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The Third Annual

Canadian Quantum Information Students' Conference

14-18 August 2006

Hosted by IQIS at the University of Calgary.

Murray Fraser Hall 160

Conference Schedule

08:30 Registration & Breakfast
09:00 Ivan Savov McGill From Classical to Quantum Information Theory
09:45 Prashant Prashant Montréal The Church-Turing-Deutsch Principle and its Fundamental Ramifications
10:30 Break
10:45 Volkher Scholz IQC Bell Inequalities for Continous Settings of Measurement Devices
11:30 Douglas Stebila IQC Uncloneable Quantum Money
12:15 Lunch Time
13:15 Zahra Shaterzadeh-Yazdi IQIS Tripartite Continuous Variable Entangled States
14:00 Michael Durocher IQIS Distinguishability of States Using LOCC
14:45 Break
15:00 Roberto J.G. Moreno CICESE, Mexico Dynamical properties of the (swap)α gate with exchange and the Dzyloshinski-Moriya term
15:45 Paul Tylkin U. Penn. Finding the Hidden Subgroup
17:00 Happy Hour
08:45 Continental Breakfast
09:00 Anirban Roy Abdus Salam Pseudo-Telepathy Games Using a Single Non-Local Box
09:45 Avradip Mandal IQC Quantum Finite Automata: A Comparative Study
10:30 Break
10:45 Chao Zhuang Toronto Wave Packet Echo in Optical Lattice and Decoherence Time
11:30 Raisa Karasik Berkeley Decoherence-Free Subspaces: Necessity of the Dicke Limit
12:15 Lunch Time
13:15 Chris Erven IQC A Practical Implementation of Free Space Quantum Key Distribution
14:00 Hauke Häseler IQC Entanglement Verification in Quantum Key Distribution
14:45 Break
15:00 Xiongfeng Ma Toronto Security analysis of practical QKD
15:45 Matthias Heid IQC Security of Coherent State Quantum Cryptography Against Collective Attacks in the Presence of Gaussian Channel Noise
08:45 Continental Breakfast
09:00 Nickolas VanMeter Louisiana State Linear Optical Quantum State Generation for Quantum Information Processing
09:45 Marcos Curty Toronto / IQC On One-way and Two-way Classical Post-Processing Quantum Key Distribution
10:30 Break
10:45 Tobias Moroder IQC Upper Bounds for Practical Quantum Key Distribution
11:30 Geir Ove Myhr IQC Analyzing Public Discussion in QKD
12:15 Lunch Time
13:15 Oliver Buerschaper Max Planck Institut Finite Propagation Velocity of Correlations in Gaussian Systems
14:00 Michael Garrett IQIS Stochastic One-Way Quantum Computing with Ultracold Atoms in Optical Lattices
14:45 Break
15:00 J. Niel de Beaudrap IQC Efficient Construction of Flows for the One-Way Measurement Model
15:45 Robert Prevedel Vienna Active Feed-Forward in Experimental One-Way Quantum Computing
16:30 Lab Tours
08:45 Continental Breakfast
09:00 Bartholomew Furrow UBC A Panoply of Quantum Algorithms
09:45 Qingqing Yuan UC Santa Barbara Online Quantum Algorithms
10:30 Break
10:45 Benjamin Fortescue Toronto Random Distillation of Bipartite Entanglement from Tripartite W States
11:30 Kovid Goyal CalTech Purification of Large Bi-colourable Graph States
12:15 Lunch Time
13:15 Julien Degorre Montréal / Paris Simulation of Bipartite Qudit Correlations
14:00 Martin Laforest IQC Using Quantum Error Correction to Determine the Noise Model
14:45 Break
15:00 Howard Wiseman Centre for Quantum Dynamics IQIS Colloquium
18:30 Apéritifs
19:00 Grand Banquet
08:45 Continental Breakfast
09:00 Xingxing Xing Toronto Single-Photon Source for Photon-Atom Interaction
09:45 Simon Gröblacher Vienna Experiments Towards Opto-Mechanical Quantum Entanglement
10:30 Break
10:45 Zeng-Bin Wang IQIS Large Cross Phase Modulation with DEIT system
11:30 Eden V. F. Barragan IQIS Characterization of Atomic Coherence Decay for Storage of Light
12:15 Lunch Time
13:15 Jürgen Appel IQIS Raman Adiabatic Transfer of Optical States
14:00 Lana Sheridan IQC Reference Frames for Quantum Computation
14:45 Break
15:00 Jean Christian Boileau IQC A Short Trip into the Realm of Quantum Communication without a Reference Frame
15:45 Sébastien Gambs Montréal Machine Learning in a Quantum World

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