D. Leroux, Monika H. Schleier-Smith, Vladan Vuletić
arXiv:0911.4065 [quant-ph]
Squeezing the Collective Spin of a Dilute Atomic Ensemble by Cavity Feedback
Monika H. Schleier-Smith, Ian D. Leroux, Vladan Vuletić
arXiv:0911.3936 [quant-ph]

2. Andrew MacRae
Optimal quantum cloning of orbital angular momentum photon qubits through Hong–Ou–Mandel coalescence
E. Nagali, L. Sansoni, F. Sciarrino, F. De Martini, L. Marrucci, B. Piccirillo, E. Karimi, and E. Santamato

Wednesday 25th November, 2009

1. Ranjeet Kumar
Shor's quantum factoring algorithm on a photonic chip
Alberto Politi, Jonathan C. F. Matthews, Jeremy L. O'Brien
arXiv:0911.1242v1 [quant-ph]

2. Atti Hendricks
OAM photonics Paper

Wednesday 18th November, 2009

1. Eric Barrios
Experimental Test of Fidelity Limits in Six-Photon Interferometry and of Rotational Invariance Properties of the Photonic Six-Qubit Entanglement Singlet State
Magnus Rådmark, Marek Żukowski, and Mohamed Bourennane
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.103.150501

2. Pantita Palittapongarnpim
Three-Color Entanglement
A. S. Coelho, F. A. S. Barbosa, K. N. Cassemiro, A. S. Villar, M. Martinelli, P. Nussenzveig

2. Pantita Palittapongarnpim
Three-Color Entanglement
A. S. Coelho, F. A. S. Barbosa, K. N. Cassemiro, A. S. Villar, M. Martinelli, P. Nussenzveig

Friday 13th November, 2009

1. Alex Lvovsky
Non-Gaussian entanglement distillation for continuous variables
H. Takahashi, J. Neergaard-Nielsen, M. Takeuchi, M. Takeoka, K. Hayasaka, A. Furusawa, M. Sasaki
arXiv:0907.2159 [quant-ph]

Thursday 29th October, 2009

1. Andrew MacRae
Entropy Exchange in a Mixture of Ultracold Atoms
J. Catani, G. Barontini, G. Lamporesi, F. Rabatti, G. Thalhammer, F. Minardi, S. Stringari, and M. Inguscio

Thursday 29th October, 2009

1. Connor Kupchak
Demonstration of atomic frequency comb memory for light with spin-wave storage.
Mikael Afzelius, Imam Usmani, Atia Amari, Björn Lauritzen, Andreas Walther, Christoph Simon, Nicolas Sangouard, Jiří Minář, Hugues de Riedmatten, Nicolas Gisin, Stefan Kröll
arXiv:0908.2309v1 [quant-ph]

2. Connor Kupchak
Demonstration of atomic frequency comb memory for light with spin-wave storage.
Mikael Afzelius, Imam Usmani, Atia Amari, Björn Lauritzen, Andreas Walther, Christoph Simon, Nicolas Sangouard, Jiří Minář, Hugues de Riedmatten, Nicolas Gisin, Stefan Kröll
arXiv:0908.2309v1 [quant-ph]

Wednesday 21st October, 2009

1. Ranjeet Kumar
Experimental Demonstration of the Bosonic Commutation Relation via Superpositions of Quantum Operations on Thermal Light Fields
A. Zavatta, V. Parigi, M. S. Kim, H. Jeong, and M. Bellini

2. Ati Hendricks
General Lecture of Entanglement of Orbital Angular Momentum
A. Hendricks

Wednesday 14th October, 2009

1. Nitin Jain
Interference of dissimilar photon sources
A. J. Bennett, R. B. Patel, C. A. Nicoll, D. A. Ritchie & A. J. Shields

2. Pantita Palittapongarnpim
Ultralow-Power Four-Wave Mixing with Rb in a Hollow-Core Photonic Band-Gap Fiber
P. Londero, V. Venkataraman, A. Bhagwat, A. Slepkov, and A. Gaeta

Wednesday 7th October, 2009

1. Eric Barrios
Quantum-inspired interferometry with chirped laser pulses
R. Kaltenbaek, J. Lavoie, D. N. Biggerstaff & K. J. Resch

2. Alex Lvovsky
Entanglement of two individual atoms using the Rydberg blockade
G. Y. Xiang, T. C. Ralph, A. P. Lund, N. Walk, G. J. Pryde
arXiv:0907.3638v1 [quant-ph]

Wednesday 30th September, 2009

1. Roohollah Ghobadi
Strong Coupling of a Mechanical Oscillator and a Single Atom
K. Hammerer, M. Wallquist, C. Genes, M. Ludwig, F. Marquardt, P. Treutlein, P. Zoller, J. Ye,and H. J. Kimble

2. Connor Kupchak
Heralded Single-Magnon Quantum Memory for Photon Polarization States
H. Tanji, S. Ghosh, J. Simon, B. Bloom, and V. Vuletić

Friday 25th September, 2009

1. Andrew MacRae
Entanglement of a Photon and an Optical Lattice Spin Wave
Y.O. Dude, S. Jenkins, R. Zhao, D. Matsukevich, A. Kuzmich, and T. Kennedy

Friday 18th September, 2009

1. Alex Lvovsky
Coherent optical pulse sequencer for quantum applications
M. Hosseini, B. Sparkes, G. Hetet, J. Longdell, P.K. Lam & . Buchler

2. Connor Kupchak
Quantum memory of a squeezed vacuum for arbitrary frequency sidebands
M. Arikawa, K. Honda, D. Akamatsu, S. Nagatsuka, A. Furusawa, M. Kozuma
arXiv:0905.2816v1 [quant-ph]

Friday 11th September, 2009

1. Nitin Jain
Perfect quantumness and quantum-noise-free measurements
C. Gehrke, W. Vogel
arXiv:0904.3390v1 [quant-ph]

Thursday 3rd September, 2009

1. Andrew MacRae
Efficient optical quantum state engineering
K. McCusker and P. Kwiat

Thursday 20th August, 2009

1. Alex Lvovsky
Synthesizing arbitrary quantum states in a superconducting resonator
M. Hofheinz, H. Wang, M. Ansmann, R. Bialczak, E. Lucero, M. Neeley, A. O'Connell, D. Sank, J. Wenner, J. Martinis, and A. Cleland
Generation of Fock states in a superconducting quantum circuit
M. Hofheinz, E. Weig, M. Ansmann, R. Bialczak, E. Lucero, M. Neeley, A. O'Connell, H. Wang, J. Martinis, and A. Cleland

Tuesday 7th July, 2009

1. Connor Kupchak
Low-Noise Amplification of a Continuous-Variable Quantum State
R. Poser, A. Marino, V. Boyer, K. Jones, and P. D. Lett
Rage and Fear

Tuesday 30th June, 2009

1. Andrew MacRae
Phase shift of a weak coherent beam induced by a single atom
S. Aljunid, M. Tey, B. Chng, T. Liew, G. Maslennikov, V. Scarani, C. Kurtsiefer

2. Mirko Lobino

Tuesday 23rd June, 2009

1. Lucia Duca
Entangled mechanical oscillators
J. Jost, J. Home, J. Amini, D. Hanneke, R. Ozeri, C. Langer, J. Bollinger, D. Leibfried, and D. Wineland

2. Alex Lvovsky
Bridging Particle and Wave Sensitivity in a Configurable Detector of Positive Operator-Valued Measures
G. Puentes, J. Lundeen, M. Branderhorst, H. Coldenstrodt-Ronge, B. Smith, and I. Walmsley

Tuesday 16th June, 2009

1. Nitin Jain
Shaping the Phase of a Single Photon
H. P. Specht, J. Bochmann, M. Muecke, B. Weber, E. Figueroa, D. L. Moehring, G. Rempe

