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  1. M. Radpour, Low-noise amplifier and noise/distortion shaping beam former (PhD Thesis), 1 September 2023.

  2. P. Parsa, Nonlinear cavity optomechanics in diamond (MSc Thesis), 1 September 2023.

  3. J. Leahy, Quantum algorithms for memoryless search and perfect matching (MSc Thesis), 1 July 2023.

  4. J.-W. Ji, Novel approaches towards non-cryogenic quantum repeaters (PhD Thesis), 30 April 2023.

  5. N. S. P. Pathirannehelage, Molecular dynamics simulations of bulk nanobubbles: Investigation of factors important to their stability (MSc Thesis), 26 March 2023.

  6. G. Saxena, Manipulation of dynamical resources in quantum information theory (PhD Thesis), 14 March 2023.

  7. L. Barrios Herrera, Investigation of Ni-Ceria nanocatalysts: Improved computational methods towards hydrogen production in aquaprocessing of heavy oil (PhD Thesis), 28 February 2023.

  8. J. Smith, Toward realizing commercially viable MDI-QKD (MSc Thesis), 27 January 2023.

  9. X.-Y. Ma, Non-suspended optomechanical cavities (MSc Thesis), 2 January 2023.

  10. 2022

  11. S. N. Bonvicini, Formation and characterization of monometallic and bimetallic nanoparticles via thermal and pulsed laser dewetting (PhD Thesis), 31 December 2022.

  12. K. Sharman, Density functional theory studies of optically active defects in two-dimensional hexagonal boron nitride (MSc Thesis), 20 December 2022.

  13. S. Jimenez Villegas, Metal oxide-mediated transformations of small molecules for chemical synthesis and energy storage (MSc Thesis), 17 November 2022.

  14. S. Shafiei Alavijeh, Hole burning spectroscopy of Erbium-doped optical fibre for applications in quantum networks (MSc Thesis), 27 September 2022.

  15. X. Zhou, Improving water oxidation with iridium catalysts (PhD Thesis), 23 September 2022.

  16. M. Lai, 300-1500 MHz broadband LNA for the Canadian hydrogen observatory and radio-transient detector (MSc Thesis), 2 September 2022.

  17. J. M. Stevenson, Theoretical and experimental studies of the gas-phase decomposition chemistry of organosilicon compounds containing silicon-nitrogen bonds via hot-wire chemical vapor deposition (MSc Thesis), 31 August 2022.

  18. X. Tong, Defining the role of partially-covalent weak interactions in chemical reactions (PhD Thesis), 16 August 2022.

  19. O. Aligholamioskooee, Applying group theory to the study of a carbon trimer defect in hexagonal boron nitride (MSc Thesis), 30 June 2022.

  20. A. J. Barclay, Mid infrared investigation of van der Waals complexes of atmospheric molecules (water, CO, CO2, N2) (PhD Thesis), 2 June 2022.

  21. A. Sheldon, Cryogenic noise-parameter measurement and the design of cryo-CMOS circuits (PhD Thesis), 20 May 2022.

  22. M. Abarashi, Electronic properties of tailored 2D materials for chemical sensor applications (MSc Thesis), 8 April 2022.

  23. B. McLaughlin, Nonlinear optics in III-V photonic resonators (MSc Thesis), 31 January 2022.

  24. A. Das, Hybrid high Q hexagonal boron nitride microresonators (MSc Thesis), 31 January 2022.

  25. F. B. Zafar, Conic linear programming in quantum information (MSc Thesis), 31 January 2022.

  26. I. J. Geng, Examination of the constant trace value condition of a SIC-POVM and various majorization relations from games of chance (MSc Thesis), 28 January 2022.

  27. M. Bagherimehrab, Algorithmic quantum-state generation for simulating quantum field theories on a quantum computer (PhD Thesis), 24 January 2022.

  28. 2021

  29. P.-C. Liao, Graph representation of topological stabilizer states (MSc Thesis), 31 December 2021.

  30. P. Lefebvre, From bipartite to multipartite entanglement (PhD Thesis), 6 December 2021.

  31. Y. Zhan, Quantum walks on arc-transitive graphs with self-loops (MSc Thesis), 27 October 2021.

  32. K. A. Owen, Towards MDI QKD using quantum dot single photon sources (MSc Thesis), 27 October 2021.

  33. P. Wakwella, Spectroscopic investigation of isomers of the CO2-CO dimer in the 4.27 micron region (MSc Thesis), 30 September 2021.

