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Professor Sir Peter Knight
The Kavli Royal Society International Centre

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Professor Sir Peter Knight is Deputy Rector (Research) at Imperial College, London U.K., and is past Head of Imperial’s Department of Physics. He is a past President of the Optical Society of America and a past Chair of the European Physical Society’s Quantum Electronics and Optics Division, and has been Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK National Physical Laboratory. He is chair of the UK Government Defence Scientific Advisory Committee.

Professor Sir Peter Knight is renowned for research in quantum optics, strong field physics, and quantum information and is widely recognized for both his research and communication abilities and achievements, including having been a Parsons Memorial Lecturer in 1991 and Wood Memorial Lecturer in 1996, winner of the Thomas Young Medal and Prize in 1999 and joint winner of the Einstein Medal and Prize for Laser Science of the Society of Optical and Quantum Electronics and Eastman Kodak in 1996. He is the 2008 winner of the Optical Society of America’s Ives Medal and the 2009 Glazebrook Medal and Prize of the Institute of Physics.

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