2. Erwan Bimbard
Experimental Quantum Teleportation and Multi-Photon Entanglement via Interfering Narrowband Photon Sources
Jian Yang, Xiao-Hui Bao, Han Zhang, Cheng-Zhi Peng, Zeng-Bing Chen, Jian-Wei Pan

Tuesday 2nd June, 2009

1. Connor Kupchak
Suspension of Atoms Using Optical Pulses, and Application to Gravimetry
K. J. Hughes, J. H. T. Burke, and C. A. Sackett

2. Mirko Lobino

Tuesday 19th May, 2009

1. Andrew MacRae
Complementary Media Invisibility Cloak that Cloaks Objects at a Distance Outside the Cloaking Shell
Y. Lai, H. Chen, Z.-Q. Zhang, and C. T. Chan

2. Lucia Duca
Efficient all-optical switching using slow light within a hollow fiber
M. Bajcsy, S. Hofferberth, V. Balic, T. Peyronel, M. Hafezi, A.S. Zibrov, V. Vuletic, M.D. Lukin

Tuesday 12th May, 2009

1. Erwan Bimbard
Preparation of non-local superpositions of quasi-classical light states
A. Ourjoumtsev, F. Ferreyrol, R. Tualle-Brouri & Philippe Grangier

2. Alex Lvovsky
Tapered optical fibers as tools for probing magneto-optical trap characteristics
M.J. Morrissey, K. Deasy, Y. Wu, S. Chakrabarti, S. Nic Chormaic

Tuesday 5th May, 2009

1. Nitin Jain
Continuous Variable Entanglement and Squeezing of Orbital Angular Momentum States
M. Lassen, G. Leuchs, and U. L. Andersen

2. Connor Kupchak
Experimental Quantum Process Discrimination
A. Laing, T. Rudolph, and J. O'Brien

Tuesday 28th April, 2009

1. Andrew MacRae
Observation of ultralong-range Rydberg molecules
V. Bendkowsky, B. Butscher, J. Nipper, J. Shaffer, R. Löw and T. Pfau

2. Lucia Duca
Complete quantum control of a single quantum dot spin using ultrafast optical pulses
D. Press, T. Ladd, B. Zhang and Y. Yamamoto

Tuesday 21st April, 2009

1. Alex Lvovsky
Observation of Rydberg blockade between two atoms
E. Urban, T. A. Johnson, T. Henage, L. Isenhower, D. D. Yavuz, T. G. Walker & M. Saffman
Observation of collective excitation of two individual atoms in the Rydberg blockade regime
A. Gaëtan, Y. Miroshnychenko, T. Wilk, A. Chotia, M.Viteau, D. Comparat, P. Pillet, A. Browaeys, and P. Grangier

2. Erwan Bimbard
Odd- and Even-Order Dispersion Cancellation in Quantum Interferometry
O. Minaeva, C. Bonato, B. Saleh, D. Simon, and A. Sergienko

Tuesday 14th April, 2009

1. Mirko Lobino
Electromagnetically Induced Transparency and Light Storage in an Atomic Mott Insulator
U. Schnorrberger, J. D. Thompson, S. Trotzky, R. Pugatch, N. Davidson, S. Kuhr, I. Bloch

2. Connor Kupchak
All-Optical-Fiber Polarization Based Quantum Logic Gate
A. Clark, J. Fulconis, J. Rarity, W. Wadsworth, and J. O'Brien

Tuesday 31st March, 2009

1. Geoff Campbell
Broad-band spectral control of single photon sources using a nonlinear photonic crystal cavity
M. McCutcheon, D. Chang, Y. Zhang, M. Lukin, M. Loncar

2. Anna Ordog
All Optical Waveguiding in a Coherent Atomic Rubidium Vapor
P. Vudyasetu, D. Starling, and J. Howell

Tuesday 24th March, 2009

1. Andrew MacRae
Vacuum squeezing via polarization self-rotation and excess noise in hot Rb vapors
E. Mikhailov, A. Lezama, T. Noel, I. Novikova

Tuesday 24th March, 2009

1. Andrew MacRae
Vacuum squeezing via polarization self-rotation and excess noise in hot Rb vapors
E. Mikhailov, A. Lezama, T. Noel, I. Novikova

Tuesday 17th March, 2009

1. Nitin Jain
Tomography of quantum detectors
J. Lundeen, A. Feito, H. Coldenstrodt-Ronge, K. Pregnell, Ch. Silberhorn, T. Ralph, J. Eisert, M. B. Plenio, and I. Walmsley

2. Alex Lvovsky
Nondispersin Bohr Wave Packets
H. Maeda, J. Gurian, and T. Gallagher

Tuesday 10th March, 2009

1. Erwan Bimbard
Scheme for Proving the Bosonic Commutation Relation Using Single-Photon Interference
M. S. Kim, H. Jeong, A. Zavatta, V. Parigi, and M. Bellini

2. Connor Kupchak
Process Tomography of Field Damping and Measurement of Fock State Lifetimes by Quantum Nondemolition Photon Counting in a Cavity
M. Brune, J. Bernu, C. Guerlin,1 S. Deléglise, C. Sayrin, S. Gleyzes, S. Kuhr, I. Dotsenko, J. M. Raimond, and S. Haroche

Tuesday 3rd March, 2009

1. Mirko Lobino
Long-Lived Quantum Memory
R. Zhao, Y. O. Dudin, S. D. Jenkins, C. J. Campbell, D. N. Matsukevich, T. A. B. Kennedy & A. Kuzmich

2. Relaxing Break

2. Geoff Campbell
Electromagnetically induced spatial light modulation
L. Zhao, T. Wang, S. F. Yelin

Friday 27th February, 2009

1. Anna Ordog
Experimental Joint Weak Measurement on a Photon Pair as a Probe of Hardy's Paradox
J. S. Lundeen and A. M. Steinberg

2. Lucia Duca
Realization of the Quantum Toffoli Gate with Trapped Ions
T. Monz, K. Kim, W. Hänsel,1 M. Riebe,1A. Villar, P. Schindler, M. Chwalla, M. Hennrich, and R. Blatt

Tuesday 17th February, 2009

1. Nitin Jain
Generation and Direct Detection of Broadband Mesoscopic Polarization-Squeezed Vacuum
T. S. Iskhakov, M. V. Chekhova and G. Leuchs

2. Andrew MacRae
Quantum Teleportation Between Distant Matter Qubits
S. Olmschenk, D. N. Matsukevich, P. Maunz, D. Hayes, L.-M. Duan, C. Monroe
DOI: 10.1126/science.1167209

Tuesday 10th February, 2009

1. Connor Kupchak
An Entanglement Filter
Ryo Okamoto, Jeremy L. O'Brien, Holger F. Hofmann, Tomohisa Nagata, Keiji Sasaki, Shigeki Takeuchi

2. Alex Lvovsky
Nearest-Neighbor Detection of Atoms in a 1D Optical Lattice by Fluorescence Imaging
M. Karski, L. Förster, J. M. Choi, W. Alt, A. Widera, D. Meschede

Tuesday 3rd February, 2009

1. Mirko Lobino
Controlled Light-Matter Coupling for a Single Quantum Dot Embedded in a Pillar Microcavity Using Far-Field Optical Lithography
A. Dousse, L. Lanco, J. Suffczyński, E. Semenova, A. Miard, A. Lemaître, I. Sagnes, C. Roblin, J. Bloch, and P. Senellart

2. Geoff Campbell
Elimination of the Diffraction of Arbitrary Images Imprinted on Slow Light
O. Firstenberg, M. Shuker, N. Davidson, and A. Ron

Tuesday 27th January, 2009

1. Andrew MacRae
Quantum Teleportation Between Distant Matter Qubits
S. Olmschenk, D. N. Matsukevich, P. Maunz, D. Hayes, L.-M. Duan, C. Monroe
DOI: 10.1126/science.1167209

