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E-Prints on the arXiv


  1. M. Bagherimehrab, Y. R. Sanders, D. W. Berry, G. K. Brennen and B. C. Sanders, Nearly optimal quantum algorithm for generating the ground state of a free quantum field theory, arXiv.org:2110.05708, 12 October 2021.

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  4. A. Das, D.-J. Lee, P. K. Shandilya, S.-J. Kim, G.-M. Kang, D. P. Lake, B. Behera, D. D. Sukachev, I. Aharonovich, J.-H. Lee, J. Park and P. E. Barclay, Demonstration of hybrid high-Q hexagonal boron nitride microresonators, arXiv.org:2107.04173, 9 July 2021.

  5. 2020

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