  34. Y.-J. Xiong, Spectrally multimode photon pair source (MSc Thesis), 13 September 2021.

  35. P. Zarkeshian, Photonic approaches to multi-party entanglement in solids and learning in the brain (PhD Thesis), 31 August 2021.

  36. S. C. Wein, Modelling Markovian light-matter interactions for quantum optical devices in the solid state (PhD Thesis), 31 March 2021.

  37. M. Mousaei, Mapping ligand binding sites in hERG1 channel with biomolecular simulations (MSc Thesis), 1 March 2021.

  38. 2020

  39. H. Kaviani, Cavity optomechanics for nonlinear coupling and torsional sensing (PhD Thesis), 22 December 2020.

  40. S. Krishna, Machine learning assisted quantum state tomography (MSc Thesis), 30 November 2020.

  41. F. Kimiaee Asadi, Long-distance quantum communication with single solid-state spins (PhD Thesis), 30 September 2020.

  42. K. Sengupta, Dynamical Bell nonlocality (MSc Thesis), 12 September 2020.

  43. Y.-F. Wu, Near-term quantum repeaters (MSc Thesis), 31 August 2020.

  44. A. J. Fulton, Nanostructured silicon for lithium ion batteries: From porous silicon to silicon nanowires (PhD Thesis), 28 August 2020.

  45. S. Kumar, Photonic aspects of networks: from long-distance quantum networks to the brain (PhD Thesis), 1 August 2020.

  46. D. P. Lake, Multimode-optomechanics, spin-optomechanics, and nonlinear optics in photonic devices (PhD Thesis), 31 January 2020.

  47. H. Qureshi, Variable beam-splitter Reflectivity estimation for interferometry (MSc Thesis), 14 January 2020.

  48. 2019

  49. P. Umesh, Measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution for metropolitan network (MSc Thesis), 13 December 2019.

  50. A. Tashchilina, Two-mode squeezing in a cold atomic ensemble (PhD Thesis), 30 November 2019.

  51. M. J. Mitchell, Coherent cavity optomechanics in wide-band gap materials (PhD Thesis), 1 November 2019.

  52. Y.-D. Wu, Verifiable relativistic quantum communication (PhD Thesis), 1 November 2019.

  53. A. C. Cameron, Quantum phase characterization via entanglement scaling in fermionic quantum wires (MSc Thesis), 9 October 2019.

  54. E. Ampong, Decomposition of hexamethyldisilazane on hot metal filaments and its gas-phase chemistry in a hot-wire chemical vapor deposition reactor (MSc Thesis), 4 September 2019.

  55. M. Habibidavijani, Continuous-variable ramp quantum secret sharing with Gaussian states and operations (MSc Thesis), 30 April 2019.

  56. E. A. Vialykh, Functions of natural multicomponent organic mixtures as emergent properties influenced by environmental conatminants (PhD Thesis), 12 March 2019.

  57. J.-W. Ji, The Hubbard model for universal quantum computation (MSc Thesis), 25 January 2019.

  58. P. Palittapongarnpim, Evolutionary algorithm for adaptive quantum-channel control (PhD Thesis), 23 January 2019.

  59. 2018

  60. J. K. Fanning, Novel electrostatic mechanisms controlling the conformational switching of L-plastin (MSc Thesis), 1 December 2018.

  61. N. Dicaire, Quantum resource theories of non-projectiveness (MSc Thesis), 30 September 2018.

  62. J. Davidson, Storing quantum correlations in different rare earth ion-doped solids. A tale of two memories (MSc Thesis), 31 May 2018.

  63. M. Komeili, Quantum walk on two-dimensional torus and grid (MSc Thesis), 28 May 2018.

  64. T. Masuda, Fiber-taper collected photoluminescence characterization of diamond microdisks (MSc Thesis), 1 May 2018.

  65. R. Dong, Systematic study of parameters affecting unconventional magnetism in gold nanostructures (PhD Thesis), 31 March 2018.

  66. P. Anderson, Synthesis and thermodynamics of tapered optical nanofibers (MSc Thesis), 28 February 2018.

  67. S. Jalnapurkar, Measuring decay rate of spontaneous emission from an ensemble of cold atoms by homodyne detection (MSc Thesis), 28 February 2018.

  68. R. Valivarthi, Bell state measurements for quantum communication (PhD Thesis), 1 January 2018.

  69. 2017

  70. M. L. Grimau Puigibert, Towards a real-world quantum repeater (PhD Thesis), 31 December 2017.

  71. T. Lutz, Engineered impurity-doped materials for quantum information and processing applications - nano-structures and disordered materials (PhD Thesis), 1 December 2017.

