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Canadian Students Quantum Information Conference 2005 - Presentations

Nathan Babcock - Magic States

Jamie Batuwantudawe - A Look at a Three-state Quantum Key Distribution Protocol

Travis Beals - Quantum Computing With Addressable Optical Lattices

Anne Broadbent - On the Power of Nonlocal Boxes

Christoph Dankert - Efficient Noise Estimation With MUBs

Eden Figueroa - Quantum Information Storage in Atomic Media

Dmitry Gavinsky - Auxiliary Shared Resources in Quantum and Classical Communication

Heath Gerhardt - Spatial Search by Phased Continuous-time Quantum Walk

Gus Gutoski - Classical Upper Bounds for Quantum Interaction

Andre Methot - Is a Maximally Entangled State Maximally Entangled?

Alexis Morris - Topological Quantum Computation

Eric Paquette - Towards Quantum Types

Simon Poole - Model Theory and its Application to Quantum Information

Christian Schaffner - Cryptography in the Bounded Quantum-Storage Model

Lana Sheridan - Quantum Walks, Entanglement, and Measurement-Based Model

Marcus Silva - A Markov Chain Descriptino of Error-correction

Jon Walgate - Local Information and Nonorthogonal States

Nathan Wiebe - Quantum Chaos and Measurement in Quantum Information Science

Rick Zhang - Classical Measures and Quantum Query Complexity on Boolean Functions

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