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Quantum Readers Club Description
The goal of the Quantum Information Physics Readers Club is to keep everyone aware of the newest developments in the field.

The "rules of the game" are as follows. Two of our group members (faculty, postdocs, and senior graduate students) make presentations of recent important publications in the field of quantum optics and quantum information physics.

The presentations should ideally be understandable to ALL attendees, including those who just joined the institute. This means, for example, if your paper is on quantum teleportation, your talk should include a 2-3 minute explanation of the concept of teleportation. Explain why the paper you are presenting is important.

It is requested that the presenters be thorough in making themselves familiar with the content of the publication and the research background, If necessary, please discuss your presentation with your more senior fellows.

Your talk should last 20 minutes, plus a 10 minute discussion. A whiteboard is available in the auditorium as well as an overhead projector. For transparencies, photocopies of the figures from the paper should normally suffice.

Readers Club Competition: After each round (i.e. every 2 or 3 months when each participant has made a presentation) we will vote for the best speaker. And yes, there will be a prize!


Congratulations Andrew Scott! Winner of a most amazing webcam, April 24, 2006.

Congratulations Eden Figueroa! Winner of a most excellent pair of Binoculars, December 12, 2005.

Congratulations David Feder! Winner of a most fabulous bottle of Amaretto, April 1, 2005.


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