  72. E. Owusu-Ansah, Applications of nanosecond pulsed lasers: Electronic transitions of atomic Si to dewetting of Pt and Ag metal thin films (PhD Thesis), 1 October 2017.

  73. M. W. Girard, Convex analysis in quantum information (PhD Thesis), 31 July 2017.

  74. H. W. H. Lau, Nonlinear dynamics of mathematical models and proposed implementations in ultracold atoms (PhD Thesis), 14 July 2017.

  75. K. Wm. Hall, Interweaving computational chemistry and visualization:
Explorations into molecular processes, simulation analysis, and visualization design (PhD Thesis), 31 May 2017.

  76. D. Biswal, Probing molecular mechanisms of self-assembly in metal-organic frameworks: A MD simulation study (PhD Thesis), 31 March 2017.

  77. C. Deshmukh, Towards non-destructive detection of photonic qubits using a rare-earth-ion doped crystal (MSc Thesis), 22 February 2017.

  78. A. J. Marenco, Origins of unconventional magnetism in coinage metal nanomaterials (PhD Thesis), 1 February 2017.

  79. T. Hrushevskyi, Quantum gas apparatus for Bose-Einstein condensation of 87Rb (MSc Thesis), 23 January 2017. UofA.

  80. M. R. Amin, Sensing applications of nanomechanical resonators (MSc Thesis), 1 January 2017. UofA.

  81. B. Khanaliloo, Optomechanical crystals in single crystal diamond (PhD Thesis), 1 January 2017.

  82. 2016

  83. A. Tretiakov, Versatile apparatus for ultracold atomic hybrid systems (MSc Thesis), 8 December 2016.

  84. C. Potts, Integrated devices for on-chip quantum optics (MSc Thesis), 1 December 2016.

  85. J. Wood, Silicon dangling bond chains (MSc Thesis), 21 November 2016.

  86. M. Wu, Nanophotonic optomechanical devices for torque magnetometry (PhD Thesis), 1 November 2016.

  87. A. Goswami, Analysis of a deterministic entangled photon pair source using single photons (MSc Thesis), 1 September 2016.

  88. A. Poostindouz, Fine-grained quantum uncertainty relations (MSc Thesis), 1 September 2016.

  89. M. Khazali, Applications of atomic ensembles for photonic quantum information processing and fundamental tests of quantum physics (PhD Thesis), 1 September 2016.

  90. F. Yang, Far-field linear optical superresolution via heterodyne detection in a higher-order local oscillator mode (MSc Thesis), 1 August 2016.

  91. I. Seidu, Excited-state studies with the constricted Variational Density Functional Theory (CV-DFT) method (PhD Thesis), 1 April 2016.

  92. N. Sinclair, Optical quantum memory and signal processing using a rare-earth-ion-doped waveguide (PhD Thesis), 1 April 2016.

  93. L. Seify, Evaporative cooling in electromagnetic radio frequency traps (MSc Thesis), 1 February 2016.

  94. F. Mivehvar, Cavity-induced synthetic gauge potentials (PhD Thesis), 1 January 2016.

  95. 2015

  96. D. Chang, Experiments towards the realization of a nanofiber guided dipole trap (MSc Thesis), 22 December 2015.

  97. I. Dhand, Multi-photon multi-channel interferometry for quantum information processing (PhD Thesis), 10 December 2015.

  98. A. Mohandesi, Molecular-dynamics simulations of ice growth from the vapour phase: demonstration of proof of principle (PhD Thesis), 1 October 2015.

  99. H. Dittmar, Utilizing conjugate thermal fields to drive ordering processes in molecular dynamics simulations (PhD Thesis), 1 September 2015.

  100. D.-S. Wang, Algorithmic quantum channel simulation (PhD Thesis), 1 September 2015.

  101. H. M. Alotaibi, Double double electromagnetically induced transparency (PhD Thesis), 1 September 2015.

  102. N. S. Babcock, Nonadiabatic control for quantum information processing and biological electron transfer (PhD Thesis), 1 April 2015.

  103. M. Y. Koopaee, Infrared spectroscopy of CS2 and C2D2 binary and ternary complexes (MSc Thesis), 1 March 2015.

  104. J. George, Infrared spectroscopy of C6D6− Rgn (n= 1, 2) (MSc Thesis), 1 January 2015.

  105. H. Mallahzadeh, Cavity-enhanced waveguide quantum memory (MSc Thesis), 1 January 2015.

  106. 2014

  107. I. Badran, Hot wire chemical vapor deposition chemistry and kinetics of new precursors in the gas phase and on the wire surface (PhD Thesis), 1 December 2014.