2. Anna Ordog
Slow light of an amplitude modulated Gaussian pulse in electromagnetically induced transparency medium
Wu. Tang, B. Luo, Y. Liu, H. Guo

Tuesday 20th January, 2009

1. Nitin Jain
Experimental continuous-variable cloning of partial quantum information
M. Sabuncu, G. Leuchs, and U. Andersen


Friday 5th December, 2008

1. Mirko Lobino
Photon-Photon Entanglement with a Single Trapped Atom
B. Weber, H. P. Specht, T. Mueller, J. Bochmann, M. Muecke, D. L. Moehring, G. Rempe

2. Connor Kupchak
Generation of Large-Amplitude Coherent-State Superposition via Ancilla-Assisted Photon Subtraction
H. Takahashi, K. Wakui, S. Suzuki, M. Takeoka, K. Hayasaka, A. Furusawa, and M. Sasaki

Friday 28th November, 2008

1. Simon Huisman
Quantum-inspired interferometry with chirped laser pulses
R. Kaltenbaek, J. Lavoie, D. N. Biggerstaff & K. J. Resch

2. Geoff Campbell
Mesoscopic Rydberg Gate based on Electromagnetically Induced Transparency
M. Müller, I. Lesanovsky, H. Weimer, H. P. Büchler, P. Zoller

Friday 21st November, 2008

1. Chris Healey
Violation of local realism with freedom of choice
T. Scheidl, R. Ursin, J. Kofler, S. Ramelow, X.-S. Ma, T. Herbst, L. Ratschbacher, A. Fedrizzi, N. Langford, T. Jennewein, A. Zeilinger

2. Alex Lvovsky
Quantum Computing with Alkaline-Earth-Metal Atoms
A. Daley, M. Boyd, J. Ye, and P. Zoller

Friday 14th November, 2008

1. Anna Ordog
Evidence of lasing without inversion in a hot rubidium vapor under electromagnetically-induced-transparency conditions
H. Wu, M. Xiao, and J. Gea-Banacloche

2. Andrew MacRae
Evidence of lasing without inversion in a hot rubidium vapor under electromagnetically-induced-transparency conditions
H. Wu, M. Xiao, and J. Gea-Banacloche

2. Andrew MacRae
Can one see entanglement?
N. Brunner, C. Branciard, N. Gisin
arXiv:0802.0472v2 [quant-ph]

Friday 7th November, 2008

1. Connor Kupchak
Generation of Narrow-Band Polarization-Entangled Photon Pairs for Atomic Quantum Memories
X.-H. Bao, Y. Qian, J. Yang, H. Zhang, Z.-B. Chen, T. Yang, J.-W. Pan

2. Nitin Jain
Freezing Coherent Growth in a Cavity by the Quantum Zeno Effect
Bernu, J.; Deléglise, S.; Sayrin, C.; Kuhr, S.; Dotsenko, I Brune, M. Raimond, J. M.; Haroche, S.
PRL 101, 180402 (2008)

Friday 31st October, 2008

1. Geoff Campbell
Multi-Mode Quantum Memory based on Atomic Frequency Combs
M. Afzelius, C. Simon, H. de Riedmatten, N. Gisin

2. Mirko Lobino
Observation of Intracavity Electromagnetically Induced Transparency and Polariton Resonances in a Doppler-Broadened Medium
H. Wu, J. Gea-Banacloche, and M. Xiao

Friday 24th October, 2008

1. Simon Huisman
Universal Optimal Transmission of Light Through Disordered Materials
I. M. Vellekoop and A. P. Mosk

2. Andrew MacRae
Nanoscale magnetic sensing with an individual electronic spin in diamond
J. R. Maze, P. L. Stanwix, J. S. Hodges, S. Hong, J. M. Taylor, P. Cappellaro, L. Jiang, M. Gurudev Dutt, E. Togan, A. Zibrov, A. Yacoby, R. Walsworth, M. Lukin

Friday 17th October, 2008

1. Anna Ordog
Refractive Index Enhancement with Vanishing Absorption in an Atomic Vapor
N. A. Proite, B. E. Unks, J. T. Green, and D. D. Yavuz

2. Alex Lvovsky
Enhanced Sensitivity of Photodetection via Quantum Illumination
Seth Lloyd
DOI: 10.1126/science.1160627


Friday 10th October, 2008

1. Connor Kupchak
Joint Temporal Density Measurements for Two-Photon State Characterization
O. Kuzucu, F. Wong, S. Kurimura, and S. Tovstonog

2. Nitin Jain
Optical frequency metrology
Th. Udem, R. Holzwarth and T. W. Hänsch

Friday 3rd October, 2008

1. Chris Healey
Experimental Realization of an Optical One-Way Barrier for Neutral Atoms
F. Brennecke, S. Ritter, T. Donner, T. Esslinger

2. Geoff Campbell
Cavity Opto-Mechanics with a Bose-Einstein Condensate
F. Brennecke, S. Ritter, T. Donner and T. Esslinger

Friday 12th September, 2008

1. Andrew MacRae
Quantum Memory with Optically Trapped Atoms
C.-S. Chuu, T. Strassel, B. Zhao, M. Koch, Y.-A. Chen, S. Chen, Z.-S. Yuan, J. Schmiedmayer, and J.-W. Pan

2. Mirko Lobino
Memory-built-in quantum teleportation with photonic and atomic qubits
Y.-A. Chen, S. Chen, Z.-S. Yuan, B. Zhao, C.-S. Chuu, J. Schmiedmayer and J.-W. Pan

Monday 18th August, 2008

1. Geoff Campbell
Resonance beating of light stored using atomic spinor polaritons
L. Karpa, F. Vewinger, M. Weitz

2. Chris Healey
Electro-Optic Modulation of Single Photons
P. Kolchin, C. Belthangady, S. Du, G.Y. Yin, S.E. Harris

Monday 11th August, 2008

1. Alex Lvovsky
Electro-Optic Quantum Memory for Light Using Two-Level Atoms
G. Hétet, J.J. Longdell, A. Alexander, P. K. Lam and M. J. Sellars

2. Connor Kupchak
Delayed-choice test of complementarity with single photons
V. Jacques, E. Wu, F. Grosshans, F. Treussart, P. Grangier, A. Aspect, J. Roch
arXiv:0801.0979v1 [quant-ph]

Monday 7th July, 2008

1. Nitin Jain
Quantum interferometry using coherent beam stimulated parametric down-conversion
A. Kolkiran and G. S. Agarwal

2. Geoff Campbell
Noncritically Squeezed Light via Spontaneous Rotational Symmetry Breaking
C. Navarrete–Benlloch, E. Roldán, and G. J. de Valcárcel

Monday 30th June, 2008

1. Dmitry Korystov
Fast Excitation and Photon Emission of a Single-Atom-Cavity System
J. Bochmann, M. Muecke, G. Langfahl-Klabes, C. Erbel, B. Weber, H. P. Specht, D. L. Moehring, G. Rempe

2. Andrew MacRae
Photon echoes generated by reversing magnetic field gradients in a rubidium vapour
G. Hétet, M. Hosseini, B. Sparkes, D. Oblak, P. K. Lam, B. C. Buchler

Monday 23rd June, 2008

1. Connor Kupchak
Schrödinger Cat: Entanglement test in a Micro-Macroscopic system
F. De Martini, F. Sciarrino, C. Vitelli

2. Alex Lvovsky
Compact Source of Entangled Images and Squeezed Light Using Four-Wave Mixing in Rubidium Vapor
R. Pooser, A. Marino, V. Boyer, P. Lett

Monday 26th May, 2008

1. Connor Kupchak
Observation of Intracavity Electromagnetically Induced Transparency and Polariton Resonances in a Doppler-Broadened Medium
H. Wu, J. Gea-Banacloche, and M. Xiao

