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Trapped Ion Physics with Atoms, Molecules, and Exotic Species Research Group

Research Topics:

Team Members

Dr. Robert I. Thompson

Ph.D. Students:

Tim Friesen
M.Sc. Students:
Lohrasp Seify
Former Members:

Post-Doctoral Researcher:

Dr. Daria Ahrensmeier, Teaching and Learning Centre, Simon Fraser University
Graduate Students:
Dr. Michael Cummings (PhD 2012)
Dr. Richard Hydomako (PhD 2011, MSc 2007)
Dr. Louis Poirier (PhD 2011, MSc 2006)
Dr. Ziad Abu Sara (PhD 2006)
Dr. Mehdi Dehghany (MSc 2006)
Mr. Aaron Szott (MSc 2005)
Mr. Thomas Harmon (MSc, 2003)
Dr. Jeremy Choquette (MSc 2003)
Ms. Amy Fisher (MSc 2002)

Recent Breakthrough Results:

  • First Measurement of the Antihydrogen Spectrum
  • C. Amole, et al. (ALPHA Collaboration), "Resonant quantum transitions in trapped antihydrogen atoms", Nature 483, 439 (2012).
  • Antihydrogen Trapping for Extended Time Periods
  • G. B. Andresen, et al. (The ALPHA Collaboration), "Confinement of antihydrogen for 1,000 seconds", Nature Physics 7, pp.558-564 (2011).
  • World First: Antihydrogen Trapped
  • G.B. Andresen, et al. (ALPHA Collaboration), "Trapped Antihydrogen", Nature, 468, 673-676 (2010).
  • Evaporative Cooling of Trapped Antihydrogen
  • G.B. Andresen, et al. (ALPHA Collaboration), "Evaporative cooling of antiprotons to cryogenic temperatures", Physical Review Letters 105, 013003, (2010).

    Open Positions:

    The Trapped Ion Physics with Atoms, Molecules, and Exotic Species Research Group is currently seeking new graduate students for work in several areas, including research in Exotic Atom Physics (ALPHA and TITAN) and Ice Friction and Drag Sports Science.

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