  108. M. Rezaei, High-resolution pulsed slit jet spectrometer with QCL and OPO probes for infrared spectroscopy on van der Waals clusters (PhD Thesis), 1 October 2014.

  109. T. Wang, Macroscopic quantum effects based on Kerr nonlinearities (MSc Thesis), 1 September 2014.

  110. A. S. Prasad, Complete temporal characterization of single photons (MSc Thesis), 1 September 2014.

  111. J. Emara, Thermolysis route for accessing amorphous metal sulfide thin-film catalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction (MSc Thesis), 1 September 2014.

  112. A. Chandra, Tapered optical nanofiber for light-atom interfacing (MSc Thesis), 1 August 2014.

  113. I. Lucio-Martinez, Real world quantum cryptography (PhD Thesis), 1 August 2014.

  114. J. Jin, Photonic entanglement for a quantum repeater (PhD Thesis), 1 July 2014.

  115. K. Almutairi, On optical self-phase modulation via collective atomic excitation in a Bose-Einstein condensate (MSc Thesis), 1 July 2014.

  116. T. Brannan, Engineering atomic and optical quantum states using four-wave mixing (MSc Thesis), 1 May 2014.

  117. Z. Shaterzadeh-Yazdi, Coherence of coupled dangling-bond pairs on the silicon surface (PhD Thesis), 1 April 2014.

  118. T. Friesen, Probing trapped antihydrogen: in situ diagnostics and observations of quantum transitions (PhD Thesis), 1 February 2014.

  119. A. G. D'Souza, Quantum computation and many body physics (PhD Thesis), 1 January 2014.

  120. S. Sheybani-Deloui, Observation of a planar isomer of the N2O – (C2H2)2 trimer (MSc Thesis), 1 January 2014.

  121. 2013

  122. R. Zhang, Multiscale simulation of mRNA synthesis by RNA polymerase II (PhD Thesis), 1 December 2013.

  123. B. Lavoie, Slow light in metamaterial waveguides (PhD Thesis), 1 December 2013.

  124. H. R. Zhekova, Density functional theory studies on the active site of the multicopper oxidases (PhD Thesis), 1 December 2013.

  125. R. Ghobadi, Towards macroscopic quantum effects using optomechanical and optical systems (PhD Thesis), 1 November 2013.

  126. R. Toukabri, Gas-phase Chemistry on methyl-substituted silanes in hot-wire chemical vapor depositon (PhD Thesis), 1 August 2013.

  127. J. Norooz Oliaee, High-resolution infrared spectroscopy of van der Waals clusters of nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and OCS-R complexes (PhD Thesis), 1 May 2013.

  128. K. Heshami, Toward practical solid-state based quantum memories (PhD Thesis), 1 May 2013.

  129. J. A. Slater, Quantum correlations for fundamental tests and quantum communication (PhD Thesis), 1 May 2013.

  130. C. Kupchak, Complete characterization of quantum optical processes with a focus on quantum memory (PhD Thesis), 1 April 2013.

  131. B. Toloui, Quantifying the Asymmetry properties of quantum mechanical systems using entanglement monotones (PhD Thesis), 1 March 2013.

  132. T. Stuart, Probing the completeness of quantum theory with entangled photons (MSc Thesis), 1 January 2013.

  133. E. Saglamyurek, Broadband waveguide quantum memory for quantum communication (PhD Thesis), 1 January 2013.

  134. M. S. Underwood, Quantum walk schemes for universal quantum computation (PhD Thesis), 1 January 2013.

  135. 2012

  136. H. Kaviani, Quantum storage and retrieval of light by sweeping the atomic frequency (MSc Thesis), 1 December 2012.

  137. M. Adcock, Continuous-variable quantum computation of Oracle decision problems (PhD Thesis), 1 December 2012.

  138. M. Ebrahimi Kahou, Spatial search via non-linear quantum walk (MSc Thesis), 1 December 2012.

  139. R. Thomas, Observation and characterization of electromagnetically induced transparency using evanescent fields (MSc Thesis), 1 September 2012.

  140. P. Palittapongarnpim, Characterization of magneto-optical trap for experiments in light-atom interfacing (MSc Thesis), 1 September 2012.