Monday 12th May, 2008

1. Andrew MacRae
Generation of Spatially Broadband Twin Beams for Quantum Imaging
V. Boyer, A. M. Marino, and P. D. Lett

2. Peter MacRae
Quantum Interface for Nanomechanics and Atomic Ensembles
K. Hammerer, M. Aspelmeyer, E.S. Polzik, P. Zoller

Monday 28th April, 2008

1. Eden Figueroa
Nonlinear spectroscopy of photons bound to one atom
I. Schuster, A. Kubanek, A. Fuhrmanek, T. Puppe, P. Pinkse, K. Murr, and G. Rempe

2. Alex Lvovsky
Strong dispersive coupling of a high-finesse cavity to a micromechanical membrane
J. Thompson, B. Zwickl, A. Jayich, F. Marquardt, S. Girvin, and J. Harris

Monday 14th April, 2008

1. Mirko Lobino
Quantum Register Based on Individual Electronic and Nuclear Spin Qubits in Diamond
M. V. Gurudev Dutt, L. Childress, L. Jiang, E. Togan, J. Maze,F. Jelezko, A. Zibrov, P. Hemmer, M. Lukin
DOI: 10.1126/science.1139831

Monday 14th April, 2008

1. Mirko Lobino
Quantum Register Based on Individual Electronic and Nuclear Spin Qubits in Diamond
M. V. Gurudev Dutt, L. Childress, L. Jiang, E. Togan, J. Maze,F. Jelezko, A. Zibrov, P. Hemmer, M. Lukin
DOI: 10.1126/science.1139831

2. Sun-Hyun Youn
Preservation of Energy-Time Entanglement in a Slow Light Medium
Curtis J. Broadbent, Ryan M. Camacho, Ran Xin, and John C. Howell

Monday 7th April, 2008

1. Dmitry Korystov
Delay of Squeezing and Entanglement using Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in a Vapour Cell
G. Hétet, B. C. Buchler, O. Glöckl, M. T. L. Hsu, A. M. Akulshin, H. -A. Bachor, P. K. Lam

2. Sergey Moiseev
Julio T. Barreiro, Tzu-Chieh Wei, Paul G. Kwiat
J. Barreiro, T. Wei, P. Kwiat

Monday 31st March, 2008

1. Katanya Kuntz
Manipulating Biphotonic Qutrits
B. P. Lanyon, T. J. Weinhold, N. K. Langford, J. L. O'Brien, K. J. Resch, A. Gilchrist, and A. G. White

2. Andrew MacRae
Macroscopic Test of the Aharonov-Bohm Effect
A. Caprez, B. Barwick, and H. Batelaan

Monday 24th March, 2008

1. Geoff Campbell
Large Cross-phase Modulation Based on Double EIT in a Four-level Tripod Atomic System
S. Li, X. Yang, X. Cao, C. Zhang, C. Xie, H. Wang

2. Connor Kupchak
Measurement of the ac Stark shift with a guided matter-wave interferometer
B. Deissler, K. Hughes, J. Burke, and C. Sackett

Monday 17th March, 2008

1. Katanya Kuntz
Determination of the Newtonian Gravitational Constant Using Atom Interferometry
G. Lamporesi,A. Bertoldi,L. Cacciapuoti, M. Prevedelli, and G. Tino

2. Peter Marzlin
Interference of Multimode Photon Echoes Generated in Spatially Separated Solid-State Atomic Ensembles
M. U. Staudt, M. Afzelius, H. de Riedmatten, S. Hastings-Simon, C. Simon, R. Ricken, H. Suche, W. Sohler, N. Gisin

2. Peter Marzlin
Interference of Multimode Photon Echoes Generated in Spatially Separated Solid-State Atomic Ensembles
M. U. Staudt, M. Afzelius, H. de Riedmatten, S. Hastings-Simon, C. Simon, R. Ricken, H. Suche, W. Sohler, N. Gisin

Monday 3rd March, 2008

1. Mirko Lobino
Observation of the Spin Hall Effect of Light via Weak Measurements
O. Hosten and P. Kwiat
DOI: 10.1126/science.1154149

Monday 25th February, 2008

1. Connor Kupchak
Delayed-choice test of complementarity with single photons
V. Jacques,E. Wu, F. Grosshans, F. Treussart, P. Grangier, A. Aspect, J. Roch

2. Alex Lvovsky
Electro-Optic Quantum Memory for Light Using Two-Level Atoms
G. Hétet, J. Longdell, A. Alexander, P. Lam, and M. Sellars
Photon Echoes Produced by Switching Electric Fields
A. Alexander, J. Longdell, M. Sellars, and N. Manson

Monday 11th February, 2008

1. Andrew MacRae
Non-Destructive Probing of Rabi Oscillations on the Cesium Clock Transition near the Standard Quantum Limit
P. J. Windpassinger, D. Oblak, P. G. Petrov, M. Kubasik, M. Saffman, C. L. Garrido Alzar, J. Appel, J. H. Mueller, N. Kjaergaard, E. S. Polzik
Inhomogeneous Light Shift Effects on Atomic Quantum State Evolution in Non-Destructive Measurements
P. Windpassinger, D. Oblak, U. Hoff, J. Appel, N. Kjaergaard, E. Polzik

2. Sergey Moiseev
Slow Light by Coherent Spectral Burning
Q. Xi, Y. Gao
Not yet Published

Monday 4th February, 2008

1. Nitin Jain
Paper X

2. Chris Healey
Memory-built-in quantum teleportation with photonic and atomic qubits
Y. Chen, S. Chen, Z. Yuan, B. Zhao, C. Chuu, J. Schmiedmayer, J. Pan

Monday 28th January, 2008

1. Dmitry Korystov
Mapping photonic entanglement into and out of a quantum memory
K. S. Choi, H. Deng, J. Laurat, H. J. Kimble

2. Sun-Hyun Youn
Generation of optical 'Schrödinger cats' from photon number states
A. Ourjoumtsev, H. Jeong, R. Tualle-Brouri, and P. Grangier

Monday 21st January, 2008

1. Geoff Campbell
Efficient Generation of Large Number-Path Entanglement Using Only Linear Optics and Feed-Forward
H. Cable and J. Dowling

2. Peter Marzlin
A double-slit 'which-way' experiment on the complementarity–uncertainty debate
R. Mir, J. Lundeen, M. Mitchell, A. Steinberg, J. Garretson, and H. Wiseman


Monday 17th December, 2007

1. Andrew MacRae
Ultraslow Propagation of Matched Pulses by Four-Wave Mixing in an Atomic Vapor
V. Boyer, C. McCormick, E. Arimondo, and P. D. Lett

Monday 17th December, 2007

1. Alex Lvovsky

Monday 10th December, 2007

1. Geoff Campbell
Electromagnetically induced transparency with a partially standing drive field
D. Strekalov, A. Matsko, and N. Yu

2. Eden Figueroa
Demonstration of a Stable Atom-Photon Entanglement Source for Quantum Repeaters
S. Chen, Y. Chen, B. Zhao, Z. Yuan, J Schmiedmayer, and J. Pan
Heralded Entanglement between Atomic Ensembles: Preparation, Decoherence, and ScalingHeralded Entanglement between Atomic Ensembles: Preparation, Decoherence, and Scaling
J. Laurat, K. S. Choi, H. Deng, C. W. Chou, and H. J. Kimble

2. Eden Figueroa
Demonstration of a Stable Atom-Photon Entanglement Source for Quantum Repeaters
S. Chen, Y. Chen, B. Zhao, Z. Yuan, J Schmiedmayer, and J. Pan
Heralded Entanglement between Atomic Ensembles: Preparation, Decoherence, and ScalingHeralded Entanglement between Atomic Ensembles: Preparation, Decoherence, and Scaling
J. Laurat, K. S. Choi, H. Deng, C. W. Chou, and H. J. Kimble

Monday 3rd December, 2007

1. Chris Healey
Two-dimensional transport and transfer of a single atomic qubit in optical tweezers
J. Beugnon, C. Tuchendler, H. Marion, A. Gaëtan, Y. Miroshnychenko, Y. Sortais, A. Lance, M. Jones, G. Messin, A. Browaeys, and P. Grangier

2. Artur Scherer
Classical World Arising out of Quantum Physics under the Restriction of Coarse-Grained Measurements
J. Kofler, and Č. Brukner

Monday 26th November, 2007

1. Dmitri Korystov
Storage and retrieval of nonclassical photon pairs and conditional single photons generated by parametric down-conversion process
K. Akiba, K. Kashiwagi, M. Arikawa, M. Kozuma

2. Javaid Anwar
Generating Optical Schrödinger Kittens for Quantum Information Processing
A. Ourjoumtsev, R. Tualle-Brouri, J. Laurat, P. Grangier
DOI: 10.1126/science.1122858

Monday 19th November, 2007

1. Mirko Lobino
Coherent quantum state storage and transfer between two phase qubits via a resonant cavity
M. Sillanpää, J. Park, and R. Simmonds

2. Nitin Jain
Experimental Quantum Cloning of Single Photons
A. Lamas-Linares, C. Simon, J. Howell, D Bouwmeester
DOI: 10.1126/science.1068972

Monday 5th November, 2007

1. An-Ning Zhang
Nonclassical Interference and Entanglement Generation Using a Photonic Crystal Fiber Pair Photon Source
J. Fulconis, O. Alibart, J. O'Brien, W. Wadsworth, and J. Rarity

2. Peter Marzlin
A single-photon transistor using nanoscale surface plasmons
D. Chang, A. Sørensen, E. Demler, and M. Lukin

Monday 29th October, 2007

1. Eden Figueroa
Single-photon bus connecting spin-wave quantum memories
J. Simon, Tanji, S. Ghosh, and V. Vuletic

2. Alex Lvovsky
Suggested Controlled Coupling of Counterpropagating Whispering-Gallery Modes by a Single Rayleigh Scatterer: A Classical Problem in a Quantum Optical Light
A. Mazzei, S. Götzinger, L. Menezes,G. Zumofen, O. Benson, and V. Sandoghdar

Monday 22nd October, 2007

1. Sun-Hyun Youn
Probing Quantum Commutation Rules by Addition and Subtraction of Single Photons to/from a Light Field
V. Parigi, A. Zavatta, M. Kim, M. Bellini
DOI: 10.1126/science.1146204

2. Geoff Campbell
Transients of the electromagnetically-induced-transparency-enhanced refractive Kerr nonlinearity
M. Pack, R. Camacho, J. C. Howell

Monday 15th October, 2007

1. Artur Scherer
Optical coherent state discrimination using a closed-loop quantum measurement
R. Cook, P. Martin, J. Geremia

2. Andrew MacRae
Cavity Nonlinear Optics at Low Photon Numbers from Collective Atomic Motion
S. Gupta, K. Moore, K. Murch, D. Stamper-Kurn

Monday 1st October, 2007

1. Mirko Lobino
Dipole Induced Transparency in Drop-Filter Cavity-Waveguide Systems
E. Waks and J. Vuckovic

2. Peter Marzlin
Coherent Optical Detection of Highly Excited Rydberg States Using Electromagnetically Induced Transparency
A. K. Mohapatra, T. Jackson, and C. Adams

Monday 24th September, 2007

1. Dmitry Korystov
Single photon source using laser pulses and two-photon absorption
B. C. Jacobs, T. B. Pittman, and J. D. Franson

2. Chris Healey
Beating the Standard Quantum Limit with Four-Entangled Photons
T. Nagata, R. Okamoto, J. O'Brien,K. Sasaki, S. Takeuchi
DOI: 10.1126/science.1138007

Monday 10th September, 2007

1. An-Ning Zhang
Tailoring two-photon interference with phase dispersion
R. Okamoto, S. Takeuchi, and K. Sasaki

2. Alex Lvovsky
Controlled exchange interaction between pairs of neutral atoms in an optical lattice
M Anderlini, P. Lee, B. Brown, J. Sebby-Strabley, W. Phillips & J. Porto

Monday 27th August, 2007

1. Andrew MacRae
Slow Light in Coupled-Resonator-Induced Transparency
K. Totsuka, N. Kobayashi, and M. Tomita

2. Yuishi Takeno
Tunable control of the frequency correlations of entangled photons
M. Hendrych, M. Micuda, and J. P. Torres
Optics Letters, Vol. 32, Issue 16, pp. 2339-2341

Monday 20th August, 2007

1. Mirko Lobino
Deterministic Loading of Individual Atoms to a High-Finesse Optical Cavity
K. Fortier, S. Kim, M. Gibbons, P. Ahmadi, and M. Chapman

2. Geoff Campbell
Experimental remote preparation of arbitrary photon polarization states
W. Liu, W. Wu, B. Ou, P. Chen, C. Li, and J. Yuan

Monday 13th August, 2007

1. Sun Hyun Youn
High Finesse Opto-Mechanical Cavity with a Movable Thirty-Micron-Size Mirror
D. Kleckner, W. Marshall, M. Dood, K. Dinyari, B.J. Pors, W. Irvine, D. Bouwmeester
Sub-Kelvin Optical Cooling of a Micromechanical Resonator
D. Kleckner, D. Bouwmeester

2. Dallas Hoffman
Detection Loophole in Asymmetric Bell Experiments
N. Brunner, N. Gisin, V. Scarani, and C. Simon

Monday 30th July, 2007

1. Dmitry Korystov
Tunable nanowire nonlinear optical probe
Y. Nakayama, P. Pauzauskie, A. Radenovic R. Onorato, R. Saykally, J. Liphardt and P. Yang

2. Eden Figueroa
Single-Atom Single-Photon Quantum Interface
T. Wilk, S. Webster, A. Kuhn, G. Rempe
DOI: 10.1126/science.1143835

Monday 23rd July, 2007

1. Mike Lozinski
Quantum Push-ups for Atomic Ensembles
F. Yu, L. Selkirk, and D. Geveaux

2. Andrew MacRae
Ultracompact optical buffers on a silicon chip
F. Xia, L. Sekaric, and Y. Vlasov

Monday 16th July, 2007

1. Anning Zhang
Demonstration of controlled-NOT quantum gates on a pair of superconducting quantum bits
J. H. Plantenberg, P. de Groot, C. Harmans, and J. E. Mooij

2. Alex Lvovsky
Optical negative-index metamaterials
V. Shalaev

Monday 9th July, 2007

1. Yuval Sanders
Polarization Squeezing by Optical Faraday Rotation
J. Sherson and K. Mølmer

2. Geoff Campbell
Fast and robust approach to long-distance quantum communication with atomic ensembles
L. Jiang, J. Taylor, and M. Lukin

Monday 25th June, 2007

1. Katanya Kuntz
Experimental Realization of Wheeler's Delayed-Choice Gedanken Experiment
V. Jacques, Wu, F. Grosshans, F. Treussart, P. Grangier, A. Aspect, J-F. Roch
DOI: 10.1126/science.1136303

2. Dmitry Korystov
Synchronized Independent Narrow-Band Single Photons and Efficient Generation of Photonic Entanglement
Z-S Yuan, Y-A Chen, S. Chen, B. Zhao, M. Koch,T. Strassel, Y. Zhao, G-J Zhu,J. Schmiedmayer, J-W Pan