  141. R. H. Choi, Entanglement sharing protocol via quantum error correcting code (MSc Thesis), 1 September 2012.

  142. R. Kumar, Process tomography of photon creation and annihilation operators (MSc Thesis), 19 July 2012.

  143. M. Skotiniotis, Rate of alignment and communication using quantum systems in the absence of a shared frame of reference (PhD Thesis), Published by University of Calgary, 29 June 2012.

  144. A. MacRae, An atomic source of quantum light (PhD Thesis), 1 June 2012.

  145. J. Rashid, Limits and consequences of nonlocality distillation (PhD Thesis), 24 April 2012. (nominated by the Department of Computer Science for the Governor General's Gold Medal and Chancellor's Graduate Medal Competition 2012).

  146. J. J. Choquette, Superradiance and quantum electrodynamics in the presence of surface plasmons (PhD Thesis), 1 January 2012.

  147. 2011

  148. Y. R. Sanders, Resource theories in quantum information (MSc Thesis), 1 November 2011.

  149. A. Rubenok, Quantum Key Distribution with Temporal Mode Encoding (MSc Thesis), 1 September 2011.

  150. S. Raeisi, Why it is hard to see Schrödinger’s cat: micro-macro entanglement under coarse-grained measurements (MSc Thesis), 1 August 2011.

  151. N. Wiebe, Quantum computer simulations of time-dependent Hamiltonians (PhD Thesis), Published by University of Calgary, 1 March 2011.

  152. 2010

  153. N. Sinclair, Broadband Quantum Interface using a Thulium-doped Waveguide (MSc Thesis), 2 September 2010.

  154. 2009

  155. P. Chan, Low-density parity-check codes for quantum key distribution (MSc Thesis), 12 November 2009.

  156. A. Delfan, Photon echo quantum memory and state transformation (MSc Thesis), 12 November 2009.

  157. R. B. Howard, Entanglement swapping with imperfect sources and detectors (MSc Thesis), Published by University of Calgary, 2 November 2009.

  158. N. Jain, Quantum optical state engineering at the few-photon level (MSc Thesis), Published by University of Calgary, 14 October 2009.

  159. J. A. Slater, Photon pair technologies for quantum communication (MSc Thesis), 16 January 2009. Supervisor: Prof. Wolfgang Tittel.

  160. 2008

  161. A. MacRae, Double Electromagnetically Induced Transparency with Application to Nonlinear Optics at Low Light Levels (MSc Thesis), Published by University of Calgary, 15 August 2008. PDF.

  162. I. Lucio-Martinez, Telecommunication Components for Fast Quantum Key Distribution (MSc Thesis), 12 May 2008.

  163. 2007

  164. M. Skotiniotis, A Fully Epistemic Hidden Variable Model for Emulating Quantum Dynamics (MSc Thesis), 21 September 2007. University of Calgary. Supervisor: Barry C. Sanders.

  165. T. Friesen, One-way Quantum Computing in Optical Lattices with Many Atom Addressing (MSc Thesis), 25 July 2007, arXiv.org:0707.3821. University of Calgary. Supervisor: David Feder.

  166. Z. Shaterzadeh-Yazdi, Characterization of Multipartite Squeezed States by SU(1,1) Symmetry (MSc Thesis), 8 May 2007. University of Calgary. Supervisor: Prof. Barry C. Sanders.

  167. 2005

  168. G. Gutoski, Short Quantum Games (MSc Thesis), 3 November 2005, arXiv.org:cs/0511017. University of Calgary. Supervisor: John Watrous.

  169. K. Luttmer, The Complexity of Separability Testing (MSc Thesis), 1 August 2005. University of Calgary. Supervisor: John Watrous.

  170. 2004

  171. R. Cannings, On the security of the BB84 quantum key distribution (MSc Thesis), 1 April 2004. University of Calgary. Supervisors: Richard Cleve and Renate Scheidler..

  172. G. Ahokas, Improved algorithms for approximate quantum Fourier transforms and sparse Hamiltonian simulations (MSc Thesis), 1 April 2004. Supervisor: Richard Cleve.

  173. M. Adcock, The classical and quantum complexity of the Goldreich-Levin problem with applications to bit commitment (MSc Thesis), 1 April 2004. Supervisor: Richard Cleve.

  174. H. Gerhardt, Continuous-time quantum walks on the symmetric group (MSc Thesis), 1 January 2004. University of Calgary. Supervisor: John Watrous.

  175. J. N. de Beaudrap, Applying Quantum Information to Fingerprinting Schemes and Algebraic Structures (MSc Thesis), 1 January 2004. University of Calgary. Supervisor: Richard Cleve.

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