Monday 18th June, 2007

1. Eden Figueroa
Measurement-induced entanglement for excitation stored in remote atomic ensembles
C. W. Chou, H. de Riedmatten, D. Felinto, S. Polyakov, S. van Enk, and H. J. Kimble

2. Christian Freier
Functional Quantum Nodes for Entanglement Distribution over Scalable Quantum Networks
C. W. Chou, H. de Riedmatten, D. Felinto, S. Polyakov, S. van Enk, and H. J. Kimble
DOI: 10.1126/science.1140300

Monday 28th May, 2007

1. Sun-Hyun Youn
Experimental Realization of Deutsche's Algorithm in a One-Way Quantum Computer
M Tame, R Prevedel, M Paternostro, P Böhi, M Kim, A Zeilinger

2. Eden Figueroa

Tuesday 22nd May, 2007

1. Jürgen Appel
Quantum Interference of Electromagnetic Fields from Remote Quantum Memories
T. Chanelière, D.Matsukevich, S. Jenkins, S. Lan, R. Zhao, T. Kennedy, and A. Kuzmich

2. Alex Lvovsky
Experimental Demonstration of Continuous Variable Cloning with Phase-Conjugate Inputs
M. Sabuncu, U. Andersen, and G. Leuchs

Monday 14th May, 2007

1. An-Ning Zhang
Optical Nondestructive Controlled-NOT Gate without Using Entangled Photons
X-H Bao, T-Y Chen, Q. Zhang, J. Yang, H. Zhang, T. Yang, and J-W Pan

2. Andrew MacRae
Impossibility of the Counterfactual Computation for All Possible Outcomes
L. Vaidman
Counterfactual quantum computation through quantum interrogation
O. Hosten, M. Rakher, J. Barreiro, N. Peters, and P. Kwiat

Monday 7th May, 2007

1. Karl-Peter Marzlin
Fidelity of an Optical Memory Based on Stimulated Photon Echoes
M. U. Staudt, S. R. Hastings-Simon, M. Nilsson, M. Afzelius, V. Scarani, R. Ricken, H. Suche, W. Sohler, W. Tittel, and N. Gisin

2. Sun-Hyun Youn
Increasing Entanglement between Gaussian States by Coherent Photon Subtraction
A. Ourjoumtsev, A. Dantan, R. Tualle-Brouri, and P. Grangier

Monday 30th April, 2007

1. Dmitry Korystov
Measuring Photon Antibunching from Continuous Variable Sideband Squeezing
N. Grosse,T. Symul,M. Stobińska,T. Ralph, and P.K. Lam

2. Karl-Peter Marzlin
Focusing Beyond the Diffraction Limit with Far-Field Time Reversal
G. Lerosey, J. de Rosny, A. Tourin, and M. Fink

Monday 9th April, 2007

1. Jérémie Choquette
Atom trap with surface plasmon and evanescent field
C. García-Segundo, H. Yan, M. S. Zhan

2. Alex Lvovsky
Quantum jumps of light recording the birth and death of a photon in a cavity
S. Gleyzes, S. Kuhr, C. Guerlin, J. Bernu, S. Deléglise, U. Hoff, M. Brune, J. Raimond, and S. Haroche

Monday 2nd April, 2007

1. Andrew MacRae
Source of triggered entangled photon pairs?
A Gilchrist, K. Resch, A. White
Nature 445 E4-E5. DOI:10.1038/nature05546
A semiconductor source of triggered entangled photon pairs
R.M. Stevenson, R.J. Young, P. Atkinson, K. Cooper, D. Ritchi, A Shields
Nature 439 179-182.

2. Eden Figueroa
Relative-intensity squeezing at audio frequencies using four-wave mixing in an atomic vapor
C. McCormick, A. Marino, V. Boyer, P. Lett
Strong relative intensity squeezing by four-wave mixing in rubidium vapor
C. McCormick, V. Boyer, E. Arimondo,P. D. Lett
Optics Letters, Vol. 32, Issue 2, pp. 178-180

Monday 26th March, 2007

1. Dmitry Korystov
Optimal control of light pulse storage and retrieval
I. Novikova, A. Gorshkov, D. Phillips, A. Sorensen, M. Lukin, R. Walsworth
arXiv quant-ph/0702266

2. An-Ning Zhang
Quantum Communication without Alignment using Multiple-Qubit Single-Photon States
L. Aolita, S. Walborn
Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 100501. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.98.100501

Monday 19th March, 2007

1. Jürgen Appel
Remote Preparation of an Atomic Quantum Memory
Wenjamin Rosenfeld, Stefan Berner, Jürgen Volz, Markus Weber, and Harald Weinfurter
PRL 98, 050504. DOI:10.1103/PhysRevLett.98.050504

2. Eden Figueroa
Coherent control of optical information with matter wave dynamics
N Ginsberg, S Garner, L Vestergaard Hau
Nature 445 Feb 2007 pg.623-6. DOI: 10.1038/nature05493

Monday 12th March, 2007

1. Peter Marzlin
Assessment of a quantum phase-gate operation based on nonlinear optics
S. Rebic, C. Ottaviani, G. Di Giuseppe, D. Vitali, and P. Tombesi
PRA 74, 032301. DOI:10.1103/PhysRevA.74.032301

2. Geoff Campbell
Electromagnetically induced transparency with broadband laser pulses
D. D. Yavuz
PRA 75, 031801(R). DOI:10.1103/PhysRevA.75.031801

Monday 5th March, 2007

1. Andrew MacRae
Minimum Uncertainty Measurements of Angle and Angular Momentum
Z. Hradil, J. Rehácek, Z. Bouchal, R. Celechovský, and L. L. Sánchez-Soto
PRL 97, 243601. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.97.243601

2. Chris Healey
Experimental Demonstration of Free-Space Decoy-State Quantum Key Distribution over 144 km
Tobias Schmitt-Manderbach, Henning Weier, Martin Fürst, Rupert Ursin, Felix Tiefenbacher, Thomas Scheidl, Josep Perdigues, Zoran Sodnik, Christian Kurtsiefer, John G. Rarity, Anton Zeilinger, and Harald Weinfurter
PRL 98, 010504. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.98.010504

Monday 26th February, 2007

1. Alex Lvovsky
Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in optically trapped rubidium atoms
B. Kaltenhäuser, H. Kübler, A. Chromik, J. Stuhler, T. Pfau, A. Imamoglu
arXiv quant-ph/0701049

2. Eden Figueroa
A Stern-Gerlach experiment for slow light
L. Karpa, M. Weitz
Nature Physics 2, 743 - 748. DOI:10.1038/nphys432

Monday 19th February, 2007

1. Jérémie Choquette
Surface Plasmons Modulate the Spatial Coherence of Light in Young's Interference Experiment
Choon How Gan, Greg Gbur, and Taco D. Visser
PRL 98, 043908

2. Sun-Hyun Youn
Multiparticle State Tomography: Hidden Differences
R. B. A. Adamson, L. K. Shalm, M. W. Mitchell, and A. M. Steinberg
PRL 98, 043601

Monday 22nd January, 2007

1. Sun Hyun Youn
Time-Bin-Modulated Biphotons from Cavity-Enhanced Down-Conversion
C. Kuklewicz, F. Wong, and J. Shapiro


Sunday 5th November, 2006

1. An-Ning Zhang
Nonclassical Interference and Entanglement Generation Using a Photonic Crystal Fiber Pair Photon Source
J. Fulconis, O. Alibart, J. O'Brien, W. Wadsworth, and J. Rarity

Monday 24th April, 2006

1. Georg Günter
Experimental determination of entanglement with a single measurement
S. P. Walborn, P.H. Ribeiro, L. Davidovich, F. Mintert and A. Buchleitner
Nature 440, 1022 (2006)

2. Peter Turner
The quantum Schur transform I: efficient qudit circuits
D. Bacon, I. L. Chuang and A. W. Harrow

Monday 10th April, 2006

1. Ali Resakhani
Direct Characterization of Quantum Dynamics
M. Mohseni, D.A. Lidar
quant-ph/0601033, quant-ph/0601034

2. Jon Walgate
Asymptotic quantum cloning is state estimation
Joonwoo Bae and Antonio Acin

Monday 3rd April, 2006

1. Mike Garrett
Cluster states in charge qubits based on coupled quantum dots
Tetsufumi Tanamoto, Shinobu Fujita, Xuedong Hu

2. Barry Sanders
Witnessing effective entanglement in a continuous variable prepare&measure setup and application to a QKD scheme using postselection
S. Lorenz, J. Rigas, M. Heid, U.L. Andersen, N. Lütkenhaus, G. Leuchs

Monday 20th March, 2006

1. Itzel Martinez
Generation of Bright Two-Color Continuous Variable Entanglement
A. S. Villar, L. S. Cruz, K. N. Cassemiro, M. Martinelli, and P. Nussenzveig
Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 243603 (2005)

2. David Feder
Counterfactual quantum computation through quantum interrogation
Onur Hosten, Matthew T. Rakher, Julio T. Barreiro, Nicholas A. Peters, Paul G. Kwiat
Nature 439, 949

Monday 6th March, 2006

1. Jürgen Appel
Generation of a superposition of odd photon number states for quantum information networks
J. S. Neergaard-Nielsen B. Melholt Nielsen, C. Hettich K. Moelmer, E. S. Polzik

2. René Stock
A fault-tolerant one-way quantum computer
R. Raussendorf, J. Harrington, K. Goyal

Monday 27th February, 2006

1. Sergey Babichev
Experimental reconstruction of photon statistics without photon counting
Guido Zambra, Alessandra Andreoni, Maria Bondani, Marco Gramegna, Marco Genovese, Giorgio Brida, Andrea Rossi, and Matteo G. A. Paris
Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 063602 (2005)

2. Andrew Scott
A quantum secret ballot
Shahar Dolev, Itamar Pitowsky, Boaz Tamir

Monday 13th February, 2006

1. Eden Figueroa
Observation of Entanglement of a Single Photon with a Trapped Atom
Jürgen Volz, Markus Weber, Daniel Schlenk, Wenjamin Rosenfeld, Johannes Vrana, Karen Saucke, Christian Kurtsiefer, and Harald Weinfurter
Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 030404 (2006)

2. Alex Lvovsky
Experimental Single Qubit Quantum Secret Sharing
Christian Schmid, Pavel Trojek, Mohamed Bourennane, Christian Kurtsiefer, Marek
Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 230505 (2005)

Monday 6th February, 2006

1. Alexis Morris
Realization of a Laughlin quasiparticle interferometer: Observation of fractional statistics
F. E. Camino, Wei Zhou, and V. J. Goldman
Phys. Rev. B 72, 075342 (2005)

2. Peter Marzlin
Robust implementations of quantum repeaters
Alexander Klein, Uwe Dorner, Carolina Moura Alves, and Dieter Jaksch
Phys. Rev. A 73, 012332 (2006)

Monday 30th January, 2006

1. Zeng-Bin Wang
Quantum control limited by quantum decoherence
Fei Xue, S. X. Yu, and C. P. Sun
Phys. Rev. A 73, 013403 (2006)

Monday 23rd January, 2006

1. Frank Vewinger
Electromagnetically induced transparency with tunable single-photon pulses p837
M. D. Eisaman, A. Andr , F. Massou, M. Fleischhauer, A. S. Zibrov and M. D. Lukin
Nature 438, 837 (2005)

2. Rick (Hongshao) Zhang
A new quantum lower bound method, with an application to strong direct product theorem for quantum search
A. Ambainis


Monday 12th December, 2005

1. Gina Howard
Practical limitations in optical entanglement purification
Peter P. Rohde, Timothy C. Ralph, William J. Munro

2. Mike Garrett
Parametric coupling for superconducting qubits
P. Bertet, C. J. P. M. Harmans, J. E. Mooij

Monday 5th December, 2005

1. Andrew Scott
Equiangular lines, mutually unbiased bases, and spin models
Chris Godsil, Aidan Roy

2. Mark Tame
A full quantum repeater using Dipole Induced Transparency
E. Waks and J. Vuckovic

Monday 28th November, 2005

1. David Hobill
Alice Falls into a Black Hole: Entanglement in Noninertial Frames
I. Fuentes-Schuller and R.B. Mann
Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 12040 (2005)

2. Alex Lvovsky
Demonstration of a Simple Entangling Optical Gate and Its Use in Bell-State Analysis
N. K. Langford, T. J. Weinhold, R. Prevedel, K. J. Resch, A. Gilchrist, J. L. O'Brien, G. J. Pryde, and A. G. White
Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 210504 (2005)

Monday 21st November, 2005

1. Georg Günter
Realization of Hardy's Thought Experiment with Photons
William T. M. Irvine, Juan F. Hodelin, Christoph Simon, and Dirk Bouwmeester
Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 030401 (2005)

2. Jeremie Choquette
Theory of Plasmon-Assisted Transmission of Entangled Photons
Esteban Moreno, F. J. Garcia-Vidal, Daniel Erni, J. Ignacio Cirac, and L. Martin-Moreno
Phys. Rev. Lett. 92, 236801 (2004)

Monday 14th November, 2005

1. Eden Figueroa
Stopped light with storage times greater than one second using electromagnetically induced transparency in a solid
J.J. Longdell, E. Fraval, M.J. Sellars and N.B. Manson
PRL 95, 063601 (2005)

2. Mehdi Mhalla
Two-setting Bell Inequalities for Graph States
Geza Toth, Otfried Guehne, Hans J. Briegel

Monday 7th November, 2005

1. Peter Turner
Optimal estimation of quantum observables
G. M. D'Ariano, V. Giovannetti, P. Perinotti

2. David Feder
Entanglement-assisted local transformations between inequivalent classes of three-particle entangled states
I. Ghiu, M. Bourennane, A. Karlsson

Monday 31st October, 2005

1. Sergey Babichev
Faithful qubit distribution assisted by one additional qubit against collective noise
T. Yamamoto, J. Shimamura, S. K. Ozdemir, M. Koashi,and N. Imoto
PRL 95, 040503 (2005)

2. Barry Sanders
A Bell Theorem Without Inequalities for Two Particles, Using Efficient Detectors
Daniel Greenberger, Michael Horne, Anton Zeilinger
A Bell Theorem Without Inequalities for Two Particles, Using Inefficient Detectors
Daniel Greenberger, Michael Horne, Anton Zeilinger

Monday 24th October, 2005

1. Jürgen Appel
Measurement-Induced Entanglement for Excitation Stored in Remote Atomic Ensembles
C. W. Chou, H. de Riedmatten, D. Felinto, S. V. Polyakov, S. J. van Enk, H. J. Kimble

2. Alexis Morris
Relations between Cloning and the Universal NOT Derived from Conservation Laws
S. J. van Enk
Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 010502 (2005)

Monday 3rd October, 2005

1. René Stock
Loss tolerant one-way quantum computation -- a horticultural approach
Michael Varnava, Daniel E. Browne, Terry Rudolph

2. Som Bandyopadhyay
General Monogamy Inequality for Bipartite Qubit Entanglement
Tobias J. Osborne, Frank Verstraete

Monday 26th September, 2005

1. Zeng-Bin Wang
Quantum Theory For Generation Of Nonclassical Photon Pairs By A Medium With Coherent Atomic Memory
Narek Sisakyan and Yuri Malakyan

2. Peter Marzlin
Enhancing the Capacity and Performance of Collective Atomic Quantum Memory
Tomas Opatrny and Jaromir Fiurasek
Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 053602 (2005)

Monday 19th September, 2005

1. Jon Walgate
All entangled states are useful for quantum information processing
Lluis Masanes

2. Iyad Mahmood
Coherent Inelastic Backscattering of Intense Laser Light by Cold Atoms
V. Shatokhin, C. A. MЭller, and A. Buchleitner
Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 043603 (2005)

Friday 9th September, 2005

1. Peter Brooke
Fault-Tolerant Quantum Dynamical Decoupling
K. Khodjasteh, D.A. Lidar

2. Frank Vewinger
A photonic quantum information interface
S. Tanzilli, W. Tittel, M. Halder, O. Alibart, P. Baldi, N. Gisin and H. Zbinden
Nature 437, 116 (2005)

Friday 29th April, 2005

1. David Feder
The Vortex Phase Qubit: Generating Arbitrary, Counter-Rotating, Coherent Superpositions in Bose-Einstein Condensates via Optical Angular Momentum Beams
K. Kapale and J. Dowling.

2. Alex Lvovsky
Normal-Mode Spectroscopy of a Single-Bound-Atom-Cavity System
P. Maunz, T. Puppe, I. Schuster, N. Syassen, P. W. H. Pinkse, and G. Rempe
Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 033002 (2005)

Friday 22nd April, 2005

1. Sergey Babichev
Generation of Entangled States of Qudits using Twin Photons
L. Neves, G. Lima, J. G. Aguirre Gomez, C. H. Monken, C. Saavedra, and S. Padua
Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 100501 (2005)

2. David Hobill
Towards efficient algorithm deciding separability of distributed quantum states
P. Badziag, P. Horodecki, P. Horodecki

Friday 15th April, 2005

1. Eden Figueroa
Multiphoton Path Entanglement by Nonlocal Bunching
H. S. Eisenberg, J. F. Hodelin, G. Khoury, and D. Bouwmeester
Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 090502 (2005)

2. Barry Sanders
Quantum computing with realistically noisy devices
E. Knill
Nature 434, 39 (2005)

Friday 8th April, 2005

1. Peter Høyer
A different kind of quantum search
Lov K. Grover

2. Jürgen Appel
Two-Photon Coincident-Frequency Entanglement via Extended Phase Matching
O. Kuzucu, M. Fiorentino, M. A. Albota, F. N. C. Wong, and F. X. KДrtner
Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 083601 (2005)

Friday 1st April, 2005

1. Andrew Scott
A simple formula for pooling knowledge about a quantum system
K. Jacobs

2. Mehdi Mhalla
A large family of quantum weak coin-flipping protocols
C. Mochon

Friday 18th March, 2005

1. Rob Thompson
Nonclassical imaging for a quantum search of trapped ions
G. S. Agarwal et al.
Phys. Rev. A 70, 063816

2. Peter Marzlin
Long-range interactions and entanglement of slow single-photon pulses
Inbal Friedler, David Petrosyan, Michael Fleischhauer, Gershon Kurizki

Friday 11th March, 2005

1. David Hobill
A geometric approach to quantum circuit lower bounds
Michael A. Nielsen

2. Barry Sanders
Experimental one-way quantum computing
P. Walther, K. J. Resch, T. Rudolph, E. Schenck, H. Weinfurter, V. Vedral, M. Aspelmeyer & A. Zeilinger
Nature 434, 169 (2005)

Friday 18th February, 2005

1. Som Bandyopadhyay
Macroscopic Thermodynamical Witnesses of Quantum Entanglement
C. Brukner and V. Vedral
quant-ph/ 0406040

2. Alexis Morris
Topologically-Protected Qubits from a Possible Non-Abelian Fractional Quantum Hall State
S. D. Sarma, M. Freedman, C. Nayak

Friday 11th February, 2005

1. Shohini Ghose
Graph State Preparation and Cluster Computation with Global Addressing of
A. Kay, J. K. Pachos and C. S. Adams

2. Jon Walgate
Entanglement and non-locality are different resources
Nicolas Brunner, Nicolas Gisin, Valerio Scarani

2. Sergey Moiseev
Slow Light by Coherent Spectral Burning
Q. Xi, Y. Gao
Not yet Published

Friday 4th February, 2005

1. Zeng-Bin Wang
Nearly Deterministic Linear Optical Controlled-NOT Gate
Kae Nemoto and W. J. Munro
Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 250502, 2004

2. Philipp Schneeweiß
Experimental Teleportation of a Quantum Controlled-NOT Gate
Y. F. Huang et al.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 240501 (2004)

Friday 28th January, 2005

1. Eden Figueroa
Shaping Quantum Pulses of Light Via Coherent Atomic Memory
M. D. Eisaman, L. Childress, A. André, F. Massou, A. S. Zibrov, and M. D. Lukin
Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 233602 (2004)

2. Alex Lvovsky
Optical Quantum Computation Using Cluster States
Michael A. Nielsen
Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 040503 (2004)

Friday 14th January, 2005

1. Sergey Babichev
Experimental purification of single qubits
M. Ricci et al.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 170501 (2004)

2. David Feder
Efficient generation of graph states for quantum computation
S. R. Clark, C. Moura Alves, and D. Jaksch
quant-ph/0406150, v2 (Dec. 11, 2004)

Friday 7th January, 2005

1. Jürgen Appel
Hyperpolarized Xenon Nuclear Spins Detected by Optical Atomic Magnetometry
V. V. Yashchuk et al.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 160801 (2004)

2. Peter Marzlin
Measurement of the total energy of an isolated system by an internal observer
S. Massar, S. Popescu


Friday 10th December, 2004

1. Som Bandyopadhyay
Almost Every Pure State of Three Qubits Is Completely Determined by Its Two-Particle Reduced Density Matrices
N. Linden, S. Popescu, and W. K. Wootters
Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 207901 (2002)

2. Alexis Morris
Fault tolerant quantum computing with spins using the conditional Faraday rotation
Michael N. Leuenberger

Friday 3rd December, 2004

1. Shohini Ghose
Single Atom Transistor in a 1D Optical Lattice
A. Micheli, A. J. Daley, D. Jaksch, and P. Zoller
PRL 93, 140408 (2004)

Friday 19th November, 2004

1. Andrew Scott
Secrecy content of two-qubit states
A. Acín, J. Bae, E. Bagan, M. Baig, Ll. Masanes, R. Muñoz-Tapia

2. Alex Lvovsky
Quantum State Transfer Between Matter and Light
D. N. Matsukevich and A. Kuzmich
Science 306, 663 (2004)

Thursday 11th November, 2004

1. Raisa Karasik
Unified Theory of Dynamically Suppressed Qubit Decoherence in Thermal Baths
A. G. Kofman and G. Kurizki
Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 130406 (2004)

2. Sergey Babichev
Realization of a Classically Distinguishable Multi-photon Quantum Superposition
Francesco De Martini, Fabio Sciarrino

Friday 5th November, 2004

1. Eden Figueroa
Determination of the Number of Atoms Trapped in an Optical Cavity
J. McKeever, J. R. Buck, A. D. Boozer, and H. J. Kimble
PRL 93, 143601 (2004)

2. Barry Sanders
Continuous generation of single photons with controlled waveform in an ion-trap cavity system
Matthias Keller, Birgit Lange, Kazuhiro Hayasaka, Wolfgang Lange, Herbert Walther
Nature 431, 1075 - 1078

Tuesday 26th October, 2004

1. Peter Marzlin
Nonlinear optics with stationary pulses of light
A. Andre, M. Bajcsy, A. S. Zibrov, M. D. Lukin

2. Jürgen Appel
Experimental demonstration of quantum memory for light
Brian Julsgaard, Jacob Sherson, J. Ignacio Cirac, Jaromir Fiurasek, Eugene S. Polzik

3. Jon Walgate
Quantum entanglement can be simulated without communication
N. J. Cerf, N. Gisin, S. Massar, S. Popescu

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